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  2. I have two-step username/password combus save - originally done in Mx4, but it wurks in Mx5;s Passkeeper. I think a technique to save your multistep username/PW1/PW2 could be to enter the info for the first form, then right-click one of the fields and user "Save Form" BEFORE pressing RETURN. Repeat for suceeding forms. I don't know if the later forms will auto-fill, but right-click in a data field and choosing "Fill Form should walk you yhrough the logon. That's my theurt. Let me know if it works or not. <<sl>>
  3. MX UI issues... let's make a list!

    Right click on a tab and select "Save all pages to Favourites". It will save them as favourites folder with a date and time as a title. Right click on this folder and select "Open all Records".
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  5. Hello is there a way or tool to save my current session (all my open pages) and save them that way afterwards i may open them up all again?
  6. Maxthon magically loosing passwords

    Okay the server was down, But I managed to recover 196 of my 210 passwords, still the export/import function is BADLY needed, please :C also my QA has been reseting as well, pretty often, so often that I don't even bother to add my pages and folders again :c
  7. MX UI issues... let's make a list!

    Also Quick Access page needs some translation strings.
  8. Maxthon magically loosing passwords

    Hi EddyFicio, Please backup your local data, send your browser account and UID to me. To check the UID, you can log in Local data: Press "Win+R" to enter "%appdata%" then press "Enter", to find the folder "Maxthon5".
  9. Hi CorbanWolf, I don't have the account for testing... You can try to right-click the password box to save the password manually.
  10. Missing bookmarks

    Well I guess there is no turning back for me now?I managed to recover couple of missing sites,but most of them are gone.
  11. Maxthon magically loosing passwords

    Certainly exporting the passwords would be a desired option (already mentioned other times), as other browsers based on chorme if they have.
  12. I do not have an account there, but trying to access with any data, and yes, it ask me if I want to save the credentials. Is there a browser that has implemented what you say? . I understand that no, because by design, I think, they associate a single user / pass
  13. Hi When I enter my credentials, mx5 doesn't offer to save password. btw, after entering password, there's a 2 step verification, so after that I need to enter another password which is a birthday date. If you can, please fix this so it can save two passwords
  14. Maxthon magically loosing passwords

    The problem still exists and now I cannot even recover them c; at least make an option for an user to export its passwords, you know if the service cannot be trusted at least give the end user an option to save and recover the data :T
  15. Maxthon magically loosing passwords

    YAY HAPPENDED AGAIN, AND I NO LONGER CAN RECOVER THEM BYA UU.ME C: lost over 200 passwords just because maxthon develpers doesnt want to solve a little insignificant bug :^) I'm so pissed off I just want to have my passwords back and store them safetly on chrome or firefox, so I could never lose them again c:
  16. Website not deleting

    Yeah, I can't use built-in screenshot. Address bar dropdown disappears. About your screenshot, I basically checked all those boxes removed the maxthon from everywhere on the disk cleaned temp folder cleaned internet history from other browsers used ccleaner so pretty much everything, I even checked my favorites ....nowhere I could find this website's trace and yet it still pop up under address bar suggestion.
  17. Maxthon Snap Whole Page

    We forgive you, just don't let it happen again.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Maxthon Snap Whole Page

    The cause was actually the program I'm using is using iframe to display the page I'm previewing which makes it look like I'm viewing the whole when I'm actually not. Sorry for the bother.
  20. buttons need to be moved right to allow for revised strings. Should also help with other languages.
  21. Maxthon Snap Whole Page

    Oh, probably seems to be working except on some pages. Tried the portable version of the latest Beta version and got the whole page of Maxthon Now. Just don't know why it doesn't work on this but worked on It's a web page I built for my class. I was trying to snap the whole page to send it to my group.
  22. Maxthon Snap Whole Page

    I just tried it in portable and, and I have not had problems, same result.
  23. Maxthon Snap Whole Page Also tried on Clean Portable Versions and Only got the Whole Page with Portable Version
  24. Maxthon Snap Whole Page

    What version are you using? I'm on on Windows 10 Insider Preview 18277.1006 and it works fine for me.
  25. Maxthon Snap Whole Page doesn't seem to be working the same way as the old one where it completely snaps the whole page. The current snaps only what is on view. I'd prefer the old one.
  26. sure as a bug that will go to the top of the list and get every dev working on it other more important stuff can wait
  27. print issue

    what happens when you click "change" or "print using system dialog"?
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