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  1. Can't confirm, try a clean install. Edit: You are right, few more tries and it becomes impossible to move the tabs to different panel.
  2. Wow, that was quick, nice update!!
  3. You might have used Ctrl+ F2?
  4. Cool, .....but now begs the question of how M6 is able to access my desktop on a system level. Being able to capture it is one thing, but to alter it is something totally different.
  5. Not restricted to M6 page(use Snap Screen), but does have some issues. In this snap, it is resizing the entire desktop(maybe by 125%, same value I have Page Zoom in settings set to??????????? Edit: Seems to conform to Zoom Settings, It should not!
  6. I think you have misunderstood Jeff's comment. I'm quite sure Jeff means that his initial intention of beginning to develop Maxthon (MyIE2) was simply to please himself in that it was only meant to be used by him. He was dissatisfied with browsers he was using at the time and thought he could build one to better suit his needs. In doing so he also built one that other people also enjoyed. How this could make you sad is beyond me (unless,of course, you misunderstood what he meant).
  8. I'm now using retro mode with personal settings on win10, I like it!
  9. You don't need that extension as M5 has it built in. I use gestures right/down and right /up to jump to top or bottom. Probably my most used gestures.
  10. Are you using an account? Did you do a clean install? Otherwise, check that you have AB+ and your other addons selected in settings > Functions and addons.
  11. Try clicking the green button under the song title. Uhm, check the volume on your other devices. They are acting as controllers.
  12. Maybe because I have chrome installed? But not running. Or maybe you have the issue and I dont'. Edit: Just tried and it didn't play. Checked my proxy and it was set to no proxy. Re-enable IE proxy and it plays fine.
  13. My spotify continues to play with only one instance of M5 running and no other program running, i.e. the other player that used to open before the update. Whether having that other player(SpotifyAB windows app) installed on my pc is affecting my experience, I do not know. I guess I could uninstall it to see, but alas, old age and fatigue are getting the better of me.
  14. Without AB+, only a sandbox parsing error. With AB+ enabled, spclient get ads are added. Odd that I don't see the google analytics error you are seeing.