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  1. I finally find the main "murderer" that causes the mouse action problem is from this chrome extension: Simple Allow Copy https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/simple-allow-copy/aefehdhdciieocakfobpaaolhipkcpgc. This extension not only cause mouse can't drag and pan around, it also causes mouse can't click on video player progress bar. Please suggest further Maxthon users avoid downloading and using this extension.
  2. It's still there. No matter what I do. The only work-for-a-while way is what I wrote in last reply.
  3. I tried this workaround many times. It mostly doesn't help! Even so, Those extensions works fine in Chrome. Since Maxthon uses same core as Chrome's, it shouldn't have these bugs. Maybe your developers need work harder to make it be more compatible with extensions. Currently my only solution is as follows: (Note:I'm always using portable version and guest identity.) 1) Export bookmarks to be an html files. 2) backup Qaconfig.dat. 3) Kill folder Userdata\ completely. 4) Reopen Maxthon portable. 5) Login using guest. 6) Import bookmark. 7) copy back and overwrite Qaconfig.dat. 8.) Open New page and refresh screenshots of all quickacess items. 9) Go to webstore and reinstall previous-used extensions. 9) Exit and rerun Maxthon. These procedures are very tedious, so I've given up doing these steps now. This make Maxthon run normally for a while. But after using Maxthon for a long time, bugs will mostly appear again, e.g. keystroke and mosue action will become not-worked on many webpages.
  4. I've downloaded and tried v6.2.0.1500 PORTABLE version. As I write before, If it has clean UserData folder, it's ok. But if I unzip into the current portable version I've used for a while (by overwriting Maxthon.exe, chrome_proxy.exe, and add a new folder, bug still happens. The problem comes from the Userdata folder in my current used version. Actually, I believe most of the bugs I reported before are all because of something stored in the old Userdata folder. By the way, I always use guest account.
  5. Reproducing: open www.google.com, click 2nd result(url: https://www.google.com.tw/maps), I CAN'T drag and move around. If click 1st result(url: https://www.google.com/maps/@25.0171709,121.1544756,6346a,20y,90h/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=zh-TW), I CAN. Current version used: Maxthon version is portable. O.S. used: Win10 and Win7. Special phenomena: When first installing a clean verison, it doesn't appear this bug. But after using a period of time, this bug comes up. Weird but true. Doubt of cause: Lack the ability to deal with newer-ability version of Javascript codes.
  6. I download newest version and there are problems: 1. Can't see status bar. Nowhere to show it, too. 2. If I change borwser display language, it won't switch immediately. I have to restart Maxthon. 3. Where's vertical side bar? 4. The bookmark manager is very poor. Should go back to the one in MX4. 5. Shortcut keys are gone, e.g. ALT+Z to bring back last-closed page.
  7. I download the lastest version and happen to go to this url: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1750587/20-rule-set The font size becomes very tiny (I'm sure the zoom factor is 100%). After restored to previous version, it gets back normal. I think it's a bug!
  8. I unzip all files into bin but don't know what to do next? I've treied unzip start folder and two UI*.dat files from alpha.zip to bin. I see button changed but there's no background image as shown in the first post?
  9. I'm using Maxthon PC 4.4.8. Each time I drag-drop a label to a mail title in Gmail. Maxthon will open a new page tab with same gmail url as the original one. If I drag-drop 5 times, it will 5 page tab with same gmail urll. In other browsers, e.g. Chrome, Firefox or IE, this doesn't happened. What's wrong and how to fix it?
  10. When I setup a speed-dial tile with a yahoo or youtube url, it just shows a logo of yahoo or youtube instead of actual screen shot of that url. If there multiple of these urls, I can tell which one is the url I want to link. Is there a way to change the logo to actual screenshot of specified url in a tile?
  11. Confirmed here. Mouse wheel on zooming only works in Retro mode. In Ultra mode, you can use double clicking to do zooming. Left - zoom in, Right - zoom out. I'm using Maxthon Cloud portable v on Windows 7 64bit