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  1. What's wrong with Extensions Center?

    all good points but no one seems to be listening - the browser is dying/dead with a conspiracy of silence from Maxthon - unless Jeff can release something that is ground breaking as MyIE was then we all need to find another browser
  2. MX5 PC Official Release

    i think 6 will happen in that a version will be released as Mx6 - whether it will be different is the key question - just as 4 was abandoned when the release number increased to 5 then 5 will suffer a similar fate imo as to what 6 will be - well thats the big question - this new core is over a year old - how can they think thats good enough and why work on something so old to release it now
  3. MX5 PC Official Release

    theres a comment somewhere that its a work in progress from Geoff i think or attributed to him - apart from that i have seen nothing but when have Maxthon ever said much about anything - it will happen or not and i guess will be as 5 a continued WIP until they think its time for 7
  4. MX5 PC Official Release

    thanks - they really have lost the plot it would seem - how can they continue along the lines they are - 6 is coming we are told - unless they change their methodology they need not bother it seems to me
  5. MX5 PC Official Release

    is that not over a year old - not into the versions so i may be way off beam - Vivaldi is running on 78.0.3904.67 which i assume is much newer if only by the version number
  6. MX5 PC Official Release

    core update to what version ?
  7. Get Up MAXTHON !

    6 is said to be coming - will it be too late - i think it probably will for the majority of international users who seem to have all but abandoned Maxthon if this place is anything to go by - Chinese users may support it which i think has been the target user for a long time as to contributing - why? - what has Maxthon got that the many other browsers out there cannot offer with a little work - imo Maxthon has 2 feet stuck in the past - unless 6 uses a standard core that will continue and if it does then its just another browser of which there is endless choice it seems to me Maxthon as we know it is dead - it will take something special to change that and past history tells us that wont happen - we have had addons and initiatives that no one wants that were there to attract users - i want to be wrong but i dont see anything changing if Jeff was interested then he would comment - he is conspicuous by his absence as are all at Maxthon we should plan a wake and be happy for what Maxthon was and move on
  8. MX5 PC Beta Release

    too little too late - a few bugs fixed that in truth i doubt most users did not know existed and its taken 3 weeks for that how old is the core - that needs updating - work on all old versions should be stopped - they are of no importance - any new development should be on the next incarnation of Maxthon - that should be urgent and something should be out for testing now however raw it is
  9. New version of maxthon ??

    i agree with that in many ways - and my new browser of choice leaves a few things that i miss BUT - the core is up to data and is updated as soon as a new one is issued not months later - that must be better for security some addons - especially adblockers are better and fully up to date and there is choice i have worked out the UI on Vivaldi so changes are possible to what i want so have changed but will continue to look here for 6 and see what that brings to the table
  10. Save as Image

    why do you have to uninstall - just install the latest version as a portable install to test the feature you want - it will then run independently of the installed version
  11. New version of maxthon ??

    maxthon and vivaldi - modding the Vivaldi UI is not as easy for me at least as its js rather than HDML - but its no less configurable than MX if you know js or use their support which is good - as to the development tem are you saying two and a half people or 25 - whichever how is that relevant - the impression is the the development team of MX is a couple of studends doing the odd hour now and again - sure thats not true bur-t input from any team is conspicuous by its absence all software is bugged and never complete i am told by Jeff - the key thing surely is if those bugs matter
  12. New version of maxthon ??

    seems to me a poor reason not to move - the hack may well work - not tried it as i have never trusted maxthon passkeeper so have no passwords to transfer from it - but its a one time effort to manually transfer all the passwords or just start again as you log into sites with passkeeper passwords - most [all?] sites have password reset - use that maxthon is/has become yesterdays browser as long as it continues down the path it has chosen imo - if and when 6 arrives with i assume a standard core it has a mountain to climb - in china it might still have a following - that seems to have almost gone elsewhere
  13. New version of maxthon ??

    not that i know of - i think its something you have to do manually - from what i have seen of vivaldi its worth the effort
  14. New version of maxthon ??

    you should let them sort it No1 - bugsir has little else to do here - but i guess they would not bother so the place might even look busy!
  15. New version of maxthon ??

    i think its dead - maybe they are working on maxthon 6 - as sure as hell they will tell us nothing i think the new version is called vivaldi