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  1. I see, thanks for your feedback. It's fix now.
  2. True, it's good for you. Not every user depend or feel convenient with retro mode (and of course it's not the default Mx core). Changing UA will make ultra mode become possible to force back Youtube into flash video rendering.
  3. Why so hard? Let's make it look so easy. Most older version of browser user agent can force back Youtube to provide flash video rendering. For example, you can force Maxthon into Youtube with flash video rendering by simply changing your Maxthon user agent into the older Firefox user agent (Firefox UA under v37 will force Youtube to provide flash video rendering). Eg. Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; rv:36.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/36.0 Then the video on this Youtube link will rendered with flash. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKD03uPVD-Q And off course, you can force back into html5 via this page. https://www.youtube.com/html5
  4. Well, have you ever checked the 1st post? It's not auto hide, I've added an additional Nitro UI skin with quicktool on navbar. So, is there anything else?
  5. You're so naive, there's nothing wrong with status bar. Just because you don't need it, doesn't mean everyone will same too. Many users still need and depend on some status bar features, there are some useful addons on status bar like network monitor, memory usage monitor, cpu monitor and so on. Well, no need to argue. I know all you need just simply like this. And of course, It's now available at no charge on the 1st post.
  6. Thanks, it looks neat and good too. Toolbar? maybe, a quicktool? on Nitro UI without auto hide, it located at the status bar. On Nitro UI with auto hide, you need to mouse hover on the left side of the address bar (mouse hover on the search icon at start page or mouse hover on the star icon at any web page) to show/hide bookmarks.
  7. Done, first post has been updated.
  8. It due the silverlight plugin which is causing this crash. Go to setting then unchecklist the enable GPU hardware acceleration option to disable the hardware acceleration and restart the browser.
  9. Chromium 37 doesn't have support for HTTP/2. HTTP/2 was available, starting from Chrome v40, Firefox v34 and Win 10 TP IE 11. And yes, it's not fully standards compliant, currently only HTTP/2 over TLS is implemented.
  10. Hello folks! Is there any chance for Maxthon to add HTTP/2 support? I've been testing with this demo site below and unfortunately Maxthon (latest beta) is not yet support HTTP/2 protocol. https://http2.akamai.com/demo I've been testing with other browser too (Chrome 41 & Firefox 37) and with this comparison result, HTTP/2 provide a significant performance advantages compared to raw HTTP/1.1. 13167
  11. KelvinSmith replied at 2015-3-16 12:53 Unfortunately, a lot of services and servers depend on SSL, not just HTTPS sites. Like: mail servers ... On this March, there is a new SSL/TLS vulnerability called the FREAK attack. It allows an attacker to intercept HTTPS connections between vulnerable clients and servers and force them to use weakened encryption, which the attacker can break to steal or manipulate sensitive data. The good news for us, Mx has passed this FREAK attack vulnerability issue. I don't know with the older Mx version but you can test the older Mx version with this link. https://freakattack.com/clienttest.html
  12. 7twenty Still there. Thanks, 7twenty. The SSLv3 poodle vulnerability issue is also still persist on Mx
  13. Hello ppl, I've read if the superfish vulnerability issue was fixed on Mx but is there any progress with this security issue on the latest silent beta version (Mx ?
  14. You can try to add anti adblock filter or if you have greasemonkey extension, try to add anti adblock killer script. ABP anti adblock filter https://easylist-downloads.adblockplus.org/antiadblockfilters.txt Greasemonkey anti adblock killer https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/735-anti-adblock-killer-reek/code
  15. bricky149 replied at 2015-3-2 20:35 I've decided to completely disable ABP in Maxthon due to the astronomical RAM usage it causes alone. ... Agree. If we just running Maxthon to open any page which is not so demanding on graphics and system resources, we can improve the Maxthon performance by disabling the gpu hardware acceleration. Turning off gpu hardware acceleration can help to reduce the ram usage and makes Mx performance more stable. But in some case, disabling gpu hardware acceleration can also cause high cpu usage (eg. on streaming flash video etc).