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  1. - 404 error page

    not for me - also in UK
  2. and as far as i can see you cannot change back to a custom skin without shutting the browser down and reloading the skin - which seems poor
  3. Stylish for Maxthon and spying

    stylish has been updated a number of times on the extension centre - checking the version listed is 3.0.4 non of the updates have ever worked for me and others that post comments the answer has been to stick with version 2.4.3 which whilst old works - i just keep the 2.4.3 extension write protected so any update does not work whether this get round the problem you state i have no idea but hopefully so
  4. MX5 PC Beta release

    my crystal ball broke the other day so any chance of some explanations - bullet points are great but............. this looks interesting - maybe + Available *.mx5skin skin file
  5. MX5 PC official Release

    better late than never i guess
  6. where is

    many thanks - where are the bugs and the devs - maybe they are one and the same and called Jeff
  7. where is

    as above the portable listed is 3meg long - there was something in another thread that suggested its a server problem or a cache problem to certain parts of the world BUT hells teeth its happened so often you would think the school kids that are the devs at maxthon would have learnt and sorted it can you post a good version Zork?
  8. its on the chinese site and its possible to download the portable version but who would guess that that version is only 3 meg long - nothing much changes - one day they will get it right first time - maybe
  9. i cannot remember the last time i changed my quick access page - i dont need a server in China - my harddrive is good enough to store the data
  10. do you file them in a round bin or a square one - whichever i doubt anything will ever happen
  11. v5.2.4.2000 really official ?

    they have a test team they tell us - who that team is seems to me a well kept secret - early builds were once posted here for users to look at and find such mistakes - not that the devs took much notice of anything that was picked up as the release usually was as the internal built add to that that sorting details out like the above in the language files also does not happen - then we have what we have theres a sayng - translate it as you will expect nothing and you wont be disappointed that sums Maxthon up at many levels
  12. Maxthon updated to v5.2.4.2000

    dont think so as its in the portable version - that said they have never been good at keeping things tidy so who knows?
  13. Maxthon updated to v5.2.4.2000

    i saw the file in the latest releases - its in the bin directory - as to what it does - no idea - i tried to run it as a separate exe file and nothing seemed to happen - i renamed it so whatever it does maxthon cannot call it
  14. Maxthon updated to v5.2.4.2000

    sounds about right
  15. Maxthon updated to v5.2.4.2000

    it was released to the testers here the other day - why its not on the main site is a mystery but then most of what they do is just that - a mystery