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  1. I'm unable to change my avatar picture for my maxthon account for the browser, is anyone else having that issue? screenshot here
  2. Anyone elses google look like this? infact, why does it keep going to hk google #### me, I might actually stop using maxthon after all these years because of this bruh s t o p
  3. yesss please add the notes button back to how it used to be
  4. Alsooo, please make it so when you click drag open a window, make it so it doesn't go to that new window 😧 just like the old version :3
  5. Will you be adding the left side bar and the bottom bar we used to have in maxthon 5 and previous versions? or can we already enable them and i just can't find them?
  6. where are the skins, or atleast show us how to make skins, goddamn has this browser been given up on or something.
  7. if you're still alive pls teach me how to make skins for mx5
  8. Still haven't gotten anything :c 8 Years I've used maxthon for.
  9. Our maxthon passport is what we use to login to maxthon right? not the website, but the browser.
  10. I didn't get an email too and i've been using maxthon forever. No email after this :< " Hello, old friend. What a pleasure seeing you here supporting us again! You are MX5’s 3321 member! You just earned the VIP3 status and VIP3 Medal. For more information, please check the email we sent to you. Hope you love and enjoy MX5 as much as we do. "