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  1. I reported exactly the same issue a while ago.. still not fixed I use an administrator account
  2. unfortunately as I told you I can't : this pdf is my tax receipt
  3. don't know who thought the issue was solved because it's not... by chance as an admin of this forum I was able to fix this mistake ! thank you, at least we are 2 now ! may it be related to the other download location issue ?
  4. Download Dropdown

    issue is confirmed here too
  5. it looks like something similar but I could not even open the pdfs : by clicking the pdf link i immediately got this warning about wrong download location I figured out that the downloader was still running after all my previous downloads were finished. I had to close it manually several times before I got rid of it ( the option to continue after maxthon is closed is not ticked). Looks like it's ok now. If it happens again I'll let you know.
  6. hi I had an issue downloading PDF files : "wrong download location" Sorry I can't give you any link (tax and bank online secured accounts) ; it happened on 2 different sites
  7. you want me to uninstall and reinstall it to see if it works ?
  8. lol ! rules are made to be broken
  9. "installation failed, try to change the install location" actually, I just closed maxthon before installing the upade and it worked
  10. I didn't notice this issue here, apart from some occasional and general network slow downs
  11. so when you don't reply, it's because you have something in mind you don't want us to know
  12. it may not be closed, it may just be down, which already happened several times. improving loading speed is a good thing but it's not what we're asking for.....
  13. and so that when for some reason the sever is down you still have access to your qa !