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  1. I had meant that I wasn't a mod for long after my post. As a whole I had been a mod for years but there hasn't been a whole lot to moderate. I have no recollection about the second paragraph. I was a part-time community manager while Eric Hu was running the community side of things, that was back in 2013. The CoinGeek talk says 670 million 'default' users. Perhaps the other 30 million realised that the monetisation of cryptocurrency isn't something that interests them when browsing the internet. I will at least take enough of an interest to see what Maxthon 6 offers. I'm expecti
  2. Wasn't a mod for long. I also doubt the actual number but I have no hard data either way.
  3. Jeff, It is no secret that I have expressed hot and cold posts on here over the years. Despite all of that, it has been an honour representing Maxthon as both an ambassador and, at one point, as a community manager. I do not regret being part of Maxthon's growth and what it stands for, and being able to be part of a community that shared those common values. However, I do not wish to request for my moderator privileges to be renewed. I wish you and everyone the best for the future of Maxthon. Kind regards, Bricky
  4. In mx_core.pak, somewhat viewable in a text editor, there is a 'version_controller' key with values that correlate to different versions of Maxthon. There are *four* lists of domains where different UA strings are reported to sites to work around incompatibilities. The comments next to each exception list 'version' suggest this was a Maxthon-specific change. exception_list.txt
  5. Firstly, I'm glad you acknowledge said disconnect. The second and fourth sentences tell me a Chromium clone with Maxthon branding is coming. It's also nice to see the CEF component is being updated although one has to wonder when the hacky way of 'fixing' site support (i.e. old/unsupported browser prompts) by using three separate lists where Maxthon changes its UA string will unship.
  6. Despite previous efforts from years ago, there has never been a good connection between users and devs here. The main connection was from the San Francisco office and here, and after several key figures left for greener pastures the whole thing went back to how it was before. You might be able to find previous posts expressing my frustrations but I gave that up long ago too. I knew there was no point in venting in the hope someone would actually do something about it so I saved my energy to enjoy something else. Meanwhile on the Chinese forum I see negative feedback about how MX5 is
  7. Probably because it's a porn site. I found another thread about this and have responded there:
  8. As ever, Tony's Golden is relevant to this forum. I'm at the point where someone writing a WebKit (not Blink) browser in Rust which uses Vim-style keyboard shortcuts instead of a GUI is more interesting to me than whatever happens here disguised as 'progress'. Gone are the quick advances of Mx3, now it's about quick sales pitches to get people to try it for 5 minutes. I went back to Firefox a while ago to help with dwindling Nightly users. At least if there's something I want to change/fix in it then I can actually do that.
  9. What they meant was the calling functionality is provided by an extension and a plugin that makes use of that extension. MX5 lacks the extension layer as the Chromium Embedded Framework doesn't provide it.
  10. I was totally unaware. Ignore me! I can also see someone on the Chinese BBS has posted the link to the Chinese alpha version of MX5. If people can't wait for the invite, someone has done the work for you.
  11. I'm going to hazard a guess and say international users will get invites from the US office. If that's the case then we have a while to wait.
  12. I use ShareX for GIFs and WebMs/MP4s. I then use FFmpeg to reduce the size if it's too large to post anywhere.
  13. #26 is progress, next up is disabling mixed active content handling. I also read "relevant" as "reluctant" dev.
  14. The "new core" the team have mentioned refers to Chromium 37, which does have support for HTTP/2 (but not fully standards-compliant, the standard was finalised after that release). As Maxthon piggybacks off the progress from the Chromium developers it's up to Maxthon when they'll make use of newer Chromium codebases.
  15. Still vulnerable to POODLE though and I've been saying internally for ages SSLv3, and mixed active content handling, should be disabled. Of course, they still ship Flash Player 16 bundled which is known to be vulnerable also.