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How do I bypass Invalid Certificate?


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Perhaps, Maxthon uses the Invalid Certificate to censor the Internet?

Why would maxthon censor internet ?  you get an invalid certificate, I can't access the site at all, and Bugsir can open it. 3 different behaviours, why ?

It may be a localization issue ? 


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And this is what I get

Pirate Bay.png

Same here.

As to why it would get an invalid certificate error, then possibly malware? Seems the certificate is correct as others have no issue.

Clear cache/cookies and test again, logout of your passport account and check. Seems to be a local issue, or it's a localised issue as ody said.

What info is shown when you click the red lock icon?

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  • 4 months later...

I had this problem before and I posted topic about it but can't find it, probably it was in old forum. I had problem with Invalid Certificates but it was because I had to update my Windows and problem solved. But now I had to reinstall (upgrade) my OS which is longer not supported by Microsoft and now I can't update it so problem with Invalid Certificates is back. I know you'll tell me to change OS but I can't get over it can't accept goodbye with XP/2003. One day I have to install 7 or 8 when big websites won't be open because of new and advanced technology etc. My question is do you have any alternative to bypass Invalid Certificate in Maxthon? Because Chrome ad Opera has no problem with it. Probably Firefox too but I don't use it. I tried also Maxthon Beta 4.9 and again Invalid Certificates only different message. Why Maxthon only? :( Maybe there is solution (except upgrading my OS)?! I have ready Windows 7 Home Premium to install it but I'm hoping for idea to solve certificates and to keep Windows 2003 for some time maybe a year or 2. =P

For now I installed older version of Maxthon, version where I get certificate error but pages can be open when I use MY RISK.

Anyway when Chrome (then Maxthon) stops support of XP I have to change OS since no one found me solution. Too bad. I need months or years to get used with different OS.

Edit: unfortunately I installed Windows 7. 

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