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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply .... maybe my previous post was not clear enough, I am referring to Maxthon for Android version Maxthon for Android doesn't have if I'm not mistaken that function, am I right? Is it possible to do something equally or not?
  2. Browser update messages on Youtube and Facebook. Your browser will no longer be supported soon, update it. In the latter period both on Youtube and Facebook I receive these invitation messages (see attached images) to update the browser because it will no longer be supported soon. I also noticed on Youtube that clicking on update your browser, a window opens with the other browsers apparently all supported as they are updated. Among these is not Maxthon at all. My version of Maxthon that I have currently installed on the android smartphone is and if I try to update it I receive the message that says: your version is updated. Can anyone tell me what happens? What is currently missing in Maxthon compared to other browsers that leads to receive these messages on Youtube and Facebook ? Thank you.
  3. Thank you so much for your reply, other alternative ways to get the same what I need is not possible ? Anyone know about it by chance?
  4. Hi, Almost a month has passed since my first post that still has not received a response of any kind .. .possible that of all the experienced people who are active, attend this forum no one is able to share a solution, advice on what I asked in my question?
  5. Hi, I have used Maxthon for some time on windows in version, in this version it has always been convenient for me to be able to export my favorites, data, via files. Recently, however, I use a version of maxthon for Android from which I can't find any way to do the same. There is, is there a way to export via file even with this version without being forced to use synchronization or export favorites to the cloud? Is it only on this version that I use the impossibility of being able to do it in this way or is it no longer possible to do it on all versions for Android? Thank you. I thought, in this case, any third-party software such as Backup and Restore could also be fine, which unfortunately is not available in the Android version but only for windows, and which allows you to extract and save not only your favorites but also your history and settings of most known browsers. Does anyone know about it and use it for someone similar for Android that does more or less the same job?