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    Thank you for your patience. I test with my computer and could duplicate here for certain pictures(it doesn't happen for all but do appear), too. It's really anonying... Please stay touched. I have asked the devs to check, and after studying it has been confirmed a bug of this version. I will update the development of fixing shortly. Really really sorry for the inconvenience to you.
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    Despite the popularity of its Clean Master Android App, it was reported in 2014 that ads promoting Clean Master manipulate Android users with deceptive tactics when browsing websites within the app's advertising framework. In April 2014, Ferenc László Nagy from Sophos Labs captured some pop-up ads that led to Clean Master, warning the device had been infected with a virus.[25] In July 2014, Cheetah Mobile encouraged users to uninstall Google Chrome and replace it with Cheetah Mobile's own browser during Clean Master's "clean-up" and "optimization" process. This rogue practice allowed Cheetah Mobile to gain unfair position in the marketplace and led to a Google crackdown
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    Upgrade to the latest 5.0.3 version http://www.maxthon.com/mx5/beta/ No problems with night mode.
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    Check that syncing extensions hasn't accidentally been turned off in the sync settings.
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    Dear BugMiss006 - sorry for not knowing your name... I wish to thank you for your patience and long support. The last action taken, solved the problem of crashing while printing a page/picture as a picture. With our mutual effort, the importance of the flash.ocx is revealed. This file name is changed when updating and hold the version date, therefor the link you sent to solved this problem, is very easy to implement. I will watch to Maxthon behavior in the next days and let you know if the other problems which I reported, are also solved All the best, and again thank you for your kindness Shlomo
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    I don't think BugMissoo6 understood your question. Multiple instances of Maxthon in task manager is perfectly normal as it is designed to keep the whole browser from crashing when just one item or page crashes. Version number doesn't matter as this has been this way since MX3, I believe. This is not a problem at all.
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    Yes, most modern browsers use multiple processes especially those using chromium base, I'd be surprised if palemoon doesn't also. FF I don't know. It's nothing to worry about, it's by design.
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    Hi ioosis, Today we have released the new version of MX4, v4.9.4.1100beta, and Facebook problem was fixed in this version. You can download it from this link: http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/release-notes/ Besides, since we suppose that the Fav. manager problem is also related with FB issue, it will be helpful if you could try your Fav. manager in this new version, too. We hope this Fav. manager issue could also be fixed together. Awaiting your feedback.
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    I also use FBP and highly recommend it for Facebook on a numbers of levels... http://www.fbpurity.com/install.htm?v=15.1.0
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    Thanks, it fix the problem, I think it was the full history memory or some malicious cookie, shame I lost my history but no problem, cheers
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    no, not at all... Maxthon will not prompt you to open any webpage if you set it as your default browser. do you know what UAC is ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_Account_Control and file association ? http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/change-file-open-program#1TC=windows-7 as an example, if you don't set any browser to default, windows will ask you which application you want to open html files, and each time you will try to open an html file windows will prompt you again. Setting it as default will tell windows : always open those files with maxthon, don't ask me again.
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    Disable address bar Auto-Suggestions Maxthon doesn't offer an option to disable address bar auto-suggestions. To manually disable this feature follow the instructions below. Open Notepad with administrator privileges, add the following line to your HOSTS file and save. api.bing.com The HOSTS file can be found %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc See note #1 Navigate to the \public\SmartUrl folder in your Maxthon install folder (or in appdata\roaming\Maxthon3 for installer version) Rename (or delete) the original update.db file (see image below). Create a new empty text file named update.db and mark it read-only. See note #2 Restart Maxthon and the auto-suggestions won't show up. Before auto-suggest fix After auto-suggest fix note 1: This change won't affect anything else except any other programs that use that address for the same suggestions. All it does is tell the browser the IP address for that URL is the localhost address instead of the correct one, so nothing leaves your computer. note 2: The only caveat is that it seems when typing in the address bar the matched URLs are a little slower than normal. Not 100% on that, but that's what it feels like. And of course i'm unaware of anything else it might break.
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    Hi, I've adjusted the default sort option to "Last updated date and Descending. Please check if it works? Thanks!
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    please tell devs to stop removing features, if not they might remove the users too....
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    I see the same with links you provided. It's open link of an image that has a problem. There's no option to open the link, only the image itself. O.T. I don't need a forum notification that I've just posted
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    Confirmed. you get an "enter a username" error if it's entered by using Passkeeper or entering directly.
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    Hi there firstly Thanks mate as I am seeing it now, it has begun doing what its supposed to do. I just cant put a finger here at all, it was like that (topic starter) & for more than a few times but as I am testing it now, its back to the windows default behaviour(which is what I want). feel a bit embarrassed here , but alls well that ends well I guess....& will definitely jump onto it if this happens again. This time I will make a video ..lest it happens snip Let me close this one here . Thanks and cheers
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    What happens when you use the restore option from the taskbar (shift+right-click on the taskbar icon)? It's supposed to work as intended. First time I recall that someone has mentioned this. Do the other buttons work as intended?
