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  2. Forced Auto-update?

    My Chrome installation only updates if I visit Help>About Chrome. Do that and the download begins if an update is available - and these are "Official Release" versions. <<SL>>
  3. is NOT the new core. That is introduced in the 5.2.x series. It's a case of mistaken expectations. Sorry ... <<SL>>
  4. You need to kill the task in the windows scheduler.
  5. Today
  6. Ebay and BBC football are two sites I often visit and both of them have stopped being displayed properly in Maxthon 5, but not in other browsers. All this has stared happening since around version 5.1.1.XXXX which reminds me of the phrase "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".
  7. Windows 10 64bit, fully updated. Maxthon freezes at first run. It does display some parts of GUI but I need to force close all instances of the program and then run it again which then loads completly. In older 5.2.x betas I also notices that sometimes the GUI does not load completly (mute, full screen, split creen icons are missin and/or favorites bar is not loaded) and now it just freezes. It's getting worse!
  8. Forced Auto-update?

    Actually, auto update has been requested for years by many users and now that they finally incorporated it, all of those that didn't request it are speaking up. I think casual users want it and the hard core would like to have more control over their updates and upgrades. From the beginning it has always been suggested to make all items such as this to be optional, and not set in stone; some they have listened and others they have done as they think will be what everyone will want. In this case, make it possible for users to forgo the restart and continue to use their current version. Just a simple "No Thanks" button would suffice.
  9. any MX supporter can support this? my MX alreay automatic update and it's still not correct function. it's same issue
  10. PDF open on MX

    IN my MX is not workable. it's still open pdf on MX not download or open it on MX with adobe pdf reader or something.... Yes, in Mx2 or MX3 is better function for user to open pdf....
  11. Responsible for updating maxthon to newer versions You have two mxup.exe (version installable, portable no) %appdata% \ Maxthon5 \ Public \ MxUp \ MxUp.exe [folder_installation] \ Bin \ MxUp.exe
  12. PDF open on MX

    With the same parameters (I've always had them that way), tested on portable and installable versions, and it does not work for me as accounts. The pdf always opens in the maxthon browser By discarding if it is a matter of the reader pdf, tested in chromiun, for example, and the pdf is downloaded and opened by the local reader (pdf-xchange)
  13. Forced Auto-update?

    That's why I was asking. Odd that they'd "update" you to an older release if your version was one of the new core beta versions. Looks like they still have some testing to do on how to detect what/how to update what
  14. rename/delete the mxup.exe file?
  15. This problem has existed for a long time as a recognized bug. After months and months an months of waiting, it was solved by the first version based on chromium 61 core ( Now, it is back in the latest versions, for example It's a very important big bug and it's incredible that you can not solve it permanently !!! Please provide !
  16. Hello, after closing Maxthon Browser, a process MxUp.exe stays active in memory. 1. What does it do, besides checking my desktop icons? 2. How can I prevent this? Many thanks in advance Eva
  17. PDF open on MX

    1 This option is for 'download manager'. If you tick this option, it will arouse the local application to open the download file(for example, pdf) when you finish downloading. It will open with local application not maxthon. 2.This one is for local file which not related with download manager. If you untick PDF, it will open by local file not maxthon. I tested follow rob's step, unchecking the pdf option in settings. My local file will open with 'PDF SOFTEWARE', if I tick this option(pdf), it will open by maxthon. It's normal here.
  18. Right now it works just fine, but before this I was forced to use IE core to browse sites properly. After a hour all pages have their backgrounds.
  19. Punctually it has happened to me in some web, independently of the used version, but nothing that has not solved to reread the page. Steam, vk, (web that you could have put the link, and so do i not have to find the pages you put), work here without problems, on (even so, there is a version
  20. First, after installing the official version MX, Violentmonkey disappeared from the Iridium script, but the Youtube + script appeared, which I had already deleted before. Okay, it's not hard for me, I installed Iridium again. Secondly, again the script works "crookedly": after switching to the Youtube site, the script Iridium does not work, but if you open any video in the next tab, everything works as expected.
  21. Forced Auto-update?

    However, I will remind you that Opera browsers and Google Chrome automatically update and do not ask the user about his desire. It's true that this does not apply to beta versions ....
  22. Forced Auto-update?

    so you were "downdated" to the latest official version ? odd... most people using the beta were "updated" to the next beta which is !
  23. When I tried use browser this morning it open sites like this. I tried clearing cache and cookies, didnt help.
  24. I have been a Maxthon 4 browser user for over 6 years . Many different versions . I am now trying to upgrade to MX5 cloud browser . I have a lot of favorites and skynotes that I brought up on my PC . Hundreds of them . Barely able to transfer to MX5 . Why would you make MX5 more difficult and less user friendly ? ( don't answer that ) . I have 1 username 1 gmail 1 password . 1 version of MX5 Is it possible to find my PC cloud with my laptop ? Because so far I have not found a way .
  25. Forced Auto-update?

    It was v. when I posted. Now it was "updated" to But regardless - it doesn't matter. I disable auto-update on all of my software. Auto-update should be an option, not forced.
  26. Yesterday
  27. PDF open on MX

    I would desire for all of my pdf's to open in Foxit, my default pdf reader. But they open first in Maxthon lately as it appears that is now a default function for Maxthon. However, I go to the top right of the Maxthon pdf window and click on download arrow. This usually triggers a download window in which I click on "open" (but I could also save it to my PC if I wanted to), which triggers another Maxthon pdf window to open. But clicking the download arrow again (in the top right of the Maxthon window), I successfully get the pdf to open in a new Foxit window. (I have a multiple monitor setup and Foxit opens on a separate monitor for me, so the browser is still open and visible) Definitely extra steps, but once I got used to it, it's just a minor annoyance to me. What I would desire is that the first attempt to open a pdf would go straight to one's default pc pdf reader and not open in Maxthon at all. I seem to remember that in earlier Maxthon versions (like in MX2 or MX3), Foxit (or Adobe Reader)would open right in the browser in it's own tab. That to me would be the ideal, which from there one could save it or copy it.
  28. The Maxthon_portable V5.1.7.2000.7z is corrupted  , can you reload ?

    1. BugSir006


      You mean in News Section? I can download it, the package is normal.

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