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  1. Thank you! I dont mean the new tab in the startup. I mean a blank page when we open a new tab, even without a background.
  2. Does Maxthon run mining in the background without our will?
  3. Hi all.Unfortunately I had left using Maxthon.Now that Maxthon 6 will be out,I feel I can return to Maxthon.Thanks a lot Maxthon developers!Please consider the following ideas: I hate videos being auto buffered.even I do not click play button,it is being buffered in the background.(not auto play, auto buffer) Also please let us change user agent as in Maxthon 5. Enable this setting. Please make a blank page for new tab (with no quick access) This setting is empty: site settings for example: mx://settings/content/siteDetails? Make a set
  4. where is you adblock rules?thx

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      thank you!it is not being updated right?

    3. Wilser


      unfortunately since I stopped using maxthon



      I'll probably stop it too :(

  5. Hi all,new file for the Maxthon beta version has been added.
  6. will see what I can do.can you give more details? how can I reproduce it?
  7. File for the version Maxthon has been added.
  8. File for the current version has been added. @BugSir006 Yes, I did as @Galileusz mentioned in his post
  9. Hi guys, I dont know you but its been annoying for me not to have a blank page.So I've found a solution. I've edited a file and now İt shows no quick access.Just copy MxBrowser.dll in the attached file and paste it to : C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\Bin Maxthon MxBrowser-v5101400.rar Maxthon MxBrowser-v5043000.rar Maxthon MxBrowser-5032000.rar Maxthon MxBrowser.rar
  10. In my opinion,privacy is the most important thing nowadays.Even if it is alfa beta or official version.Username and password should not be required to use maxthon 5. It is the biggest issue and a very big disappointment for me I remember I was so thrilled when ads were going on saying "something big is coming"..At the ent it was nothing I hope this time Maxthon 5 will really be different
  11. Hi Tony.I unpacked 0.dat and my old skin.Then copied/replaced everything in old skin folder into unpacked 0.dat.Then I packed the folder to 0.dat. When I move 0.dat and open Maxthon,new skin is working.But how do I pack 0.dat as .skin so that by double clicking,it will automatically apply the skin?
  12. Thank you Tony! I'll try to do it.appreciated!
  13. Thanks for the update.So I have to make the skin by myself :(
  14. Hello guys and off course looping8 Is it possible to make the same skin for the current Maxthon 4.9 version?
  15. Hello everyone.Unfortunately the IDM issue exists again: IDM tries to capture a file related to quick access: "" v.