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    Make sure "standard rendering" is enabled in settings when testing in Retro mode. BUT it works fine here in Ultra: User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Maxthon/ Chrome/39.0.2146.0 Safari/537.36 OS:Win10/14393.351 (although I doubt that's the the cause)
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    How many favourites do you have and how big is the Favorite.dat file? If it's rather large, then that's possibly why you're running into issues with favourites. You can probably delete most (if not all) of the data in the backup folder. I always keep the latest 5 or 10 copies though. For reference i have 568 favourites and the file is 938kb. No issues on my end. You can get the total by using the update site icons feature and checking the progress meter number down the bottom. For flash to be working in Retro you need to also have the IE version of flash installed. Easiest way is to run Internet Explorer and install flash using that, as it will detect and install the right version. It should then work in Retro. Although you shouldn't have to be using Retro for youtube. Goto https://www.java.com/en/download/installed8.jsp and see if it can detect if Java is running/installed.
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    Hello BugSir006, I retry today and synchro work fine, I'll try it on my home PC after work.;)
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    You never sync it to the cloud?... ok, I misunderstood you. If they are only in local, have you try clearing the cache? what do you mean by "z" backup? sorry sometimes some abbr. are a little bit confusing for me.
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    Does Fav. problem happen when you don't have Facebook page on? have you ever try that? Besides, since crash happen again, could you help sending the crash report to us for analysis? The way to get MaxthonCrashData is as above. Yes I think so, too. It's really an important bug which need to be fixed urgently because FB is such a popular platform nowadays. Really thank you for your support and patience. It's really helpful for us.
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    Is what you mean same with following thread? He has an video attached. http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/bug-tracker/general-support/auto-reload-facebook-picture-r236/ It's really sad story, but anyway we need to solve it. Let me check another detail with you, did all these problems (crashing when close a tab, freeze on Fav. manager) happen only when you have one or more Facebook page on? If so, we may suppose that MX4 encounter problem when Facebook was open, and given the problem has happened, what other operation you do after that will meet difficulties. Besides, what's your operation for Fav. manager? only click open, and it will be slow or freeze? or only when you edit it, it encounter problems?
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    over 15000...seems that you are really an old Maxer and have great trust on us I'll let the devs know about this. Maybe they should pay more attention to the optimization again. helpful information, I shall transfer to them together I'm a bit of confused about this. What do you mean by this? You couldn't open thread in this forum? is it only on this forum or for all other sites?
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    I found a solution. By renaming that folder of favotires, Maxthon could not find it. So, it defaulted to the parent directory of favorites. The, I could right-click in a blank area of the favorites bar, and then select the directory I want for the favorites bar. -joe
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    Delete the siteIcon.dat and siteIcon-randomnumber.dat files. Run the "update site icons" option in the favourites menu. It should restore all your icons in the favlist and elsewhere. It's a backup of the original file before it got corrupted. The data is there, but because it's corrupted new data won't get added properly and MX gives the error. Fix is as noted above.
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    Actually I also have to say that MX V4.9.3.1000 is reported many problems and not as stable as V4.4.8.1000...Past few days our engineers are busy with fixing bugs of MX5 beta, and I hope problems of MX4 will be solved soon in next week. I'll keep you guys updated!
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    v4.9.3.1000 Literally every video on YouTube, but it seems like it was a temporary issue that has resolved itself now.
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    He wants to know why there isn't a Maxthon version for Blackberry smart phones.
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    Hi Niglelops, I also recommend FB purity extension to you. And may I ask does this kind of situation happen before when you enabled ABP? Cause I seldom encounter this kind of ads so sorry cannot test that for you.
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    Hi Chantao, sorry, that is a mistake, we'll change it immediately.
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    Oh I see, ok sorry about that, I didn't realize I was on a Mac page, and yes I've been on that page; I just thought it was another (members made apps) page, thanks for the info
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    Sorry, I did not answer/ explain more precisely to you. So once again : Maxthon for Windows doesn't support Chrome extensions. Your link leads to extensions for Maxthon for Mac. ( http://www.maxthon.com/mac/ext/ ) Mx for Macintosh has of course the ability to install some .crx/ Chrome extension. Sorry for your confusion. Here you'll find more extensions for MX for Windows http://extension.maxthon.com/
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    There is no Ghostery extension for Maxthon. And you can't install Chrome addons into Mx - Maxthon doesn't support them.
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    I had no problems using M5.0.1.100. Which version are you using? Although you might try using retro mode....
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    Hello friends and especially for those who were waiting to see the masterpiece of Maxthon-5.... coming. Well, yesterday "my wishes came true"..... and what a frustration now. If you got eyes in your head, you wont believe it's true... Anyhow, I'm holding myself not to say anymore.
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    See the below image. Bing was my default search engine (marked in red), so when using MMS, Bing results are shown by default. If I want to check Google/Yahoo/Amazon (marked in green) using the same search term I can just click one of those and it does a search using them. Basically what it does is saves you from going to a search site and entering the term each time... instead just click a button.
