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  2. Maxthon 5, I'm using the latest version. The favorites bar does not contain groups for "convert fast". This option, Maxthon 4 te was very useful for us. We were just opening all the links. But we choose a link, and we have to choose a long way like "open all in this folder". Can this be corrected? Or is there no other way? Thank you
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  4. Session management problem

    previous saved session doesn't show those 2 tabs?
  5. Translating complete!
  6. Still happening in
  7. Session management problem

    Me too. But up until now it was more of a hassle to deal with. Now that you can (finally) simply drag out a tab, if you wanted to, it's quite easy to have multiple windows open. If you don't close them in the right order, or have multiple tabs in each, you'll lose all that info on the next start.
  8. Session management problem

    Don't worry about that. In fact I just have a little misunderstanding of 7twenty's question. And we will try to improve this issue that 7twenty just mentioned.
  9. Session management problem

    7twenty This time I completely understand what you mean.. As you said, the 10 tabs should shown in the last visit page(if we remain the 2 tabs window open). it should be, but it didn't. That's really a good and considerable question! I think MX5 should make better user experience from details. I've discussed with our product-team, and they will do some research about this issue, They'll try best to get it done as soon as possible!
  10. How to delete UUmail address?

    Thanks. I just don't need that one anymore. So I was wondering if I could delete it from my screen.
  11. Session management problem

    This does not sound like a bright idea. I am glad I always keep no more than one window open.
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  13. Session management problem

    You're sort of both right. If the 2 tab window is left open, then the 10 tab window should show in the last visit page, as it was the last one closed. But it seems that it's made that only the last process closed causes the tab list to be saved. Whatever the case, despite it being designed that way, it's not a very good implementation. It should keep track of the last tabs of any window closed as PHYR noted.
  14. thanks again, nevermind I figured it out with the " lightning bolt " switch core button you can go to either ultra or retro mode so now I know how
  15. OK thanks for your help, Ive never even knew about or used those options before so now I have more understanding of how to set that up and I'll be able to jump to the newest official release, one last thing is I tested your directions and it worked but how do I switch it back out of retro mode so it doesnt remember if I wanted that option, I unchecked switch core button and refreshed the website and like you said it still remembered it haha
  16. Hi Maxer Android users, MX5 for Android released a brand new beta version today! V Click here to see the release note here, Happy browsing! Any feedback on this version is welcome to comment on this thread!
  17.         V

    ChangeLog - Passkeeper supports message verification function (work on the desktop version of the browser) - Users can switch on or off to receive news alert - Make adjustment for country range in news module
  18. How to delete UUmail address?

    Hi Pablo You mean the shadow mail? There is an on-off switch for each shadow mail. When you choose off, your real mailbox will receive none of the mails received by the shadow mail. But, the shadow mail address can't be delete.
  19. Local Image viewer

    I'll take your word on it.(for both points)
  20. Session management problem

    The problem is if only the 10 tab instance is closed, opening a new window only displays QA instead of those last closed 10 tabs. If each closed instance saved last tabs then the issue would be addressed. Furthermore, if a list of last closed instances was saved it would be ideal.
  21. Session management problem

    Mm..I am not sure whether my understanding is right. 7twenty first closed 10 tabs window and next cloesed 2 tabs window. And restart using the mx://last-visit/ page only the 2 tab window sites are shown. I mean.. his last operation should be [closed 2 tabs window] the tab shown on page should be '2tabs window'
  22. Session management problem

    No it isn't, it is subject to the last remaining operation window. If it was subject to the last operation window 7twenty's example would open those last closed 10 tabs. Edit; Somehow, after rereading my response, it seems like it would be fairly easy to implement, have each closed instance save tabs to last-visit page when closed. At least we'd be able to recoup the last closed instance.
  23. M5 is using a new updated core. No idea how those changes affected your site. Maybe a change in User Agent or something else. All I know is that your page renders properly in retro mode. What you might have against using retro mode, I don't know. You switch to it once and M5 remembers the mode each time you visit after that. Too much trouble? I don't know. Anyway, M5.1.1.300 in retro mode looks like this
  24. Session management problem

    Hi, 7twenty I've just asked our develop team about this issue. That's how they designed it. The tab shown on mx://last-visit/ page is subject to the last operation window.
  25. I switched back already to V and everything is fine again, I dont see how only back in late May 2017 when using V to now 8/15/17 how it could have changed so much where it doesnt even show up anymore lol ... I never had to switch to retro mode before if thats what you meant
  26. by " retro " mode what do you mean ? In my metal lounge is 13 stations total, the main one up top is a different style of media player I coded myself that one shows and works fine, Its the other 12 that are coded in as windows media players linked up to play through VLC because thats the only way to play them for maxthon 5, older versions of maxthon 4 you dont need the VideoLAN media player app, this new official version of maxthon 5 doesnt even show the other 12 but yet 2 official versions of maxthon 5 before this new one came out they show and work perfect, the only reason I put that different one in the main media player up top is because it works for my cell phone too
  27. Ok, apparently it was one of the extensions that I did not notice (When thinking that I've turned them all off).
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