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  1. I am frequently losing Maxthon History when there is a blue screen or a freeze that necessitates a power button shutdown. I get a message next session that says "History database is destroyed. Do you wish to rebuild it?" I click Yes, but I never see any evidence the rebuilding took place. This last time, I had both Maxthon and Firefox open when a blue screen hit. I lost my Maxthon History since April 19, but I lost no Firefox History. I once lost after a crash the icons on my about:last entries and my bookmarks. Is there anything I can do to get my History back? The Online Histo
  2. In C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Temp\MaxthonCrashData I actually have 3.83 MB worth of data. I imagine I'll need multiple zips. So where do you want me to send it and how?
  3. Do you want me to send my crash data? If so, please tell me precisely what to do.
  4. Thank you for your response. I've had this problem with several freezes leading to power button shutdowns lately. Usually I would have also have Firefox open. I get messages about destruction of data from Maxthon, but I'm not aware the power button shutdowns have done any harm to my Firefox data. To me it suggests a vulnerability in Maxthon that needs attention.
  5. Thank you for your responses, BugMiss006 and 7twenty. Which files do you refer to here? What do you mean by MX accessing it?
  6. Thank you very much. It did restore my bookmark icons and a smattering of the about:last icons. That will be a help to me.
  7. I reinstalled Maxthon and now it is once again gathering new icons. I'd still like to get back the icons for my bookmarks, history and about:last, however. My specs: Computer: DELL Dimension 2400 CPU: Intel Pentium 4-2667 (Northwood, D1) 2666 MHz (20.00x133.3) @ 2658 MHz (20.00x132.9) Motherboard: DELL 0G1548 Chipset: Intel 845GEV (Brookdale-GEV) + ICH4 Memory: 2048 MBytes @ 166 MHz, 2.5-3-3-7 - 1024 MB PC3200 DDR-SDRAM - Kingston K - 1024 MB PC3200 DDR-SDRAM - Kingston K Graphics: Intel 8
  8. I had another freeze forcing a power button shutdown. I got the message you see in the first screenshot saying my SiteIcon database is destroyed and offering to rebuild it. Several times I clicked on "Yes", and I saw what looked like an operation that flashed on my screen but disappeared before completion. And indeed the rebuilding did not happen. In the second screenshot you can see what I ended with; both files had the same time originally. There's a little bitty 10KB SiteIcon.dat file and a big 60,452KB SiteIcon-20160914-032104-e2a0c257-d09a-4b78-a198-1dcad5b1e2b7.dat file that seems t
  9. Thank you. As I said, somebody in Maxthon knows about these files.
  10. Thank you, BugMiss006. I don't see anything helpful at that thread. Ody mentioned 7Twentyand Joemax. Could we bring this to their attention? Somewhere, deep within the Maxthon organization, I suppose, is someone who knows all about files like History-20160903-040544-23065e69-cb78-4e64-b89b-2aef8ef34606.dat and knows what to do with them. There has to be some such person, because how did these files in the Maxthon history come about in the first place? Just like one knows if one sees a turtle on a fence post, the turtle didn't put himself there. There was human intelligence behin
  11. Not too many days ago I had installed Zemana AntiLogger Premium to my system, and it was causing freezes that forced me to resort to power button shutdowns. I uninstalled the Zemana program, but twice I got messages from Maxthon telling me my History database was destroyed and offering to rebuild it. Both times I clicked "Yes". The rebuilding didn't seem to work. My History from between April 19 and September 3 was missing on about:history. I looked at my History folder for Maxthon, and it appeared to me that the file History-20160903-040544-23065e69-cb78-4e64-b89b-2aef8ef34606.dat should
  12. Thank you again for your help. I am inclined to be careful. I would like you to explain this some more before I proceed. What is the reason for renaming the folder and files? How do I utilize that method for finding out which file is corrupted? What can be done it is determined that a file is corrupted? I think before I do this, for safety's sake I would want to make a spare copy of the whole folder. I am showing you recent entries in that folder.