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  1. I opened Mazthon 6 today and all my 'My favorites' shortcuts had disappeared. I saw a post from another user where they were going to wait until next year before they would update to Maxthon 6, think I'll follow their advice this time
  2. Despite claiming that 'crashes' have been fixed, crashes where the browser closes are more common place than in any other version now.
  3. MX6 extensions appearing on homepage, then disappearing
  4. Hi, when I added a shortcut to the 'new link' page I tried to add it to a folder which then disappeared. I had about 10 links to that folder, so instead of trying to remake the folder I went back to MX5. This occurrence happened in versions and of MX6
  5. Maxthon 6 folders are randomly disappearing, deleted and off back to MX5
  6. 'Last session' in MX5 was great. 'Last session' in MX6 is presented as open browser pages I often have more than 10 links in 'Last session' on MX5, not very use having that many open windows, as in MX6. Think I'll stick with MX5
  7. Does Maxthon 5 support Facebook anymore? Here is part of my convo with Facebook - 

    Craig Goslan Yesterday it was working, now I have to set it up again. Think I'll just put up with the adverts
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    • Fluff Busting ( FB ) Purity
      Fluff Busting ( FB ) Purity If you have any problems please follow the troubleshooting guide on the faq page on fbpurity .com
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    • Craig Goslan
      Craig Goslan The FBP link at the blue bar on Facebook pageas has gone on Maxthon, but not on Chrome
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    • Craig Goslan
      Craig Goslan Maxthon Fluff Busting update 29.1/.8 doesn't work
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    • Fluff Busting ( FB ) Purity
      Fluff Busting ( FB ) Purity Maxthon appears to me to be a dead browser, at least the browser company no longer bother moderating browser extension updates





  8. Infobox is more likely to put people off than entice new users IMHO, although I'm still happy with Maxthon 4.
  9. Maxthon 5 is horrible with the unusable Infobox/Maxnote and the pointless UUMail and Passkeeper, but it's ok as I can still use Maxthon 4. So no need to be worried I just want a web browser.
  10. Facebook and Maxthon 4, will Facebook ever work on Maxthon 4, I doubt it. As usual Maxthon is moving to the next Maxthon browser (MX5 in this) before the previous version is finished (namely Maxthon 4), this never seems to happen. On Windows 7 videos do not work, you are unable to 'Comment' on posts and some pages just don't open.