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  2. Bug: address bar doesnt' show full address when focused

    The importand part is of Youtube itself. See here on Chromium and Chrome: Notice that after the "com" and before the "www", the text has a different color. Same goes for Edge:
  3. Works fine here?! Wonder what the difference is? I have noticed that sometimes that Maxthon doesn't select the full URL when clicking on the address bar, but normally clicking again fixes it.
  4. Passport, as in your profile login that is saved to the cloud. Option b is an idea I have, but I don't know if it will work, or if it will be viable for most users to do. Will see what happens and will post if I come up with anything.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Bug: address bar doesnt' show full address when focused and what "important" part of the address? Shows the same in Maxthon as in Vivaldi, Edge and Chrome as in my screenshot and as in your link in your first post. And yes, it works the same with both modes in settings.
  7. Bug: address bar doesnt' show full address when focused

    What internal version? Does it work well with both modes of the settings? Does it highlight the important part of the address?
  8. I'm kinda confused. Passport? Option B? What should I do >.<
  9. Well i did say that would be the case if using a passport because the file was restored from the cloud. Now to look into option B.
  10. Bug: address bar doesnt' show full address when focused

    Shows in the internal version.
  11. press the address bar when this is the website: And you get this: Changing the setting of MX to show full address also doesn't help. It does show full address, but doesn't mark the important part of the address, like on other web browsers. Please fix this issue. MX on PC

    It works for me with disabled HTML5 player on MX5

    That's not the internal version BugSir006 is referring to. Just wait until THAT version is released.

    Hah OK. A new version of MX5 and Twitch streams are not runnig again even with disabled HTML5.
  15. Speed dial icons

    Could we have an option to disable the top row of small icons? Or even the search bar? Pretty please?
  16. Could you pass on my request from the earlier post to people who could make it please?
  17. Deleting the file didn't help. The shortcuts were synched back succesfully, but the background shifted back to those ultra low-res clouds and stays that way. Changing background either to one of the other default ones, or custom background doesn't fix it. Amusingly enough, my custom background is still in that folder, yet it's being forgotten every time the browser is closed. Adding sites to QA doesn't fix it either. Please, just bring back MX4's QA, at least it didn't had any bugs unlike this bug ridden version. I'm talking to you Last Tab Visited.
  18. problem z wyszukiwarką qwant

    Ok.teraz działa,po prostu trzeba było dodać te znaki po com,dzięki bardzo.
  19. MX5 Crash

    Trying to move the folder "MaxthonCrashData" located in C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Local\Temp\MaxthonCrashData folder to another location for instance C:\Temp maybe solve the problem.
  20. Lagging mouse pointer?

    Indeed, newest version solved the lagging issue. However I managed to crash it by now and not sure how Only happened once and I did not manage to reproduce it at all.
  21. Speed dial icons

    I wouldn't mind it so much if that little process didn't grab focus. As it is now, it prevents the complete scrolling of the page when it appears or moves to the address bar.
  22. problem z wyszukiwarką qwant

    Qwant = q=%us
  23. So we know it's your profile settings. Now just trying to find where the data is saved.. and that is being a little more difficult than what i imagined. EDIT: So the bg that's set is saved in \UserData\Users\[userprofile]\QuickAccess\QaConfig.dat. The problem is that doing anything to that file will also remove any sites/tiles added to QA. So you can try deleting the file hoping that it will fix the problem, but you'll have to set things up again. And being that it gets sync'd, deleting it may not matter, as it will just get restored from the cloud anyway. You can always test the above by keeping a copy of the original file, then restore it if things don't turn out the way you expect. That said, unless you don't mind playing around with things like this, it's best to leave things for the time being and hopefully a fix will be pushed by the devs and it will be resolved. Has anyone tried adding extra/deleting sites to the page at the same time as changing the bg? Maybe that's enough to "fix" the file so it stores the bg change properly?
  24. Hi All, i have two issue between MX5 (Version 5.0.18 (170513) ) and the Apple world. 1) With Mac when i try to use the MX5 for streaming, i have the "missing plug-in" for VLC. The same site works fine with Safari. How i can install or active the plugin? 2) when i try to use the MX5 with my ipad, i try to login in one site and repeat in loop the login, the same site with MX5 desktop (with my mac) works fine. Thanks in advance for help
  25. Speed dial icons

    Nonsense - simply because the search string is already at the top. And to make it move, with animation, does not have any functional meaning. It only loads a little process.
  26. problem z wyszukiwarką qwant

    Hmm, u mnie działa prawidłowo. Wypróbuj na czystej wersji portable.
  27. New joiner

    Hi All, i'm a new joiner into MX community... I try to use MX5 on mac and ipad, but i have some issues.
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