Hijacking .svg and .webp file extensions

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On 10/29/2023 at 1:27 AM, pantantrollo said:

Hello good,

How to prevent maxthon from hijacking these file extensions?

Or how to change (currently it does not allow changing 3 file extensions, .svf, webp and .mth) and uncheck these extensions.


Maxthon v7.1.7.200 portable x64


Hi pantantrollo, have convey your request to the development team and they will see how to optimize this portion.

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This is NOT fixed and terribly annoying!


Using latest beta, Version7.1.7.5301 (64-bit).

Yes, now it is possible to uncheck .webp checkbox, but after closing Maxthon and reopening it assignes itself as program for these filetypes again (Win10 x64 22H2).

Sometimes it's not checked on settings page immediuately, but becomes checked after updating the page.

Please fix properly!

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  1. uncheck .webp and other types in settings, it unsets application (properties on files now show "Unknown application". 
  2. assign another app in windows settings (or on file properties settings).
  3. close browser, reopen it

Result: it is "Maxthon" again in file properties under "Opens with". In Maxthon settings; "Select file types that Maxthon will open by default" again shows webp & svg as checked.

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Hello good,

In my case, since I unchecked all the extensions with version v., no checked boxes have appeared again, neither with v., nor with the latest v.

I waited a while on the extensions configuration page, and I reread the same page in case they appeared as you mentioned, but that was not the case.


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They reappear after completely closing browser and then opening this page again AND clicking Modify.

This window "works" in the sense that it does clear this extentions, but only for current session.

More importantly, on Maxthon start it overrides this setting in Windows.

No idea why it is not reproduced with you, maybe different windows version? Admin/non-admin account?

Fact is, problem persists.

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