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  1. there is more proof that the new trend in browsers is to go feature-rich. such as flashpeak slim browsers, spartan browser, vivaldi browser, etc. maxthon should return to focus on being a power user browser, not waste time with nitro and get left behind.
  2. Can anyone make an extension for "multiword find and highlight"?
  3. will it be added anytime soon? any news?
  4. is opera a powerful feature-rich browser like maxthon? does opera have "multiword find and highlight" feature? i have been requesting it for a long time but maxthon still have not added it...
  5. i wish maxthon would not waste any time with nitro, and simply focus on the main maxthon browser and add more powerful productivity features to it, as well as addressing its bugs. the progress of maxthon 4 has been very slow and disappointing. maxthon 4 is still missing a lot of useful features that were in maxthon 2. and now there's nitro, which further proves that maxthon's direction has been going backwards.
  6. Maxthon Nitro is going to fail. The final version of Nitro is so lacking in the most essential features that it's laughable to even call it a final version. Nobody wants a browser stripped down to Notepad's level. It's unproductive and doesn't have features that save time and effort. Would you prefer to write an essay using MS Notepad or MS Word? Would you prefer to edit a photo using MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop? Same concept. Would you prefer to use Nitro which loads fast but is so lacking in features that it actually wastes your time during usage? Or would you prefer a powerful browser that take longer to load but saves you lots of time during usage with convenient features? Maxthon should return to its roots as a feature-rich powerful web browser, like back in the glory days of version 1 and 2. Similar to the design philosophy of the Slim browsers: As it stands now, Nitro makes it look like Maxthon is trying to cut costs, laid off most of its developers, and no longer have the budget to stay competitive. Meanwhile, the target casual audience of Nitro will not bother to shop around for a new browser, and they will just stick with Internet Explorer for simplicity. The fundamental thinking behind Nitro is flawed, and Maxthon needs to recognize this and turn around quickly. Verdict: 1 out of 5 stars.