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  1. Should we Pay for browser?

    how good is that - first we get various levels of VIP membership which are as useful as a hole in the head and now they are going to think about a badge get real - sort out what users want - skins - better adblocking to name 2 - but hey they dont matter lets have a badge you could not make it up!
  2. I'm disappointed

    nothing new here - in fact nothing to be seen - i thought you were going to post something new but then why would you?
  3. I'm disappointed

  4. I'm disappointed

    has the browser been given up on - not if you believe the BS from china - trillions of users - well a few less than that - where they are other than in the mind of the marketing dept and developers is anybodies guess it works and is updated now and again - new features are added that nobody asks for or wants other than the company skins - they are possible - if you want them then its a learning curve - the company seem to think they are not important and put forward that a colour change is a skin dont expect much from this place - it seems to be drawing its last breaths
  5. Should we Pay for browser?

    and do you think that would change anything - they would still just do things as they want - users have no input with Maxthon - never have had - paying would not change that
  6. good qustions i will add another WHY? - why has this been added - i cannot recall posts asking for it or drum beating that it was something that was missing from the feature list great its something extra to add to that feature list but why now - what about all the stuff that has been asked for over the years and been ignored just another case lets think of something that we think we need and sod all the requests that have gone that users want
  7. they added a switch or changed a switch - either way they forgot to tell us - why should they we are only the users - without us they would all be out of a job
  8. Download manager

    i think the why is down to something on your setup - assuming you are talking about the windows version it works as it ever has done for me
  9. thats a relief - its good to know that effort can be put into moving a graphic 2 pixels whilst all the REALLY important bugs and requests continue to be ignored did it take all the devs to fix this - that said all the devs may just be a part timer drafted in now and again
  10. PDF files corrupted

    just tried a couple from a public site and they are fine - am using maxthon to open them if that matters
  11. sure as a bug that will go to the top of the list and get every dev working on it other more important stuff can wait
  12. Stylish for Maxthon and spying

    stylish has been updated a number of times on the extension centre - checking the version listed is 3.0.4 non of the updates have ever worked for me and others that post comments the answer has been to stick with version 2.4.3 which whilst old works - i just keep the 2.4.3 extension write protected so any update does not work whether this get round the problem you state i have no idea but hopefully so
  13. Heres a link for

    Sorry can't post on that thread 


    the only efficient way to do any skin mod is to do it yourself - that means learning how shins are done but until they make skinning as MX3 every update has the potential to change mods so its virtually impossible for those who mod skins to keep up tabs at he bottom is easy enough - like i said above its not rocket science
  15. Small fonts on some pages

    BUT - [add sarcasm smilie] thats how they seem to work - add something that nobody wants whilst old bugs go on and on and requests that have been around for yeas are ignored