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  2. We remain the same, nothing on the horizon. I do not know why you want people to give you feedback with the problems they are encountering, if you do not want (or do not know how) to solve them later. From pissed I have gone to disappointed (or vice versa, I do not know) with your "company"
  3. Ultra wide video extension for youtube BADLY needed

    Hi guys! The script for does not work anymore. can you help me?
  4. Thank you for your response. I'm trying to submit a bug report about my latest crash at I fill everything out, including properly entering the verification code. Then when I click on "Submit bug", a red line comes up under the text box saying " Please fill in your bug report (Less than 1000 words)" However, I have already indeed filled in my bug report. The page will not "Submit bug" for me. I have filled in email address, selected the correct make of Maxthon browser, filled in a bug report of under 500 words, included a screenshot, indicated the problem happens " Once in a while ", and entered the right verification code. This happens on both Maxthon and SeaMonkey browsers. Tried to put this in an edit, but it wouldn't let me. I also did fill in my exact Maxthon version and chose "User data lost" and "Other lost" in the tabs at the top of the text box.
  5. hello, i have a question, need help?

    Whats your question?
  6. So I read you majorgeeks post and understand what you're trying to do... and why the extension isn't working for you. But I think it's a little presumptuous of you to assume the creator of the extension "doesn't know what they're doing". As described above, the issue isn't with the extension or the file formats that it uses, or the intuitiveness (or lack thereof). It's simply that you are unaware of what it's capabilities and limitations are, and are trying to do something that it was not designed to do. SO: you have 2 options to fix the issue that you have: 1/ drag/drop (copy/paste what ever you want) the URL's from the saved HTML into maxthon. While the tabs are open save them to favourites (right-click a tab > add all pages to favourites). They won't be part of your last session page, but they will be saved. 2/ PM me your html file and i'll create a valid.txt file that will work with the extension so it can be imported via the import session option and you'll get the list back in to last session.
  7. Yo, MX users, Xterra here. Longtime Maxthon user, since the days of MX1 and 2. I was drawn in by the inbuilt adblocker, and I stayed because of the speed and reliability.
  8. There is nothing to address as the extension and files are working as designed. The txt file is there for the extension to use and isn't designed to be altered by the user (it can be if you know what you're doing, but shouldn't if you don't). There's no need to if you're using the extension properly. The only txt file it reads is ones saved by the extension using the "save as" button. There's no need to because it already works properly if it's used as designed. Save the current last session using "save last session", use that session from within the extension using "view session", or from the MX last session using "use session". Use "save as" to keep a copy of the last session for whatever reason. If you need to restore it, import using that file with the import session option. it seems you want or expect the extension to do something that it's not designed to do. Use it as it's designed and you'll have no problem. Just to reiterate: you can't import anything that wasn't saved with the "save as" option within the extension Something the dev's need to look into. I'm not even sure how/when that is updated. I've still get an old earlier session from ages ago.
  9. Thank you very much for the effort you put into compiling or obtaining this information. It is very good for the community to have this. I intend to print it out. There is a problem with the extension itself. On the mx://last-visit/ page we happily get links with good English language captions. Saving to a text file does not preserve the links. I did some asking around about this. See If you open Notepad you will find it's impossible to put a link in a .txt file. You can do it in .rtf, but not in .txt. This is something the extension developers need to address. You can't restore the mx://last-visit/ page from a text file. It would be good if it was allowing restoration from an .html file, but it apparently doesn't. That is good, but it's not the same as restoring the mx://last-visit/ page itself. For example, you can't type directly into Maxthon to remove pages you have dealt with to your satisfaction the way you can with the mx://last-visit/ page. Also, as I said, it would be good to have some control over the "Earlier Session" function.
  10. Saving bookmarks bug!!

    @BugSir Yes I still happens on, which I have been using for weeks. This bug still happens constantly ... I kinda gave up
  11. Last week
  12. Hello maxthon team, I have a question, is it possible to create a notification when you send an email from "webtransfers" (website) or other website, and that I may receive a notification in my real email, "your email was read successfully"? It would be cool , right?
  13. Download mp4 video BUTTON on youtube

    It worked, a new experience! Thanks bro
  14. Adblocker?

    noads works for me - theres a thread somewhere where a MX dev or one of the bugs posed a modified json file - theres a bug in the original file that had not mattered until some update to Maxton had come in
  15. Download mp4 video BUTTON on youtube

    Why don't you try another scrypt, for example like this - There is a lot of another scrypts you can try, I believe most of them works. That's sad.
  16. Font size

    Hi, like this it looks in maxthon (it's this in chrome: ) as you can see some are very hard to read...isnt there any way to fix this? Some letters are just showed ''half''
  17. Font size

    Although I have poor eyesight due to AMD, thesceney look much the same in readability. But it would have been better to compare the same sceane with the same background. Even with the reduced contrast in the Maxthon shot the letters and numbers are readable, though maybe a bit closer spaced. <<SL>>
  18. Download mp4 video BUTTON on youtube

    YouTube Center is discontiued and no longer works with YT's new interface. <<SL>>
  19. Adblocker?

    Can you write to me in DM? I did not use forum for many mounth and don't remember how it works. I can write what you have to do to broke browser by NoAds. If bug is fixed, MX will work fine.
  20. Adblocker?

    noads works for me - theres a thread somewhere where a MX dev or one of the bugs posed a modified json file - theres a bug in the original file that had not mattered until some update to Maxton had come in
  21. Adblocker?

    You always could do this, but it doesn't exist.Only old version of NoAds with critical bug. ABP for MX was ported by ABP team, not MX. This is official extension, just build-in browser. If you want to see uBlock, AdGurad, Adblock or something else, you should write to add-on developers. But uBlock is only one man. I don't think he will do this for one more browser... It's probably because of any build-in ad filter. Do you remember AdSkipper? The same story. Let's try to contact with NoAds developer. We need to know why it does not work. Maybe old bug is already fixed for MX5 or maybe MX Team can do something with this. But it does not matter untill we don't have connection with a guy who ported NoAds to MX. He's probably Russian. Нужно попробовать связаться с парнем, который портировал NoAds, и узнать, почему именно его расширение не работает. Возможно, баг уже исправили, когда обновляли браузер до MX5. Ну или, быть может, Maxthon смогут это исправить. В любом случае нам нужно с ним связаться. Он вроде бы русский, но у меня его найти не получилось...
  22. MX5 PC Beta Release

    Update Site Icons don't work. Have run it twice and still don't work.
  23. MX5 PC Beta Release

    Old style tooltips is used in Favourites Menu instead of new ones.
  24. Youtube Videos no longer play

    hasn't been a widespread issue. Problem is on your end. What's the error/problem? update to the latest version,
  25. Download mp4 video BUTTON on youtube Here you are
  26. I have at the default settings at 100% the exact same distortion of the window when installing.
  27. mx if i choose in settings http/https/socks4/socks5 proxy with any addresses-port and any site (or without site) synchronization doesnt work if choose pac or IE proxy synchronization work
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