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  2. dziwny komunikat na fejsie

    Dzięki pomogło.
  3. если ставлю хром, то вам сюда не могу ответить и не работает прямая трансляция не помогает установка этого дополнения
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  5. dziwny komunikat na fejsie

    Zaktualizuj swojego agenta użytkownika (Google Translator) Update your user agent
  6. Very soon customizable skins for mx5!

    • Of course the status bar also changes color. • If it refers to using own images as background. if possible!
  7. dziwny komunikat na fejsie

    2 dni temu u gury na belce jak u kolegi ten sam komunikat na fb ale strona działała zmieniłem tryb retro i pracuje ok
  8. Maxthon goes to background immediately

    Seems to be fixed in the .1200+ versions
  9. Maxthon goes to background immediately

    At the moment my computer is packed in a big suitcase and there's nothing I can do with it. Maybe after I settle down in my new location I will be able to check both new versions and make a video
  10. Very soon customizable skins for mx5!

    Is the status bar also painted? With skin number one the status bar flashes but is not painted. Also, is it possible to add our own images as a skin?
  11. Very soon customizable skins for mx5!

    The Skin N ° 2 has undergone several changes and now looks better!
  12. Very soon customizable skins for mx5!

    Wilser, thanks for replying. Right now, I am using a modified UIMain.dat that Tony, our other skins guy, made and posted to achieve the tab bar being below the address bar. I found that with this file mod, if I do turn on the Favorites bar, the tab bar appears between the Favorites bar and the address bar. It seems to work just fine for me right now. However, that is all it accomplishes (as that is all it was intended to accomplish) and it would be nice to be able to add it as an option (this mod is just for this with no option to turn it on or off as Tony intended) to any or all of your skins, especially if you include some other modifications in your skins. Your choice and option to do with your skins as you desire; just putting my 2 cents into the discussion and I am sure that I will more than appreciate whatever you come up with as this is not my strong point. Thanks again.
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  14. UUMail dont forwarding

    today i noticed uumail dont forwarding mails to my real email adress. uumail show me forwarding 3 mails today - but i never got this mail. i also tested sending mails with other account to my uumail - uumail forwarded this mail - but never received this mail in my real account. (spam folder is empty)
  15. FB issue solution on the new beta

    If this can be "fixed" by change of UA, i'm wondering why they don't just push a working UA when accessing this site like they do for others?
  16. Salute

    Hi all. I use Maxthon since many years. Best browser.
  17. something to chew on

    both tabbar and navbar are 28px high familiar it is - i am too old to lean where this button or that button has moved to - the devs seem to want to re-invent the wheel far too often - its round - it works - my skin is the same - might change a few icons but they will not move - if i forget - the mouse/trackpad knows where they are
  18. something to chew on

    What, you can't that it says " What height(s) do you use for navbar and tabbar? " after filtering the tail end intrusion Sorry for confusion. BTW your skin looks very good. Glad you're keeping Old Familiar in play. <<SL>>
  19. Very soon customizable skins for mx5!

    I personally would like #1 with the Tab Bar under the Address Bar, if that is at all possible. If not, #1 as is would be fine.
  20. Very soon customizable skins for mx5!

    Thank you all again for the welcome. @rick.lane @SnowLeopard Thanks for commenting and letting me know your wishes, but to make them come true, I would like to know the number of the skin they want with the eyelash bar at the bottom. @Magdalene Will be back, please be patient
  21. something to chew on

    get your other glasses on - i cannot understand that
  22. something to chew on

    What height(s) do you use for navbar and tabbar? I can'tell from the shots, but they look slimmer than the default space hogs. Thanks Tony. <<SL>>
  23. Very soon customizable skins for mx5!

    Can you bring back the Macaw skin?
  24. Very soon customizable skins for mx5!

    I'm with you Rick, I like the Mx4 Tas Over and Tabs Under buttons. I hope they're returned once they finish the work in UIHuge>main_solid. I've looked at it some and it doesn't seem complete yet. <<SL>>
  25. LinkedIn freezing

    Idk if I've updated since, or those wankers from linkedin have finally done something useful, but the page seems to be working without crashes now. But let's see what's what. Keep up the good work, Max-team! (on atm)
  26. FB issue solution on the new beta

    Use appropriate Minimalist UA from here
  27. Use the appropriate Minimalist UA from here
  28. Twitch on MX5?

    This UA works fine for Windows 10 for both Twitch and Facebook. Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; IA64; en) AppleWebKit/599.0+ Chrome/57.0.2987.110 Maxthon/5.0 QupZilla/2.1.2
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