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  1. Forced Auto-update?

    what users want has never been something maxthon worried much about - they have always known best so we just have to keep in line and do as we are told
  2. like i said BS - clear as mud!
  3. MX5 PC Beta Release

    that makes no sense to me why have you pushed it - what are you hiding by not making it public and not issuing a change log suspicion drives the internet - this is suspicious
  4. you will have to wait for Maxthon to answer that - sure they will have some BS story to explain it
  5. MX5 PC Beta Release

    not for me - clean install of 1400 - changed 3 dat files fo load my theme and write protected them - added a couple of other write protected files and a dir that were nothing to do with maxthosn and left it to auto update in its own time - no notification it just updated to 1500 standard theme so my write protected theme files had been over written and non maxthon files and dirs had gone so maxthon basically deletes the dir from program files or wherever and starts again using my own theme i have seen it many times in the past - auto update is crocked imo - its the main reason i now use the portable version - its the only way i can keep them out of my install
  6. MX5 PC Beta Release

    you need to try it - well dont bother it does not work
  7. MX5 PC Beta Release

    i do as said above - my point is that many will not and find updates they did not ask for or [maybe] want - fine keeping up to date but if a user has made mods to skins [for example] they will be overwritten - keep backups you may say and thats an option but why piss people off for no reason - sure its not beyond the devs to backup changed files ot even give the option to update - user choice is not something maxthon think much about - they have always known better than the users that support them or think they do
  8. MX5 PC Beta Release

    not overly impressed - my backup install updated without asking or telling me - only way i knew was to check the version number - thats all well and good but it overwrites any custom files in the install dir without backing them up Maxthon gets more like Microsoft everyday - arrogant in the extreme - it might be their software but its my setup - dont change things back to default without asking or making a backup not much users can do when microsoft do it - with a program like maxthon users will vote with their keyboard and delete it
  9. MX5 PC Beta Release

    updates seem selective - i run the portable version for normal use but always have the install version on a second laptop - thats not showing an update to 1500
  10. MX5 PC Beta Release

    for some reason i dont get anything pushed so a link to the portable would be useful

    its not rocket science - it cannot be as i can do it - its worth learning to get the skin as YOU want it
  12. totally agree - as to updates - nothing has changed as far as i know they have always wanted to be in control - the user base is and always has been ignored
  13. MX5 PC official Release

    you provide the software from there it should be user choice - if they want to use an older version thats up to them - its not for you to force any version on the user base - thats dictatorship

    perfectly possible to move tabs down it needs uimain.dat to be modified as Maxthon tend to change things in every build posting skin mods is painful as they only last one release usually - there is no easy way to mod skins other than mods to the file mentioned to do what you want is a matter of unpacking the file - moving one line of code and repacking the file - simple really but keeping up with their changes is the problem - the easy way - if its important to you is to learn how to do it yourself