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  1. posting in english might help - using search certainly would
  2. most UK banks have the same or similar problem - it does not seem to matter what user agent is used - if the word 'Maxthon' is in it they generally report the user is using an unsupported or out of date browser - remove that one word and they then work
  3. Happy Easter and Revive the Feature You Love!

    you are i hope joking - its been stating many times that the new core is being worked on and coming soon - you now say you will add it into the development plan
  4. Happy Easter and Revive the Feature You Love!

    we are past the 17th - so what is happening - or is this another imitative that will be quietly forgotten
  5. you cannot dock the sidebar - as to going back you should be able to do that by simply re-installing MX4 - they use a different directory to store all the data and assuming you just installed 5 without fully uninstalling 4 then all your data should still be on your harddrive if you did fully uninstall 4 then i am not sure what happens if you do a clean install - it may pull your old info down from the server but it may not failing that a backup of the C drive and just get back the stuff you need for 4 - thats the main dir in program files and the data in user/../../appdata/roaming/maxthon3
  6. Happy Easter and Revive the Feature You Love!

    so if we post 'wants' here the devs will surprise us - surprise us by not doing anything would be the norm - but in for a penny in for a pound 1 - new updated core 2 - full skin support not this excuse we have now for skins 3 - passkeeper being an extension that can be disabled 4 - or as an alternative to point 3 - exceptions added to passkeeper 5 - a better adbocker - we already did the 20 post thing on an earlier thread but that seems to have died a death next
  7. Happy Easter and Revive the Feature You Love!

    why does clicking on the picture at the top of the board take me to facebook and not this post
  8. Maxthon 3/4 Skin SDK v1.1.17 (English Version)

    what do you mean they are NOT skins - joe with 2 hats thinks they are - as to the rest of it i dont think its going to happen - prove me wrong Jeff - but the skin centre died with 3 - i think the devs agree with Joe - what we have is it
  9. AdBlock | Pop-ups

    classic - then who do you think it is - not only has someone taken over his account to post questions they have managed to do it from his ip address - paranoid does not even get there -
  10. i have no idea apart from in the new UI they seem to do something similar in index and layout.htm - the latter is called in the former - have a look in there it may help - its simple so i would guess you have tried that
  11. its just another nail in the coffin that is the forum - they seem not to value this place and the knowledge that is here - not thats theres much these days as most users have gone
  12. Don't run script on mxaddon:// page

    be surprised then i have no idea to the answer but as a suggestion could you jut not alter the code so its corrupt - miss something out or something like that - would that stop the extension running or just give an error code
  13. now thats a interesting comment and certainly debatable or the word 'improving' is - each generation believes its better/smarter/more advanced [you choose a word] than the last one - i go a long way back and have no desire to live in the world of my grand children - they are welcome to what they think is 'improved'
  14. interesting article - computers and the like have made us lazy - we have a thing called a brain that includes limitless memory - we should use that - its worked in the past without memory aid devices
  15. and in my over 10 years of involvement i have learnt that if you dont like something then there is [probably] a solution but and theres usually a BUT you have to do it yourself as Maxthon tend to create what they think is right and dont listen to objections so if you dont like the skin icon look at the code and move it - its not rocket science - that way you can have the browser you want configured as you want it - not everything is possible but moving that icon is easy