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  2. With new design you can open video in the middle of screen. With no black lines. I hoped this is just a script, but this extension is too difficult for me.
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  4. Yeah, I'm currently using it. Isn't it just their redesigned layout though? I mean, it doesn't affect the way videos are rendered and shown, afaik. Or am I missing something?
  5. Custom Multi Search Settings & Maxnote & QA

    can you add a "drag and drop" function for QA? .......... we are waiting for custom pics by QA links.
  6. I got you this time the middle click on mouse. Now I am same situation with you when open the new tab.. I am sending this to our develop-team to check. Please wait in patient
  7. But what about
  8. Works fine here as well. Flash / UA: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/57.0.2987.133 Safari/537.36 OPR/ Do you have any errors in the dev tools, console (F12 > console)?
  9. works fine here too ( I updated flash 2 days ago, don't think it changes anything in this case)
  10. I’m just wondering why Pepper Flash is still at version in Mx5 ( when it is now in virtually every other browser. Is this a security concern?
  11. Your usaul fix is updating UA isn't it? Although I had no problem viewing it with no UA selected.
  12. Ok, so the problem is, while youtube technically supports ultra wide monitors (like 21:9 ratio) and it works perfectly fine when an uploaded video is actually 21:9, there are a LOT of dumb f*ks (including people working for major movie studios and record companies, apparently) who keep uploading ultra wide videos with black bars hard-coded into them (effectively turning them back into 16:9 aspect ratio). Meaning the actual video frame looks like this: instead of looking the way it's supposed to look: So when you go fullscreen on an ultrawide monitor showing a video coded like example 1, the monitor treats it the way an ultrawide monitor treats any other 16:9 video - it adds black bars on the sides. And while it's totally fine for actual 16:9 videos (720p, 1080p etc.) when you do it to a stupidly coded example 1 - you get this: Anyways, there's a simple fix for that in Chrome: Can anyone please, PLEASE make a similar extension for Maxthon. I'll be forever grateful. Hell, I'll buy you a coffee (or 10)
  13. Have no problem with EWTN
  14. I've run into a killer video problem with the Live Streaming video feed on It is a killer because this station is my most important site and I regularly watch some of its videos. However with version release I have been presented with the error message below. To get there: 1) Go to 2) Click the "Watch/Listen" button on the left side. 3) Scroll down till you see the large "LIVE" button. Click it. 4) Click the "UNITED STATES" (or "CANADA") button. 5) After a brief attempt to load the video stream, the following message appears. I have used a clean install of Maxthon Portable and still get the problem. EWTN uses the Brightcove streaming service and the videos are Flash. I hope you can figure out what is wrong. [EDIT] More info: I get the same result in Guest mode. <<SL>>
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  16. To me it occurs no matter which one I choose.
  17. BugSir006 It happens every time in new tab. There you go. My mouse hasnt been captured, lel. Anyway, first, I click on google with left click. The rest clicks are middle clicks (scroll click or whatever it is called)
  18. Hello zork Thanks for your report! I can rep-produce this issue here. This issue confirmed as a bug.
  19. Can't re-produce here. Perhaps it is caused by lagging occurred on website. Is it appear every time or randomly? It would be helpful if you can take a video of this issue.
  20. Can't confirm. Middle click on any dial opens only one new tab. Clean install of M5.1.2.1000.
  21. Last week
  22. About #1 , confirmed. It opens the same tab twice, if middle clicking a speed dial item.
  23. 1. In new tab after scroll clicking on quick page the new page is being opened 2 times. 2. Maxthon identifies itself as v5.1.1.1000 in apps like "file hippo" or "software informer"
  24. But I can not manage the search engines. Once again
  25. Hi, new user here

    and iam too
  26. Hi, new user here

    Hi I found out about maxthon while looking for an alternative browser. I came from Firefox users :-)
  27. You can see everything on video. Video_2017-09-20_005025.wmv
  28. Not for me it doesn't, whatever search engine I select from the address bar remains until changed even after reboot.
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