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  1. How to check the VIP-X status? I did preregistred my Maxthon account (e-mail) in the very beginning when VIP3 was accessible, but I got Mx5 download links quite late so I wonder if I was somehow changed to VIP2 or VIP1. Is there any way to check wich VIP status you've got?
  2. Po co odkrywać Amerykę na nowo? Masz mnóstwo oprogramowania, które robi to dokładnie. Nie wiem jak (a przede wszystkim po co!) można oczekiwać takiej rzeczy od przeglądarki internetowej. Przeglądarka to przeglądarka, służy do przeglądania internetu. Organizer to organizer. Google Calendar ma wymienione przez Ciebie funkcje, plus masa innych. Mnostwo aplikacji PC / smartfonowych ma te funkcje. Równie dobrze mógłbyś poprosić, żeby Maxthon robił jeszcze kawę, koniecznie z menu ustawień z możliwością zmiany godziny o której będzie zaparzona.
  3. To przejście z nowego starego forum na nowe nowe to w ogóle porażka.. no ale co zrobić. Ktoś wpadł na taki "genialny" pomysł i niestety go zrealizowano. Po co co 2 lata zmieniać forum na nowe, tego nie wiem ;)
  4. Yep. It's mine ;) like few other that maybe you use ;p
  5. You may also find Tanslator tool very useful as an addon for Maxthon Cloud sidebar. I use it daily ;) It works for many, many languages and allows you to easily translate words and sentences: http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=188
  6. WPisujesz hasło , klikasz prawym > Zapisz hasło
  7. No przynajmniej juz cos sie wyswietla, wczesniej byl czarny ekran (tez zwrocilem na to uwage). Prawda jest taka, że strona jest badziewnie napisana... http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fjacekdukaj.allegro.pl&charset=%28detect+automatically%29&doctype=Inline&group=0
  8. No, the problem is not hardware - because I didnt change the hardware of my tablet at any time ;) (it is not possible)... hardware is the same and before Maxthon was working fine.
  9. Why there is still no answer from MxTeam about this issue?
  10. Tymcio, a próbowałeś wersji Portable w calkowicie nowym katalogu?
  11. I have Nexus 7, with newest Android 5 (updated to Android 5.0.2 yesterday) Here what I have got: 11422 Obviously Maxthon worked perfectly (and was available through Google Play) before upgrading from Android 4.4 on this device.
  12. Why Maxthon is still not available for Android 5? I have Android 5 updated for over a month now on my Nexus and still can not use Maxthon as it is not available for newest Android! Come on....
  13. AdHunter was much better for advanced users. I was creating some css changes for many many websites for few years now (for example this great css change for wikipedia was so convinient to use!! http://oldforum.maxthon.com/viewthread.php?tid=80274 ) And now it is gone. And for what? For users that only use Maxthon without any knowledge about browser, internet, css and anything. So now.. Maxthon is "user friendly" with integrated AdBlock Plus enabled by default. And we (small percentage of users) just got scr**d without any option to: permanently turn off adblock plus, without poissibility to get back to AdHunter great css changes (except for going back to old versions and stick with them, or use this Stylish extension mentioned earlier - I really hope it will work!). I am only happy for those other users that they now have AdBlocker Plus they asked about for so long time (few years I guess). At least there is one positive in this mess -- some people will stop thinking about Maxthon as "full ad bulk browser"...