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  1. I can also reproduce this on these sites across multiple computers. My personal desktop My personal laptop My Surface Pro 3 and 4 My work desktop All running Windows 10.
  2. For some sites, when Magic Fill enters the username and password and I click "log in", the site does not recognize that any text was entered into the Username or Password field. The site reads the field as empty. I can consistently reproduce this on any site requiring a Microsoft Account. If set to "auto" the site will not recognize the entered username. If set to "Manual", double clicking the username field does not bring up the identity selection menu. Double clicking the password field *does* bring up the selection menu. When Magic Fill has populated the username and password fields, I can manually enter a space after my username and click "sign in" and it works just fine. Magic Fill does not fill the username and password into eBay's webpage at all, neither set to manual or automatic. I'm running version I haven't been prompted for an auto update and the "About" screen says I'm up to date.
  3. I'm gonna re-open / bump this issue again. In the present situation, Resource Sniffer is unable to detect files in an Apache generated directory index. The specific URL I'm working with is http://orteil.dashnet.org/cookieclicker/img/ but it could be any index. Downloading 100 images one at a time is a real pain, and an index page should be the absolute EASIEST thing for Resource Sniffer to scan.
  4. I can confirm this issue as well. Shipping labels or plane tickets are probably the most obvious victims, since those bar codes are completely useless if printed from Maxthon (Ultra mode). I've had problems with shipping labels and boarding passes before, but didn't realize it was Maxthon until today when I decided, on a whim, to try printing the label from IE. The difference in quality is remarkable. Right now I'm just glad it wasn't my printer going out
  5. @Ohke - yeah, a little off topic @darkstorm - I mentioned in the OP that the sites I'm having trouble with are not obfuscating the downloads. One of them is an RSS feed. Your suggestions simply do not apply. But thanks for playing!
  6. So it seems like every time I have an inclination to use resource sniffer, it never detects anything. Usually this is for downloading audio files, like podcasts. I'm running Maxthon, but this has been an issue for me since resource sniffer was first introduced, which is why I never use it. 2 example URLs where I'm having trouble: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/sessions/2014/10?lang=eng http://feeds.lds.org/lds-general-conference-mp3-eng Both pages have the mp3 links explicitly in the page's code, not hidden buried in javascript or AJAX or server-side scripts. So I'm at a loss as to why resource sniffer doesn't detect them. If this is something I can fix on my end, I'll gladly accept help. Otherwise, consider this a bug report.
  7. You're right, I haven't done a lot of testing to narrow down the issue. I do want to see if anyone else has had this issue or can reproduce it. I'll go ahead and run some tests and report back my findings.
  8. I have several computers and I frequently put them in standby when I'm not using them. This means that Maxthon is open, but offline. When I push tabs to one of these machines, I need to restart Maxthon in order to retrieve them. When Maxthon starts and begins to load the pages pushed to it, it crashes. There is no additional information given to me with the crash. Maxthon always asks me to submit a crash report, which I do. This has been happening for several versions, but I am currently running v4.4.1.5000. In previous versions the pages I had pushed to my laptop would still be available in my history after I restarted Maxthon. However, in this version that's not the case and I have no way to recover these pages until I get back to work and pull them from the history on that computer.
  9. So the CTRL+SHIFT+D trick is handy. But it literally only saves all open tabs to a new folder in your favorites. It's a useful shortcut, but not nearly the same thing as groups were in M1. Thanks, though And this is where I'll stop hijacking the thread We're talking about last session disappearing.
  10. What version are you using? I've noticed in version that some websites rendering is completely broken in ultra mode. I'm searching the forums right now just to see if anyone else has reported the same issue. In my case, these same websites work flawlessly on my other computer running v4.4.1.5000, confirming that something was changed in Maxthon's renderer.
  11. I've had the same issue, the last session getting deleted randomly. I'm very careful about how I close Maxthon and how I close extra instances to make sure the last session list remains intact. But it still gets wiped on occasion. I wouldn't need the last session so much if Maxthon would bring back groups from M1!!!