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  1. Thank You Friends for the replies, I tried Maxthon Tools as told by PHYR but it is coming as Blank screen
  2. How to get back the extensions on the left side of the browser in v5.1.2.200 beta version? After downloading this version I lost all my side extensions and adblock also?
  3.  for  Maxthon too many Crashes happening for multiple tab openings. Always crashing, please developer dont ask any questions, please fix the frequesnt crash Problems, your problem, not ours, so dont harass us with your qtns, you know it very clearly, The Browser is crashing like Hell as compared to too older versions, these new versions suck....

  4. But It did not Happen before Sir My Friend? It is happening severely and unpredictably now in this version...that means this version is not stable at all, I request you to kindly give some thought in the Next Version and Also there is another issue The GMAIL Doesnt load until we Refresh again after Some time, this is a carry over Bug FROM Previous versions also. You said to update to Latest Version But I did not see any? Can You please kindly give me/us the link for the Same.... Thanking You
  5. how can it be extensions the reasons for crashes, I did not add any extensions after updating? before this version v4.9.3.200 the maxthon browser was handling very well multiple sites. No we dont like to disable the extensions now because we like them and we want them, you better please change your coding and test it very well in the next version release. Thanking you It is not sites, it is the number of sites which is causing the crash. Before this update was made the maxthon used to handle plenty of sites open in tabs and never had crashes. Now it is become annoying
  6. Very much to be noted and please RECTIFY THIS CRASHING BUG IMMEDIATELY FOR WINDOWS 10 OS, THE MAXTHON v4.9.3.200 IS CRASHING when multiple sites are open. This is happening many times since I updated v4.9.3.200 , it is clearly a serious Bug Urgently to be solved....
  7. Beso_910 replied at 2014-11-26 19:07 Hi there Sorry for the inconvenience. We report this issue as bug and our development team will wor ... Yes Please Correct this Spell Checker issue in the Facebook, it is definitely a Bug, Also your Youtube plays double Audio when the Curser is taken to the list of videos on the Right Side, this is very Annoying and it happens in only Maxthon Browser...