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  1. Nope, thanks! I need Flash for work so no emulators. I just use MX5! 😃
  2. You wrote this because you don't need Flash. Believe me - some peoples still need to use Flash despite the fact it's old unsecure technology. So MX5 is THE answer!
  3. Just a quick reminder to everyone. If you still need to use Flash - keep MX5 installed! Do not delete them! Maxthon's developers doesn't remove Flash support as another one's. Use MX Flash Updater while you still can to update MX's flash plugin and keep MX5 installed forever 😝
  4. Does the MX6 reject to use Flash as Chrome and other Chrome based browsers?
  5. Don't find answer by searching forum... Is it possible to use some MX5 extensions in MX6? I really missed some of them! Especially "Enable Right Click" and "Reload Failed images"
  6. AFAIR MX6 was announced to be alfa/beta released in a second half of February. It's only 4 days left. Is there is any news?
  7. Hello, MaxthonJeff \0/ As I wrote in the very first message of this thread there are a full misunderstood between MX community and MX developers. Peoples asking for features especially lost ones that was in old MX and were removed by unknown reason. Developers working in "full isolation mode" and ignore any feature requests. As I wrote MX moving to "Just another Chromium browser". All the time developers have they use to adapt chromium engine and there are no time for creating new features or fix errors not related to chromium, for example UI bugs. Dear MaxthonJeff! Did yo
  8. Let's summon a @MaxthonJeff in a forum. There are too many problems unresolved. There are a full misunderstood between MX community and MX developers. There a lack of MX representatives reaction on our topics. We need some answers...
  9. I was registered as VIP3. Still no email but Alpha version installed and my account correctly logged in with all data syncronized. So i don't care much about email absence =)
  10. Меня полностью устраивает! Спасибо за описание способа!
  11. GHosTiK replied at 2015-1-15 11:02 могу Вам подсказать как сделал я, но этот способ делает ... Да! Именно это и интересует! Добавить подписки, отсутствующие в списке.
  12. Я, вроде, по-русски написал свой вопрос. И речь там шла о подписках. А не о каком-то отдельном рекламном элементе.