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  1. Green "Install this script" button on the page linked. If Violent Monkey is installed then it will automatically detect it and import it. You just have to confirm the install, button top right. No pictures might be my fault when i fixed up some things in the post. Pretty sure they were still there after doing it though?!
  2. -1000 was just released. may not help, but you should try that first.
  3. You can ask as you have and see if someone has the ability to do it. But there's no guarantee that anyone can or will. Depending on how it's coded, it might be as simple as extracting from the chrome extension file, changing the def.json file and repacking to the MXaddon filetype. See here for some info on extensions. Might have a look later on. You can also try contacting the creator of the Chrome extension and see if he can make up one for Maxthon. Contact details: rlubensky@deliberations.com.au http://www.deliberations.com.au/
  4. The idea isn't for you to use it day to day, so you don't need any of your userdata. We only want to test the extension and a clean version of Maxthon to ensure that there's nothing else going on that is causing it to not work properly. Doing with a portable version means you don't have to worry about uninstalling etc. If we determine that the extension does work then we go back to testing for issues with your main install. That's a little odd. Maxthon shouldn't be crashing that much... makes me think that there's something else going on. Can you post your crash logs as shown here
  5. Have split the last few posts from the extensions promotion thread. Not related and this has already been discussed here. Carry on...
  6. Assuming that LastPass isn't just trying to shrug you off saying that it works, then it's possible there is a problem. There was another post saying they were having issues with LastPass staying logged in. Can you try a portable version of Maxthon, install only the LastPass extension and check if it works.
  7. Hehe, how awesome. Amazing how everyone thinks differently. Definitely not the first thing that came to my head. Although the question as to why Sniffer won't see them, and you don't get the option of choosing data type in case you only want images or video etc.
  8. Just a small change: Add in Pocket - Добавить в Pocket should be Add to Pocket
  9. Main Menu > Skins, then choose a colour from the box on the bottom right.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Got it fixed over the weekend from a PM from tony while the forum was read only. He mentioned the tabbar/index.css and I found the max-spacer entry which I seemed to have looked over when looking previously. Changed it and it works great.
  11. Hopefully someone with some more knowledge of the skin system might be able point me in the right direction. I want to change the control box in MX4 to match the style of Windows10, but the area in 10 has been widened slightly which is larger than what the default is in MX. Looking through all the code I can't see anything that would change it. The boxes and hitzones are correct, but when the tabbar is full there is an overlap of the last tab and the minimise button.
  12. Very weird problem. I'm thinking it might something related to your user account on Win7 rather than Maxthon. Or maybe your Win10 account has admin privileges?
  13. While that would be nice, consistency within the one platform would be a nice starting point.
  14. So looks like this went into the too hard basket... Maybe for MX5??
  15. This seems to have been fixed in (could have been earlier, but decided to check today). If others could check as well to confirm so it can be marked as resolved.
  16. Pretty sad that questions like this can't get an answer even after one week.
  17. As I found in the few skins I checked, including ui.dat. But from the official documentation v1.1.17 it states: // Hide the Window Control Buttons // Optional. // Use this option to remove the Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons. // Possible Values: 0 (default) or 1 noWindowControls = 0 As you can see with an 's'. But the point is, neither option works at least in my testing? So is toggle wrong or am I doing something wrong? Given the above I don't think I am. Would be nice to get some clarification and have that adjusted in the official documentation if it is indeed wrong.
  18. Just updated to Windows 10 and trying to get Maxthon to use the native window control buttons. This option makes me think I can just enable it and it disregard any settings in the skin file relating to what it has set. But there are two issues. 1/ if I set the option to 0 or 1 nothing happens. The standard Maxthon buttons return, or the buttons in the skin are enabled. 2/ if i remove all the images etc for the control buttons then I get the standard Maxthon buttons 3/ the skins i've checked have the option listed as noWindowControl, but the documentation states that it should be noWindowControls. Which is correct? Am I misreading this option? Hopefully MX gets updated soon so we get a version that looks better in Win10.
  19. MX for Mac is able to use Chrome extensions if i'm not mistaken. You should be able to install them directly from the chrome web store
  20. Extensions are disabled on maxthon.com sites.
  21. Did you try this? Given your results in post #13, it's a very unusual bug. It seems related to something on your system, as there is no way that all of those scenarios would cause the same issue. What happens when you use a different skin? Try one of the ones available in the skins forum. What's really weird, is that for that to happen the HTML (or maybe CSS) for that part of the skin needs to be adjusted. And the only way that can happen is by modifying the skin file.
  22. After some more playing around it seems it's working fine, just that the Popup Blocker is doing it's job too well! Went back to version to see when it stopped working, only to notice the popup blocker counter increase. It's always the weirdest things! Not sure why it works on MX sites, unless the popup blocker is disabled for these sites even though it still shows as enabled? Was hoping to extension-ify it, (it actually works well + a context menu option). But unless there's a way to make it bypass the popup blocker without having to disable it, it's pretty much useless.
  23. This is weird. Works fine on the maxthon sites, but not anywhere else?
  24. See here for a good lengthy discussion on this: http://old-forum.maxthon.com/thread-12592-1-1.html