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  2. GDPR

    It is not enough to say "maxthon will never collect information that can identify the identity". Maxthon as a company and provider of services in the EU, must comply with what the GDPR says. For now, it has not been sent, at least I have not received, an email with the measures and agreements by the provider (maxthon), how they will treat the data they have, and who is responsible (collector) of said data, so that it is known who is responsible for the custody of such data. Neither has been informed of the tools available to us as users of these services in order to cancel, modify etc our data in their possession. Services such as forums or, there is no possibility to delete the account and in this last service, there is also no possibility to delete the backup of the data you synchronize. As for the privacy of the url I visit, if I want to deactivate this feature in the browser settings, it no longer shows me the digital certificates of the SSL connection (https; //) of the web page, with what I see forced to have to activate its check box of " Enable secure URL scan" (without knowing what they do with this information) In summary, (and without being any expert in this matter, by the way) there are quite a few gaps in terms of compliance with the EU's GDPR.
  3. Should we Pay for browser?

    No one is asked to pay money to support. Answering questions, helping people is also a great way to support. I am sorry we cannot solve all problems. It’s a small team compared to Chrome, firefox or even opera. What I can assure is everyone in the team is working hard to improve Maxthon everyday. I admit I am quit happy to see people appreciate what we did for past 15 years.
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  5. Should we Pay for browser?

    If we didn't have so many unsolved problems with Maxthon, you might get more support, but definitely not with the problems we are having that just go ignored. I have been complaining about site icons not being updated for a long time and they have done nothing about it, so why would I pay money to support it.
  6. Should we Pay for browser?

    how good is that - first we get various levels of VIP membership which are as useful as a hole in the head and now they are going to think about a badge get real - sort out what users want - skins - better adblocking to name 2 - but hey they dont matter lets have a badge you could not make it up!
  7. Should we Pay for browser?

    My Live Philosophie is MX too. Same Opinion.
  8. hello everyone

  9. Should we Pay for browser?

    Thank you for willing to offer support, it's a good idea to show people's warm heart using some badge or something. we will think about it.
  10. GDPR

    there is a privacy sections in settings. plus, maxthon will never collect information that can identify the persion. The UEIP information is anonymous and can opt-out.
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  12. my profile

    In the normal situation, the sync will take effect immediately, unless it has the network delay.
  13. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    Wake Up, Neo Leo! Text you typed is unreadable
  14. my profile

    Could you provide your browser account and password?
  15. my profile

    I keep deleting them, spent some hours on maxthon, close mawthon at night and they are back the next day, next restart. it's been like this for months now ! do you really think I didn't wait long enough for maxthon to sync ? it looks like my online profile is "read only" or corrupted somehow. what do you want me to do with guest account ?
  16. I'm disappointed

    nothing new here - in fact nothing to be seen - i thought you were going to post something new but then why would you?
  17. my profile

    I've often wondered when does syncung in Mx5 happen? 10 Immediately afterachage ismade? 2) Or when the browser closes? 3) Or both? WillMx5 "up-sync" after a change is made and one opens Maxnote and clicks the Sync button? <<SL>>
  18. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    Yhereis already an option which I have enabled but have forgotten, that keeps the browser open when I close the last tab. It just presents "Newtab", which is QA in my case. I can still mistakenly close the last tab I'm using, but it's easily recovered with "Reopen recently closed sites"button. No more effort to correct a mistake than to agree/disagree with a confirmation notice. <<SL>>
  19. my profile

    Cannot reproduce this issue... Please try to delete the extensions then wait for syncing for a moment, then restart the browser. How about your guest mode?
  20. I'm disappointed

    Thak you! <<SL>>
  21. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    So many messages instead of just one: "Please add option "Do not close browser if active tab(s) present" ". BTW this option can replace current option for multiple tabs.
  22. I'm disappointed

    This package contains : mx5skin_edge: Edge skin resource files. mx5skin_tabdown: Skin resource files of moving tab down. MxFilePackage: The tool of packing skin file. build.dat: Batch tool. mx5.mxskin: Output file after running build.bat doc\ Maxthon5_Skin.rar
  23. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    But he can still "accidentally" close the browser without being asked if he wants to or not.
  24. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    Hallelujah , You got it !! QIK5L - PLEASE BROT ADD THAT OPTION ! Its because, I am a video editor, and sometimes accidentally close the browser !
  25. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    What he is saying is if you have the option to ask to close if multiple tabs are open, the browser will ask if there are multiple tabs open. He wants it to ask even if he only has the one tab open.
  26. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    Ok, I didn't know which X you mean. And you're right, Maxthon warns you only when more than one card is open.
  27. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    Galileuz !! I did a video, dont understand me ! Look the video !
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