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  1. More and more of the sites I use for banking utilities, etc. won't lt me use maxthon browser to access my account pages. I've been using Maxthon since 2003 and never had any issues but I guess with the advancement of technology they can tell what I am using and will not allow older browser versions which appears to be what Maxthon uses. Looks like I am going to need to change browsers to one that is always up to date. It really sucks because I've been using this browser for so long and never wanted to switch. If anyone knows how to overcome the version they/we are using to get past these security checks please let me know. Thanks, JM
  2. My bank (Chase) is one that requires me to update to a new browser type like google or firefox, etc.there have been a few sites that will not work with maxthon that did previously. I do not know if your IE setup is different or what but it gets very frustrating when these sites reject my browser. I've sent them emails telling them to make it work with maxthon but no response.