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  1. I found a solution. By renaming that folder of favotires, Maxthon could not find it. So, it defaulted to the parent directory of favorites. The, I could right-click in a blank area of the favorites bar, and then select the directory I want for the favorites bar. -joe
  2. I accidentally set the row of bookmars that are across the top of my screen (that show/hide when you hit Cntrl-B) to be my ENTIRE set of bookmarks. I am on verion Now, I can't figure how to set it back to how it was. Because the list is quite long, at the far right, there is a >> button, which opens a pop-down window that shows all of them in columns. Normally, to reset what folder is chosen to display across the top, you right-click on that bar, away from existing buttons. But now there is no place you can right-click to get that menu. I tried in the pop-down window with the bookmarks in columns, when I right click on a blank area, it does not give me that pop-up menu that used to offer me the chose of what folder to display there. I tried to use the "reset all settings" in the settings menu, but that had no effect on the problem. Any ideas? -Joe
  3. I am on ver, I will get the MX5 version. -Joe
  4. I don't see that the attachment went through, using the Drag n Drop method. So, I will try again. -Joe
  5. Over the past few days, on some web sites, I start to get a series of small windows that appear on the lower-right side of the screen. They accumulate, and stay until I manually close each of them. One of the web sites where they appear is I do not know the cause, or what they really are. I am on version 4.4.8 of Maxthon. Since they keep accumulating, it is enough of a problem that have to stop using Maxthon if I want to visit the problem web pages. Attached is a screen grab showing what they look like. Any idea what the trigger is for this?