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  1. Of course not! I'm worried about losing all my favorites and cookies and autologons for different websites. Does the passport account save it all? Here's another question, why doesn't the Online Favorites of my Passport account synchronize with the new MX://Favorites/ page?
  2. Original Replier:SnowLeopard Fpr Google, since they went to a two-page login scheme, I have TWO Magic Fill entries fofr Google. One saves the UserName the other saves the password. They do work together whenever I log onto Google. I hope I'm understanding and addressing the right problem for you. The MagicFill entries are not cookies. That's why I'm adding this comment. One further thought, when you have typed the user name right click on the username field and save your eentry to MagicFill which should appear as one of the entries in the context menu. Then on the next screen do the same after you've entered your password. And, if you later change your password, repeat the procedss to save the change.
  3. Hi, I am experiencing very annoying, but unfortunately not so unique problem on Google + in Maxthon. When I am writing new message via Google Hangouts, the whole page automatically refreshes itself. This happens only sometimes. I think I don't have to say that there isn't any problem in other browsers… I have already tried clean reinstallation, to disable Adblock and all other extensions and also delete cookies, but it never helped. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to solve this problem? Thank you!
  4. Actually thats true, that site IS a culprit, for not showing Last Session at all... Strange error, one I never have see before...Maybe it's because all those Insecure content there is on that Web Site.?? Can ONLY get them back (the Last Session) via the round arrow or Alt+Z (see Photo) Had 3 Web pages on Mx, with restart = NO Last Session, like it use to do... ( never have no mark in Auto clear on exit - same goes for Delete Cookies ) Always use the CCleaner, for Clean ups in my Browsers, not with restart of Mx browser... Hope this can help some one, to figure this strange head scratching error out.?? Because I can't... (^^,) @ For SapioiT - I can recommend a Clean Install of your Mx Browser, use Revo Uninstaler for this, as it's also cleans up in the registry (in a safe way). But remember to Backup your Mx Files and Folders (also them in the AppData Folder > C:\Users\*User Name*\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3 ). • Revo Uninstaller - Free or Pro, just as good. - Uninstall software, remove programs, solve uninstall problems But wait a Bit (I'm not typing fast and need to translate to), I think it's better to help you via this Tread (your Post)... (^^,) • [WinPC Issue] Initial loading time... - General Discussion - Maxthon Community @Thanks 7twenty for help deleting that to large help post. :thumbsup: SapioiT can find it in my profile if needed. @ And thanks to 7twenty, for a very good tip, with using the Ctrl+Shift+D Key-combo, nice little trick... For saving several Bookmarks, in one go... Best Regards Ohke
  5. Shows a black frame and does not perform. Already cleared history, cookies. I've done no avail clean reinstall. Usually works in IE.
  6. Hello, I can't found a software which secure delete cache, history, cookies etc.............. on Maxthon 4, Ccleaner (without the winapp.ini files), Wise Disk Cleaner, Privazer and others doesn't support Maxthon 4 Could you help me please and tell me if the built-in option in Maxthon sent all that it delete to the Recycle bin, in that case i could secure empty the Recycle bin. Sorry for my poor english. SaTiVa.
  7. Ninja ZX10R replied at 2015-3-29 19:22 Hmm as regards the issue with the browser I didn't reinstall, I deleted the appdata folder and it wo ... about the password issue : yes it's true but only with discuz ! : as a workaround I either use a private session (which works fine) or another browser. clearing the cookies works but is a bit tedious ...
  8. Mantley replied at 2015-3-29 12:41 Your about is correct, but something is broken in your config. For using it is fully reco ... Post #1 Already cleared history, cookies. I've done no avail clean reinstall. Post #3 -I informed him that I did clean install (version - See more at:
  9. 13083 Also, is there any reason you want to run in Retro? Retro is designed as a fallback option in the case the default renderer (Ultra) isn't working properly. Retro is one of the available modes, its use, as far as I know, there is no crime. (i'm joking).:lol Retro mode combined with unchecked cookies dribbles track of how many newspaper articles a day / month I can read. FB in ultra mode requires cookie in retro mode is not required.
  10. Cookies may not have anything to do with this, I opened Facebook in new tab using Mouse Middle Click and it loaded quickly
  11. I just noticed that Maxthon is taking over 10 gb of memory on my iPad! I already deleted cookies and history but the memory has not changed. Any ideas on what is causing this?
  12. Hi DARKSTORM, Glad to talk to you. You meant opening Facebook from quick access page? Here it works fine. You clear cookies and cache files and try again.
  13. Hi ultra7up, Really sorry for this inconvenience brought to you. Here I tried to test it, but it works fine here . 12737 Please try to clear Cookies and Cache files then try again. Thank you for your support.
  14. BugMiss006 replied at 2015-3-17 23:14 Hi, According to the information you provided, please try to clear cookies and rename your userna ... Hi, I followed the above steps, but the situation isn't resolved yet. As I said, the site still says "Invalid account or password". Maxthon browser says the same after renaming my user folder in appdata. Moreover, the forgot password feature again says "account doesn't exist". Thanks Update: Forgot password feature now allows me to change my password but I am still not able to login!
  15. Hi, Sorry for this inconvenience. Here I tried to test it, but it works fine here. Please try to clear Cookies and Cache files then try again. If this issue still exists, would you please tell us this issue occur on other browser(IE etc.)? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your support.
  16. I just updated to the newest version of Maxthon, but when I tried to log on to one of the forums that I frequent, it says my cookie is not enabled. I checked the settings, the cookie is enabled. So there may be a bug in the latest version on Maxthon Android not accepting cookies. Please fix it.Thanks.
  17. Site uses too much cookies, Got my desktop hang up in a minute
  18. Tengo varios problemas con Maxthon. Los enumero: 1- Se cambia solo el background donde se encuentran los accesos rápidos. (no le encontré ningun tipo de patron, o algo que haga para que suceda) 2- En modo privado, si quiero abrir facebook (con varias páginas me sucede lo mismo) me pide que habilite las cookies, (se supone que están habilitadas). Sucede a veces. Alguna ayuda? Gracias
  19. FOMECBLOT replied at 2015-2-15 23:46 Here I have no problem and I have this cookies The problem has resolved itself overnight! I'm not getting the cookie message this morning, thanks. No auto refreshes on Facebook either, yet!
  20. V. eBay is telling me there's a problem with my browser and cookies, but there isn't, as you can see form the attached picture. I've tried it with both Adblock on AND off and I've cleared all my cache, temporary files and whatnot.
  21. Hi Mist001, Sorry for the inconvenience. Here on my side i conducted a test but i couldn't reproduce this issue. I can login into my eBay account without any problem. Are you browsing in a normal window ? If you have allowed cookies on all sites and the problem still exists, then you may need to check if there is no other third party software (anti viruses...) you are running that might be causing the problem. Also, if you are using Maxthon account , you may log out and give it a try again. Thanks.
  22. Hi binarybasher, Sorry for the inconvenience. Are you talking about Magic Fill saved passwords? If so, i suggest that you go to Maxthon Magic Fill settings and edit your passwords. Also you may need to clear your browser cookies and refresh the page to see if everything works as expected. Hope this information is helpful to you. Have a nice time.