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  1. 2100 has fixed this problem. Now 2200 is doing it again. Come on, dude! What's wrong?
  2. Thanks! BTW, There's no even such a folder, 'User Data\Profile 1'' in my portable version. However, I find a Mx Theme folder under 'User Data\Default' but I can't recognize stuffs in it.
  3. The skin name and appearance are both "classic BLUE" but the thumbnail is orange, that was very creative=.= See the attached image. p.s. I'm using portable MX6.
  4. Yeah! Since after MX4, the Maxnote keeps becomeing a nightmare to manage favorite item, sigh!
  5. I use MX5 and MX6 simultaneously (Due to MX5 gives me better user experience), so I have two shortcuts on Desktop, one is MX5 and the other is MX6. To tell them, I change icon of MX6 to the one looks like chessboard. I recently upgrade to and I find one bizarre thing: Each time I execute MX6 and after close it, I find the icon of MX6 shortcut is set back to default by itself. I thought it's Windows problem but after many tries, I find it's not. When I restore back to, it doesn't have this bizarre behavior. I test this for many times. Does do something for this? p.s. I always use portable version.
  6. Is there any UI that allow me to choose from them? If not, how could I set back to default manually?
  7. There's no such function. MX6 is really so strange compared to its older versions. Now even the skin has problem.The skin function in MX5 at least allow us to choose from what were previous skins. I don't follow the philosophy of whom is assigned to design UI for MX6. I select slate from the store and the zoom factor in status bar is totally unseen because the font color is black and the background is dark slate, sigh! See the attached screen shot.
  8. I click a favorite folder, say GAMES, and because there're lots of favorite items under it. it show "more..." at last place. When I click 'more...', I thought it will bring further items as before. However, it opens Maxnote with url: mx://bookmarks/, it stays on father folder of my favorites folders. This becomes a very strange function. When we click 'more...' of GAMES favorite folder, we are meant to see more of favorite items in GAMES folder, aren't we?
  9. Thanks! I find them. For the fb problem I think it should blame fb. Recently, I find there're a lot of bugs whenever fb modify their program, e.g. when I use phonetic input method to type in Chinese, it will repeat the first phonetic. I have to type a blank first. This has been confirmed by many users. BTW, the status bar is white background, how can I change its color? Is there still a 'skin' feature reserved in MX6?
  10. Today when I open MX5 and click newtab, it tries to connect to pc-newtab.maxthon.com and just hang there (What is pc-newtab.maxthon.com? I just wanna open a new tab. Why it connects to a web link?) and after several close-and-click-newtab, the newtab page becomes a broken page which only shows two text box and a close button. After several deleting something from Userdata/ folder and retry opening MX5, I find a yet-brutal workaround: Just delete everything form UserData/Public/ folder except default.dat and reopen MX5, it is back to normal (however, still try to connect pc-newtab.maxthon.com, though). If anyone experiences same problem, you can try my workaround.
  11. I'm using when I report these issues. For the fb problem, I've updated to but it still exist. I attach a screen shot. you see that grey screen covers above the normal fb page. For zooming in and out, you could press "Ctrl" and navigate with your mouse. Mute icon is available at the tab itself. Alternatively, you could right click on the tab and select Mute Site. => I know this. However, in old version, I can see what zoom factor I have currently without doing any zoom action. Now, you have to change zoom factor first then you can see the zoom dialog, that's inconvenient. BTW, something when I do snap screen, it will hang. I don't know why. but it doesn't happen always, anyway. I can live with it for now.
  12. 1. Now => Click snap screen button, select snap region from pulldow menu, and need to wait for 0.5-2 seconds, then we can snap screen. => Uneasy to use. Before => We can set default behavior =>Click snap screen button =>no need to wait => snap region. Vey convenient. Today, when I snap region, whole screren turns to white and hang. After refreshing to back normal mode, only a region can be scrolled.=> BUG! 2. When I browse some fb group, it will shows a grey screen cover up the display area, I have to click again to let the grey screen disappeared. This has happened several times. 3. To zoom-in & out, I have to bring up pulldown menu (mouse+hotkey popup dialog is uneasy to use). Where are out status bar? I want status bar? The mute icon is also gone? I just feel more new version of Maxthon, more unfriendly UI. Sigh!
  13. Other browsers are normal. Today I upgrade MX6 to, the problem seems gone. However, MX5 still have this problem. But currently MX6 is not so easy to use. I upload a short video when using MX5 (v5.3.8.2000 portable) 20210627_191744.mp4