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  1. Awesome. Will have a look at that, too, and try the browser at my gf's from tomorrow. Will report later
  2. What about AdHunter? I always hated AdBlock... :L Btw thanks for the link, it worked instantly indeed (as you can see) As regards stable releases well seems legit, should be like that IMHO. About the browser... I'll give it a try with this new version to see if it works. EDIT: at a first glance it looks faster, yet for instance the cPanel issue asking me to login all the times is there Will have a look about the rest later on. Busy day today, and tomorrow I gotta catch a train to go to my gf's, so I might take a while to reply... Or maybe not
  3. Glad that it works there, doesn't here though :'( Anyway another weird thing is that like I said it says that the browser is up to date, yet I can see I am a version behind... :| And doesn't let me update via the browser itself.
  4. @odyssee That was very kind, thanks :loveliness: @7twenty hmm... I could try to restore the corrupted files to troubleshoot it but I don't know if it would work.. Further testing showed that it won't work anyway - "Browser data error - please reinstall". By the way I don't know, maybe try to keep many many tabs opened (up to 20, sometimes I got to keep even more than that) and see if you can reproduce the freezes and general lag and bad functionality. Doesn't happen on FF at all (got 18 tabs there right now) and no freezes no lag no nothing, except some cool missing Maxthon functionalities :'( Further inspection showed that the browser is not running the same version you are on, yet it claims it is updated when checking updates availability :|
  5. Well I never expected such a feedback, really. Thanks! To address your questions: -Doesn't really matter the site content as far as I know, that used to happen while loading new pages, though - both loading in a new tab and not. Also Youtube was making the browser lag both with and without the Youtube media center extension... As regards hardware acceleration never had a problem with that, my computer specs are too high to think of a problem with my cpu/ram, honestly. -I am using the built-in AdBlock (AdHunter) in co-operation with AdFender. -New tabs couldn't be added to the list, I could open just about... Nothing at all. Basically when I was trying to open something I was getting an error message saying domainempty (I was like "what?") allowing me to either click ok or the X button to close it (that should be in the report) and even if I did that it kept popping out until the browser crash. -I sent I think 4 reports in a row, right before the Opening Post, with the 1st giving more details and even my email address to contact me. Thank YOU for your support. P.s.: Thanks Oliver, too. P.p.s.: Since I think I can do Maths... I keep getting 19+1 which is obviously 20, but says 20 is incorrect... :o I tried to give ligical anti-typos answers such as 18 and 20 but that didn't work either.
  6. Np for the edit, I was just too rude and I'm really not like that, I just have to remind not to post while in my 5 mins of anger I could ignore the box as well but it's not so easy when editing live php files via cPanel (can't see *poop* :lol ) Just checked I have 2334 hours on Maxthon so... Yes I definitely used it a lot. I wish they could fix the issues I outlined, I could provide some accurate bug reports if they actually bother reading them and fixing them (which is something I don't know, I'm so much used to bad admins and lazy developers everywhere :'( ) About the security code it will probably be when my post-count membergroup changes, not sure when it will be :L
  7. Well I have this problem on every single site that requires a password at server level. Both for my cPanel but also for a paid job I am doing. (Private site) Happens both on my pc but also on my gf's so it's not just "me". Glad that you don't experience it, I wish I could say the same. P.s.: do I really have to answer the security question for much longer? I am not a spambot :| Also I edited the topic title, it was too rude.
  8. Hmm as regards the issue with the browser I didn't reinstall, I deleted the appdata folder and it worked after telling me to reinstall in english/korean About the forum software I'd suggest ElkArte or SMF (2.0.9, not 2.1), even Invision is good, personally I have smf and I used to be one of its strongest supporters, left that community due to admins being... Let it be ;) And I have I think one of the most heavily customized forum existing (that works, I mean ) I'm glad that the browser works again but until those freezes and stuff will be fixed me nor my won't come back on it Also... Have you ever tried to access cPanel or some site that requires a password at server level? It asks you for the password EACH time you change/refresh page, and if you hit cancel it still works... Doesn't happen on any other browser... And it's a big hassle to me since I have many many control panels and things :/ Btw, sorry for being so mad in the OP but I was red in my face when I posted due to having to lose so much time to log back in everywhere and for the browser not working at all for no apparent reason...
  9. 7twenty replied at 2015-3-29 06:28 So are you looking for a solution or just venting? If the latter, then we may as well close this thr ... I don't use any extension other than youtube media center, yes, that's what I meant. going into a tilt status means that the browser moves itself a little below the top of the screen for a few seconds and freezes itself, then kicks back in - do note: I have seen it on my computer, on my gf's computer, on my gf's mother computer and on friend's pc. Also this forum software is horrible... Doesn't even have a multi quote system, too lazy to manually c/p all the time so sorry for double post.
  10. odyssee replied at 2015-3-29 06:25 By clean install, I was talking about deleting the maxthon folder in appdata (old data can make ma ... Thing is HOW did that data make Maxthon unstable? It's surely not me corrupting it nor opening bad sites. By the way yes it works again after deleting, but losing everything is still not a solution, sorry. High consumption? On an i7 with 8Gb ram? I don't think so, I barely use 10% of the cpu and never more than 50% ram while multitasking.
  11. Yeah, I am a forum admin in many places despite my rage (sorry but good luck if you have to open all those tabs and find them, plus re-entering all long, different and complex passwords such as lkar34! and such (it's obviously a fake one but the pattern is similar). So I need all the forums tabs, server-level access, sites I need to be constantly logged in and many others It's so bad that I have to quit Maxthon, I used to love it, especially the fact that you could download vids and play them in a separate window, that was awesome. Also the inspect element is awesome except that it the css doesn't completely follow the background-color rules (I have proofs of that and I tracked it down once, can provide link if you need). Downsides are freezes and crashes, too many and now totally unusable... I'm upset
  12. Didn't have a problem with extension and I'm not one of those heavy customizers guys. Had around 17/20 tabs in the last session that were opened for work and that I lost now, so please forgive my rudeness. It will take more than an hour to find them again and log back in everywhere. My pc specs have nothing to do with the issue, running an i7 with 8gb ram. It's just that they killed this browser, I used to love the older version and I even suggested this browser to many friends of mine, now we are all running away in mass for these continuous issues such as this session thing, random freezes with the browser going into a "tilt" status just like typing it on google. More and more freezes, more and more issues all over the place. So much fed up, that was the last drop that I could bare. Back to Firefox. EDIT: version? The most updated one (I think the same as Tony), I sent 3 or 4 "bad crashes" reports to Maxthon before giving up, so I already contributed don't worry. Also... Reinstalling a problem to fix its issues is NOT a solution, it's a workaround - there is a difference sir.
  13. ***this browser, it used to be awesome, now it's bullcrap. Thanks for ruining it. Oh yes, explanation of the problem yes yes - when I open maxthon it just crashes while trying to restore previous session tabs, so thanks to your incompetence I have to manually research the tabs I had opened on Firefox since Maxthon doesn't work at ALL. edited by Odyssee: don't use such impolite words on a public forum please