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  2. Maxthon One IDEA

    Hello, You can access
  3. As well as passkeeper ( has its official website to start session, as well as the passport of maxthon ( So it would also be a good idea to have Mxnotes your website. Do you understand what I say? So I could enter my notes from a web page or from an android! For example this website do not update 2 years seems to be..
  4. Have reported to the dev team.
  5. MX5 PC Beta release

    Sorry, this is new product design, you cannot install two Maxthon 5 different versions in future, but you can use the portable version. New function. It will save your last opened page when encountering crash. I have the same issue and have reported it to the dev team. Could you please send the bank link to me?
  6. MX5 PC Beta release

    Thank you for feedback. Have reported to the dev team.
  7. MX5 PC Beta release

    Over all of the years that have been using and reporting on various Maxthon versions (somewhere around 15 years) I have never had any of the problems that I have been experiencing with this beta: 1. I install betas into their own folders with new names. I have been installing the 5.2.4.x versions into a folder named Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\Maxthon5.2.4.x. With this beta version and a new series number, I installed MX5.2.5.300, into a folder named Maxthon5\Maxthon5.2.4.x, so that I would have working installations of both and, which I have been doing for years, However, this time, upon installing into a folder named that, my 5..2.4.x folder was removed and I no longer had an installation of When I installled again into it's own new folder, the 5.2.5.x folder was removed. And no matter where I tried to install either version I was unable to have both installed at the same time. Totally different behavior than I have ever experienced. 2. Several times when I first started Mx5.2.5.300, it immediately crashed. When I closed the error message box and restarted MX, It opened to a Last session page, which I never use, and then clicking on Open All, I finally had my QA page available as my start page. I have never experienced this with any previous version, ever. 3. On my two bank sites, the sites did not accept my Passkeeper filled passwords even though they had been filled in and I had to look them up and manually type them in in order to get into my bank sites. I did not try any other sites before reinstalling (as it had been removed during the installation of as noted in #1) and everything was back to "normal" for me (bank sites user name and password were filled by Passkeeper and worked as they should) . So I am now using and have given up on the new 5.2.5.x betas for the time being. But for me, this latest beta has a lot to be desired and fixed.
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  9. MX5 PC Beta release

    Chinese letters at mx://image_viewer/
  10. and as far as i can see you cannot change back to a custom skin without shutting the browser down and reloading the skin - which seems poor
  11. Wrong translation.. Correct - default skin (theme). When you use some skin, the picture on this button shows current state (default or not). Pushing this button you can reset skin to default. No!
  12. Beta, how does it work?

    I presume this is for "Tabs on Top of Toolbar" and they haven't added a "Tabs Underneath Toolbar" setting yet.
  13. Background color while browsing

    You can use either of these 2 extensions
  14. Background color while browsing

    Changing the shade of your experience, joins can't be accomplished except if you download an expansion for Google Chrome. To introduce the Change Color augmentation, either visit the Google Chrome Extensions site utilizing Google Chrome and look for the expansion named Change Colors or go straightforwardly to the Change Color expansion.
  15. In principle I do not see that effect that you describe, but I have noticed (maybe this is the implementation), I can not select the text on the right that has been translated, it seems like blocked
  16. After years of annoying me with this on various computers, I've had it. Maxthon has been abnormal for long enough now, and indeed Maxthon was at risk of getting uninstalled for bugging me off. Now Maxthon is gone from my computers. Bye bye, Maxthon.
  17. retro mode- shortcuts can't use

    Has been fixed in the beta.
  18. Hi, I'm using v. I can't use shortcuts some websites in retro mode (F5, Forward, Backward etc...) Was this problem not corrected in the previous version?
  19. Changing account email

    Hi, Could you please send your account to me? Old email account.
  20. MX5 PC Beta release

    Sorry for the delay. I will try to urge them.
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