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  1. many issues

    please next time start a new topic. thank you
  2. Maxnote Issue

    click your icon, top left of the browser
  3. Maxnote Issue

    you can manage the way favs are sorted here, however I am not sure this will solve your issue with multi tab entries :
  4. not sure why this thread was marked as resolved as it is not : renaming the file to png is only a workaround. Bugsir could you take a look at this please ?
  5. works fine here try with AB+ disabled ?
  6. 1) does it mean you want to sign out from your passport and retrieve your data as a guest ? log out, open maxthon as a guest : it will retrieve your data, if it fails, use the import tool and try again you may also copy all files from your passport account to your guest account C:\Users\********\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon5\Users 2) disable sync in settings
  7. c all your files are here : C:\Users\*****\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon5 but if you use a passport, first time you sign in, maxthon should sync and your data should be back.
  8. UU.ME does not work well !

    moved to the appropriated section... it looks like uumail does not work...
  9. not sure whether it does work or not, the few times I tried to use it, the answer was : "please use a valid email"... not only the accounts, the whole feature should be removed from maxthon
  10. for my understanding : why do you say it's a .png ? my own screencapture using maxsnap, saved as "test.bmp", and opened in paintshop ; properties : looks like it's really a .bmp
  11. there's obviously something wrong there... same questions as above : what is your version ? did you perform a clean install ? extensions ? see here please :
  12. I don't have photoshop, but it works fine in paintshop