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  2. Click the STAR in the main toolbar and select "Set Favorites Bar display folder". Go to Menu>Skins>Toolbar>and click on box for "Restore Last Closed Page Button". You will find some other options such as display/hide the Notes button and the Switch Core button.
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  4. I had to reinstall maxthon 5 today and looks like this new update has a completely different UI than previous updates - I have a favorites folder with a bunch of link in, this folder shows in the favorites bar "under the address bar" as a folder, How do i make all the links in the folder to go out in favorites bar at once? there was a setting before and i cant find it anymore -Where is the recent closed tabs button? we used to have this button on the left side of address bar and now its not there anymore
  5. New Tab Closing Requires Two Clicks

    No problem here , I can close them with a single action with: -Double click -Click on mouse central button -click cross tab
  6. Hi, I cannot close opened New Tab at one attempt. It requires two actions (Double-clicking on the close button, or Two Middle-Click on the tab). You can follow the following steps to reproduce the problem. Thanks. Open a new tab Enter the url of the webpage you want. When it's been loaded the page, open a new tab again. And then try to close the last tab.
  7. Import option in the installation

    After looking at it again, import (unsolicited) occurs if Maxthon detects the. \ AppData \ Roaming \ Maxthon3 \ folder, from versions of the 4.x series If a new portati version is executed, the profile of the 4.x series will be imported without asking for consent (just what you want to avoid many times with the portable version)
  8. Yes, and then nothing worked and the browser jerked around. It bothered me once again, so I first uninstalled this new release again.
  9. I confirm here also in the latest stable version, the link "Maxnote" (which comments @caligula73) produces the error and leaves Maxthon unstable, it must be closed and reopened
  10. Confirmed. And I have the same bug on some machines in Fav on Siderbar. A lot of users for a long time have been screaming about the problem with Favourites, and the developers do not react at all. It's just a mockery.
  11. MX5 PC official Release

    Unless they're saving the updated CEF core for 5.1.6, I wouldn't say it's unusual to update a stable release to get fixes out to users quicker.
  12. MX5 PC official Release

    where does fit with this
  13. country Belarus, language Russian
  14. Persistent 'loading page' circle

    In most cases this is not a browser bug. Page do not loads completely due to AD trackers, statistic counters, etc and stuck at this.
  15. Persistent 'loading page' circle

    Maybe it's not completely load? Did this appear on previous version or it happened after upgrade?
  16. There was a period of time the server went wrong caused "no network connection", and I think it should be solve now.
  17. Thank you @pantantrollo @7twenty! The steps are really clear. Has report to test team, and will give further support to this issue.
  18. Nope. What country are you trying from?
  19. bug always happens if you click here
  20. Hey There

    Hey everyone, been using Maxthon for quite a long time now... I don't even remember when I first installed it. Almost 10 years ago I think and I'm still using it although it has its ups and downs throughout each version. Have a small issue and hoping to be able to find some help in this community after posting my "hello" thread... so Hey guys!
  21. Here we will have a further test, please wait in patient
  22. Hey Maxers, Welcome to have a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Also available on Maxthon's official website Happy browsing and feel free leave your comment!
  23.         V

    This update fixed the following issues: -Fixed the issue of some websites stucked because of adblock filtering rules -Fixed the issue of switch core available in new tab under special cases -Fixed the issue of auto-fill enabled on retro mode under special cases -Fixed the issue of can't copy and paste picture on Maxnote -Fixed the issue of there are no responses after changing and saving the article width in read mode under special cases -Fixed the issue of the favorites became disordered after importing html under special cases -Fixed the issue of some favorite icons displayed abnormal under certain resolutions in Win10 system -Fixed the issue of error display when opening favorites bar with Ctrl+B
  24. Yesterday
  25. Hello

    Hello ! My name is Pikesz from Hungary . I'm using a Maxthon browser. Thanks !
  26. I just updated my copy of Maxthon 5 and am also having this problem. As a workaround, right-click the Maxthon 5 icon in the taskbar and hit "New Window" from the context menu. It will close the login window and open the browser, from there you can continue as normal. Note: The next time you start Maxthon 5 it will do it again. What's weird is that if I open the menu in the top right, I'm still logged into the browser as normal, but this window pops up every time I open the browser.
  27. on there are no such problems
  28. Invalid Certificate

    Reason why you don't see Invalid certificate dialog it's because you're not using Windows XP nor 2003 because on newer versios of Windows no invalid certificates because SSL version is newer. So I meant to add "Do not show this" for us XP users. It's latest beta ( Also this is in last final version
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