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  1. I finally get things done. The cause is the old Maxthon 4 portable occupies registry items such as Maxthon Cloud Browser. Setting default browser in MX6 can't affect these items. I open regsitry editor and find all items containing Maxthon 4 execution path and replace them with Maxthon 6 execution path, and it's done. Just like that. By the way, I never check 'Keep default browser' option in MX5 from very beginning. I don't know what does 'Setting default browser' function in MX6 do but it seems that it doesn't or not be able to change anything related in registry. Maybe your developers should double review this function and test portable versions in detail.
  2. I mean a convenient function to start refreshing site icons of all or several folders or several items. I'm too stupid to find this function, if any. Can anyone tell me?
  3. Ok, thanks! I'll give it a try. I've thought twice. I believe the main reason is because I always use portable versions. If One happen to use installed version, I think it might have no this issue.
  4. It's Chinese but I've changed to English to check the notations, too. If this takes you too much time, you can just ignore my issue. After all, this is just a minor issue, compared to other issues on forum.
  5. It happens again. This time I doesn't download anything. I only click the icon to open the download dialog cause you're requesting me to provide the link. See the frozen download dialog in attached screenshot. I find if I restart MX6, click the icon firs time, the download dialog is normal. But if I click icon again to open dialog, it will be always frozen. I'm using Win7 64bit. 1st screenshot is normal case and 2nd screenshot is frozen case (You can tell from the mouse pointer icon). ================================= I try to restore back to .2800 portable version by copying folder, chrome_proxy.exe and Maxthon.com from within zip file to replace files in MX6 version folder which is always what I've done for upgrading to new portable version and it always works well in this way. But this time I experience another problem: Left click download dialog icon and Quick Note icon both have no response. Then I find I have to right click Quick Note icon to open its dialog. I also have to right click download dialog icon so as to open it by selecting from the right click menu. .3000 version seems to change some things (system files or registry?) that cause previous version abnormal. I am going to give up reflectiing these problem more and wait for newer version to see if these problems are gone!
  6. The hotkey notation I saw in .2800 last time is like save image(v), not like save image. I believe the former is added by your developers, right? It should have nothing to do with Windows setting. Could there be some version control problem with the source codes (i.e. some developer is holding old codes, say code A, and modify the code to add (v), say this new codes is version B, but some other developer is also holding code A, then do some modification, say this new codes is code C, and later replace the code B with Code C.)? I hope not.
  7. I just download a file and click tool icon open download dialog, but the dialog is frozen. Nothing can be clicked. Trying several times but in vain. I reopen MX6 and it's back to normal. Justa let you know.
  8. 1.MX5 once can see dimension of image on web page by right click and select properties but MX6 can't. Can we add back this feature? 2. Many days ago I reflect the issue that right click menu of an image doesn't show hotkey but in .2800 version they are back. However, I upgrade to .3000 version and these hotkey notations are gone again. Bizarrely, last time I upgrade to .2800 version and I see the hotkey notation is like,for exmaple, save image(v). But today I upgrade to .3000 and see it's gone. Then I install back to .2800 but the notation is still gone. Is it some files are overidden by .3000 thus causing this issue? If too much trouble to deal with this issue, please ignore my report. I know v is for saving image now.
  9. I download .3000 and set it as default but it doesn't work. The default is still my MX5 3.1.8. I think I have to delete all MX5 entries in registry and all other entries that has connection with MX5 first cause the FancyAppName is set to MX5. Anyway, this problem doesn't prevent from using Maxthon. You can just skip my question. Thanks a lot for your strong attention.
  10. Note:I use Win7 Chinese version, so I'll do my best to translate them to English, the name here might be a bit different from that in English version but the meaning should be same. 1.Open Control Panel>Click Windows Firewall>Click advanced setting on left panel> Click input rule> Find MX5 item> Click properties/contents on right panel and you'll see the interfaces. 2. I always try to update Maxthon 6 to newest one. Currently it is Mx6
  11. I find this problem cause I'm using MX6 and MX5 portable versions on my Win7-64bit PC together. Today I decide to set MX6 as default browser but later when I click a link on my LINE chat window, it still brings up MX5. I open control panel to check default program, I find the program ID is MX5, there's no MX6 (the one named Maxthon Cloud Browser is MX4, I've tried it already). See my 1st and 2nd screenshots. Then, curiously, I open Windows Firewall and check the setting and find the program ID is MX5, too. But go deeper, I find the program path is 'Maxthon 6' (The path is where I put MX6 portable version, so I know it). See my 3rd and 4th screenshots. I believe your developers never come up with this issue since it's really too deep. I would suggest your developers change the program ID to MX6 ( or MX7, 8, ... , etc. in later versions).