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    1 try to perform a clean insall 2 some videos are unsupported see here : 3 try to preform a clean install 4 same as above and magic fill password is the same as your passport password http://my.maxthon.com/changepwd.html
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    ...or retrieve them from http://fav.maxthon.com/api/fav/manager
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    NOTE: The information below is for Maxthon 4.9.x & 5.x releases. For Maxthon 4.4.x and earlier releases see this post. Update to the most recent version of Flash from here: http://get.adobe.com/flash The page will show that it has detected Chrome. If not, check that the default user agent is in use. Click "Do you have a different operating system or browser?" Select your Operating System from the dropdown menu. Select "FP for Opera and Chromium - PPAPI" to install the correct version for Maxthon to use. Press the download button on the right and let the installer run. Close Maxthon. Open an Explorer window (Win+E) and go to the folder you installed Maxthon to, then navigate to the folder: For MX5: \Core\plugins For MX4.9: \Core\Blink\plugins NOTE: Default install folders are:For 32bit OS - C:\Program Files\MaxthonFor 64bit OS - C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon In this folder there should be a file called pepflashplayer.dll. Rename (eg. append .org to the filename) or delete this file only. Renaming is the recommended option. Copy pepflashplayer32_XX_X_X_XXX.dll from the windows folder to the Maxthon \Core\Blink\plugins folder, and rename it to pepflashplayer.dll. The file is found in the following locations:For 64bit OS - C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\FlashFor 32bit OS - C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash Restart Maxthon & goto http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ The page should show the current version installed and the most recent version available, both of which should match. Maxthon is now using the current version of Flash. If everything was done correctly you should have something similar to the following image, and a plugins folder as below.
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    CrashesTo help the Maxthon developers find the cause of crashes, you can send crash reports found in the %temp%\MaxthonCrashData folder. Open a Windows Explorer window and type the path into the address bar. Zip the folders and send the file in an email to: help@maxthon.comYou can also make a post on the forum.Plug-in IssuesFirst test with Retro mode.Ensure the "Allow all sites to run plugins" option is checked in the Advanced Settings page.Use Retro mode as an alternative until it's fixed in UltraAdobe FlashFor information on getting the most recent version of Adobe Flash working Maxthon please see this thread.Maxthon PDF viewerIf you don't want the internal PDF viewer to open PDF files:Open a Windows Explorer window and go to your Maxthon install folder then navigate to the following folder:\Core\Webkit\Rename or delete the pdf.dll file.Smooth scrollingSome advanced options can be changed for smooth scrolling. NOTE: Only available in Maxthon and later versions.Open a Windows Explorer window and go to your Maxthon install folder then navigate to the following folder:\Temp\MxWebkit\The settings are found in the file WKSetting.ini.Find or add the following section:[scrollPage]Add the current default parameters:ScrollPageSmoothly=trueWheelBeginDumping=20WheelEndDumping=50WheelAccel=4WheelStep=140Parameter definitions:ScrollPageSmoothly = true: Enables smooth scrolling (default), set to false to disable. NOTE: this should be set using the option in Maxthon settings.WheelBeginDumping = 20: The amount of smoothing at the start of rolling stage. Range is from 0 to 100WheelEndDumping = 50: The amount of smoothing at the stage the degree of smoothing parameter. Range is from 0 to 100WheelAccel = 4: Roll acceleration factor. Range is 0 to 450WheelStep = 140: Reference rolling step. Range is 0 to 300If it seems that smooth scrolling still isn't working you can add the following paramater to force enable:ForceEnable=trueThanks to kliop00023 for some of the info included above.
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    I had some older versions of FF/Chrome on which it didn't work. After updating then it did. Based on that, it's possibly related to the blink version, calling for something that isn't available in older versions. If that is the case, then the only fix will come when MX update to a more recent version. Thank you. When asking for an image I was referring to one that shows what it should look like eg from chrome. Otherwise we don't know what we should be looking for, especially if we also try other browsers that display the same. Easiest to check with is Edge/IE as it's installed by default on all systems, and they also have the same issue. Not everyone might have Chrome/FF etc installed.
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    don't know, won't go back to work until monday (no issue here, windows 10)
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    ok I can confirm this : follow this link : https://www.rt.com/news/346155-germany-eu-pew-poll/ bottom of the page there's a conversation in UR browser (chrome based browser). I tried in maxthon, both ultra and retro, abp+ enabled or disabled : no conversation, same in EDGE : no conversation either
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    Ok I decided to add my bugs to this topic. So... In this beta open links in new tab via right click doesn't work well if we compare it to previous Mx version. There is "Save image" options instead "Open link in new tab". It happens on a lot of websites. Check screenshots for comparision/ more details, please. Two example links : http://www.deviantart.com/browse/all/customization/skins/windows/win10/ http://www.gry-online.pl/ IMHO this change is very inconvenient.
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    Got it. This's the detecting result from "Clean Master" on Android. We will test later and figure out the reason~ Thanks feedback.
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