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  1. Beta M5.1.0.1700

    interesting thing is that they fixed the qa data loss under certain circumstances... too bad they didn't fix it before I lost mine ( unfortunately I lost some old links I can no longer remember...) I can't fin the maxthon now mini switch either, but there should be a switch to disable autosync of QA !
  2. if by crash you mean silent crash, I confirm some sites refresh continuously (latest internal version), mainly sites with videos. sorry I cannot provide any link (clean install so no available history, and I can't find any right now), but is it really a crash or just the icon behaviour which is buggy ? this issue is described here : and here :
  3. where has my QA gone ?

    last action i performed was to install a test version (internal) yesterday which was running smoothly until today mornings and the loss of my QA , and the odd thing is that all tiles were replaced with the last opened sites. but as you said; QA is a webpage so it should not matter.
  4. where has my QA gone ?

    I tried with a previous portable version, qa showed briefly but disappeared almost immediately.. and now I'm afraid it's gone forever...
  5. where has my QA gone ?

    there should be a local storage, just in case...
  6. where has my QA gone ?

    lucky you I hope they will come back, I spent some time to organize them
  7. all my saved sites in QA are lost, they are replaced with the last opened sites
  8. Browser blocked

    same here ! do you use the default user agent ?
  9. Kindle cloud reader

    maxthon allows offline reading for synced notes, I don't know anything about kindle http://www.maxthon.com/mx5/help/infobox/offlineAccess.php
  10. Speed dial icons

    that's a shame... I don't need any of these suggested sites, and for those I need " hot" is disabled (like maxthon forum for example) : on top raw, all I get is a small uneasy to identify screenshot whithout any title.. and titles overlap the tiles on bottom raws
  11. "maxthon forum" for example.. there used to be a site icon, now hot is disabled.. I lost most of my top row site icons and now all I get are ugly screenshots or a capital letter... and I don't need any of those suggested foreign commercial icons. please give us the ability to choe site icons again, it was great... screenshots are too small to allow recognition, and most titles are missing
  12. same here.. wrong dispaly, lost all my "hot" icons titles overlapping
  13. I can't reproduce this, works fine here... and what happens to you is not even an option in tab settings... try another setting then revert to the previous one ?.
  14. MX- Obsolete?

    no use, dev art displays fine despite the warning.
  15. MX- Obsolete?

    of course I use the default UA... my avatar is fine, could it be your custom UA ?