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  1. Adblocker?

    noads works for me - theres a thread somewhere where a MX dev or one of the bugs posed a modified json file - theres a bug in the original file that had not mattered until some update to Maxton had come in
  2. MX5 PC Beta Release

    well - better late than never i guess - been in other places to download for a day or so and boring as it is to post - the portable file is screwed - AGAIN
  3. MX5 PC Beta Release is on the net - not here though - hmmmmmmmmmmmm
  4. have no idea Rick other than your extension may be screwing it up - all i do is increase the gap between the right side and the quick tools - its one setting in the code - my grab above shows it works perfectly - it may be a screen res thing - it may be many things my skin is nothing to do with it i believe - the dat file posted above is created from a standard file with just the bits altered to move the tabs under the address bar - it may be the version - i used an dat file from an earlier build - i again say the only way to keep up with their changes is for users to learn how to do the mods - theres too many releases with too many changes with no easy way to add modified code
  5. hmmmmm no real idea rick - maybe a screen res thing - works for me you can try this modified one - have moved the menu button left - like i say the only way to get what you want is do it yourself - simple stuff like this are easy enough to do UIMain.dat
  6. @caligula73 tabs under address bar - copy file to installed dir - back up orig first comes with some warnings 1- i tested quickly so there might be things i got wrong 2 - its a pretty late build of their main.dat UI file so should work ok with newer or older builds - but they are constantly changing bits of the code so it may newer fixes will not be there 3 - any new install will over write the modified skin so you will need to reinstall you say you know nothing about coding - i was at that level a few years ago - in fact i still know nothing about coding but have learnt how to understand what things do and the logic of skins - if you want to continue to use maxthon into the future with this simple mod you need to learn a little bit - its not hard - cannot be as i can do it!! UIMain.dat
  7. they are not interested in any other skin but the stock one it would seem - if you want anything you need to learn how they are coded - in truth for a simple mod like that its not difficult but each release can have code changes in the UI so keeping up with them is the problem
  8. its not happened yet and its been asked for - a couple of lines of code to change if you fancy having a go - no easy way as they have never added skin support
  9. odd dont see that - i do use my own theme but its all up to date code so not sure why mine is ok they certainly are changing things in the UI - tabs not to the top - latest i have seen is full screen is now 10 or so pixels short at the top - why they dont leave things alone in the UI and concentrate on bugs is beyond me - maybe just because they can
  10. how odd - worked for me - i am running 3000 now from that link
  11. portable
  12. MX5 PC official Release

    locked up this morning on first boot screen shrunk by about 10px each edge - thats happen before on previous builds - i have always forced the browser to shut down and start again this time i decided to leave it and after a couple of minutes screen went back to normal size and browser worked perfectly
  13. MX5 PC official Release

    seems ok so far - i run few addons so maybe that helps snaptool works fine for me
  14. addons are great BUT all those who seemed to understand how to make them seem to have left - the problems with MX5 and the thought that talking to the company was like talking to the wall sent those users elsewhere same with those who contributed themes - the difficult way to add themes being one problem - another being the state of MX5