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  1. how do we turn back on the bookmarks button? theres no hotkey solved
  2. I think the URL opening thing was just an issue on my end
  3. Came here just to say this, please fix this, this is such a horrendous thing making us not being able to search at all in the address bar EDIT: It also keeps automatically trying to fill in the address bar when we type words which is also ruining it
  4. Gonna do it now, i got some recording software~ On other browsers the side bar is always visible when I get onto the website and they actually are working. I thought it not being there was just a new youtube thing for the longest time. But it just seems to be maxthon. I've tried disabling plugins I have downloaded too for maxthon but that didn't fix the issue either EDIT: Clearing cache and all that for the browser fixed everything, other sites seemed to be playing up as well but it's all fixed now! 1424592795_Desktop2021_03_02-22_46_02_08_DVR.mp4
  5. Youtube is having issues telling me i'm offline, sidebar doesn't work and everything is like broken but works in other browsers is this just a maxthon thing right now?
  6. is there anyway to save pages as apps like we used to?
  7. I'm unable to change my avatar picture for my maxthon account for the browser, is anyone else having that issue? screenshot here
  8. where are the skins, or atleast show us how to make skins, goddamn has this browser been given up on or something.
  9. if you're still alive pls teach me how to make skins for mx5
  10. Still haven't gotten anything :c 8 Years I've used maxthon for.
  11. Our maxthon passport is what we use to login to maxthon right? not the website, but the browser.