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Found 4 results

  1. Just updated to Windows 10 and trying to get Maxthon to use the native window control buttons. This option makes me think I can just enable it and it disregard any settings in the skin file relating to what it has set. But there are two issues. 1/ if I set the option to 0 or 1 nothing happens. The standard Maxthon buttons return, or the buttons in the skin are enabled. 2/ if i remove all the images etc for the control buttons then I get the standard Maxthon buttons 3/ the skins i've checked have the option listed as noWindowControl, but the documentation states that it should be noWindowControls. Which is correct? Am I misreading this option? Hopefully MX gets updated soon so we get a version that looks better in Win10.
  2. I am a new Maxthon user (at least on Mac - tried a previous version long ago on Windows). I just installed it through the app store this morning on my Macbook. It seems the extension center for Mac http://www.maxthon.com/mac/ext/ isbehind. Extensions on this site can only be used by the user of Maxthon Classic Version (V4.1.3.5000), please download the browser of this version if needed!
  3. I have modded the extension "Super Next page & speed up ..." . It is working flawlessly on my PC, but I get following error when I try uploading: "The encoding of def.json is wrong, please use Unicode or UTF-8 with BOM." Smooth scrolling.mxaddon
  4. The whatsnew page forum link in the top right corner links to the old archive section of the site. It should be updated with http://forum.maxthon.com/forum.php