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  1. Browser windows changes size

    not sure why bugsir/miss does no longer reply to all topics. as a consequence some bugs are still there despite the fact users report them. communication has never been very good here, but now it's worse.
  2. MX5 PC official Release

    seems to work fine here... until now !
  3. hopefuly ! question is : why did you publish buggy hardly usuable versions without any test ?
  4. MX5 PC official Release

    same here, still issues with default browser and http login.....
  5. you're right it's a bit messy... not sure what happened, I just looked at this thread yesterday and your post was not there but there's too much work to split this thread now , unless some other mod has time enough to do it it will stay like it is now...
  6. even if Mx is your default.. it somehow resets itself to "non default" every now and then
  7. crash

    another crash on the forum today, several while downloading yesterday : maxthon becomes unresponsive... this version ( is unstable
  8. it's been requested for ages now : QA should be stored locally and should not rely on a distant server. If for some reason this server fails, users lose their access to their main sites
  9. I have merged all related threads access to secure sites routers banks online purchase etc don't work this is a major bug which should be fixed very soon, hopefuly....
  10. I got a different warning today... maxthon launches, I can see briefly the quick access, then I see a splash screen asking if I want to authorize maxthon to run on this computer ; no matter if I say "yes" or if I close the splash screen : QA loads after I hit a button... no way to make a screen capture, nothing else works while this window shows.
  11. just got a crash here on the forum while sending a post : maxthon became unreactive, I had to close it.