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  2. Not that i'm aware of. There's no option to set a limit. But any reason why you're concerned with the size? it shouldn't ever be overly huge and most should delete once finished with or when MX is closed.
  3. MX4 cache file "MX *.TMP" to manage or limit?

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  4. Hello, Can I manage or limit the MX * .TMP files that are created in the disk cache? After a few hours it's easy to get hundreds of files with hundreds of MBs and the only way is to close Maxthon4. Thanks and good job. (I'm sorry for my english)
  5. Make sure you're clicking right at the very top edge of the tab when snapped to the side. It won't work. I think there's an extra 1px border when it's a window, and that isn't clickable so that's why it happens. Not sure if that can be fixed by changing the skin, as It think that might be a windows chrome (not the browser!) issue.
  6. problem z tłumaczeniem

    He he, ten turecki to był zamierzony?
  7. MX address and icons bars

    Right. Clicking this icon opens only the download manager but in Mx4 you have straight the download progress bar once you start downloading a file.
  8. Logowanie Maxthon V

    Nic jeszcze nie jest przesądzone. Na anglojęzycznym forum jest jeszcze aktywna ankieta za tym, aby zmienić adblokera na ublock. Każdy może oddać swój głos poparcia. Trzeba tylko kliknąć w pole jak na zrzucie: Do zatwierdzenia wniosku potrzebne było dwadzieścia głosów. Jednak, czym więcej tym lepiej. W obecnej chwili deweloper Mx ma jeszcze umowę z AdBlock Plus ale będzie sprawdzał techniczną możliwość używania ublocka. Miejmy nadzieję że będzie to możliwe
  9. No it does not. In M4 there is a progress bar below the icon.
  10. Not from the very top of the tab you can't, move cursor as far up as you can.
  11. MX address and icons bars

    Doesn't the icon in the toolbar on version does the same thing as in MX4?
  12. Or send us the crash data for our developer to have a check
  13. Calculators on sites

    checked on Chrome, the "comment" part is loading slowly on my side (could be my network issue), others are the same as on Chrome. So are you referring to the comment part?
  14. Sorry that I cannot reproduce and guess that I may not understand this sentence correctly. Is this just click the tab so to change the focus to another tab? I can do that on both maximized and snapped Maxthon.
  15. haha strange things happen sometimes and we are always unable to find the reason why.
  16. hey there, which version are you using? I just tried with version, no problem here.
  17. Facebook voice and video call cannot be used?

    Thanks for the report, we've confirmed it as a bug, and our developer will soon push a new UA to this site to solve this issue. Will let you know once it's pushed. the thumbnail uploading?
  18. Maxton a starsza wersja flash playera

    @PHYR @Galileusz could you help this newcomer with his question? Thanks in advance
  19. Hello

    Hi Rafiki, welcome joining and thanks for encouraging! You can post your request here in this section:
  20. Hello

    Have been using it for a couple weeks, first time to post here. as I want to request a new feature. Overall , this browser is good, a real compitetor for main frame ones. . I like the feature of favorites when open a new tab, snap tools and external tools. they are very convenience to use. Keep going, Maxthon!
  21. Bug: Switching tabs by clicking at the top

    I confirm the problem also.
  22. problem z tłumaczeniem

    Bu daha önce geliştiricilerin dikkatine olmuştur. Düzeltebileceklerini sanmıyorum. Bunu bazen Lehçe diliyle ama çoğunlukla Rusça ile görüyorum. To wcześniej przyciąga uwagę deweloperów. Nie sądzę, żeby to naprawić. Czasami to widzę w języku polskim, ale głównie po rosyjsku.
  23. I can confirm the issue when M5 is "Snapped", it is no longer possible to switch tab by moving the cursor to the very top of the monitor. Other browsers can't even do it when maximized. Actually, it looks like Edge is the only browsers that can do it as described by the OP.
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  25. hi, i can't reproduce; no trouble with tabs for me; using mx5 no matter what i do version 5.03.4000 win 10 pro creator update
  26. Customizable Skins for MX5! - - 4000

    Anywhere on your computer where you can remember where they are so you can access them easily. I put mine in their own folder in Pictures.
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