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  1. Fail

    How can we help if we don't know where the issue is ? there may be several reasons (extension, setting, bug..). if you give us a site that does not work, we may try it and see if it's working for us or not, and then try to understand why it's not working.
  2. also check your computer time settings ! if the date is not right, you may see invalide certificates...
  3. Old but still not considered :(

    Mx5 uses my old Mx4 general identity, and it's quite annoying to be unable to modify it in Mx5 because several important informations like my postal address,etc.. have changed.
  4. Bug: can't choose to reply on "medium.com" website

    works fine using magadalene's user agent
  5. Fatal Errors Mx5

    I often experiment crashes when I close a tab from which I started a download.
  6. it's still there but not at the same location right click the address in address bar, and you'll see the option to copy/copy title and url
  7. Hotkeys Mx5

    you can change it in settings :
  8. MX5-Quick Access V1.6 is online

    I moved your post to this topic, sorry for the inconvenience.
  9. I can't test (needs a subscription), anyway here are some tips : did you try in retro mode ? did you change the useragent ? if yes try with default disable ABP disable all extensions
  10. Maxthon5 is alive on Product Hunt!

    tried to vote, but it implied a subscription to product hunt, which I don't want...
  11. Hello

    why is your head upside down ?
  12. Hello

    and this one, do you see it ?
  13. Hello

    if it is true then I am not aware of it, although I guess I should
  14. bookmarklet loses url

    split !