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  2. I can't import bookmarks?

    C'mon my bookmarks without titles still don't work in
  3. Yahoo Mail Issue

    @BugSir006 Is Maxthon banned by Yahoo or is it difficult to make Maxthon compatible with Yahoo mail? (
  4. Sorry for the delayed reply... I think we must be using different versions? I can't find PC Mode anywhere...
  5. Partial screenshot saved in .BMP picture cannot open with Photoshop. Attached image for example. SAVE TOTAL PAGE AS... IMAGE it's OK, partial screenshot NO.
  6. I just noticed the same. Keeps on going back to the login page no matter where you try and login from.
  7. Maxthon( v and ) not working with Crowdin in ultra-mode!
  8. X5 PC Beta release

    Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Also available on Maxthon's official website Happy browser and leave your comment! Maxthon Team
  9. Hi, I'm New [Required Introduction]

    I am a newbie to the forum but have used Maxthon as my main browser for a while. Quite pleased with it. I am a retired librarian and have been using computers for searching for information for more years than I care to think about.
  10. Passkeeper position after editing an entry.

    Yes, I' also think so. Changes get uploaded to the cloud exactly after editing. But it's not clear for me why refresh is needed ufter upload. On the other hand position may be saved before refresh.
  11. Newcomers, look here!

    Hi My name is Aaron Hansford and Im a newcomer here
  12.         V

    Functions optimized: Local picture viewer optimized Maxnote UI optimized File format association function optimized Browser stability enhanced Bug fixed: Search engine switching problem related to alias usage Customized filter failure in ABP Extension displaying issue on split mode Snap saved BMP picture cannot open with Photoshop Right white banner after folding sidebar Three screens showed after turning on split mode Abnormal display after maximizing browser Developer tool closing issue after changing address URL Extension Inbuilt menu option error on sidebar Freeze after exiting from split mode Video play button displaying issue after resuming Focus lost from address bar after pressing ESC Can access Passkeeper offline by using old password after setting a new password Body text lost after exceeding Maxnote limit Cannot remember the maximizing status in some situations User avatar distortion after entering Maxnote in full-screen Address bar on top in Quick Access page, snap picture by Ctrl+F1, address bar been filled by site User data not synced automatically by login Maxthon5 using old account created on Maxthon4 Sidebar & status-bar be sheltered after starting up in some circumstances
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  14. resource sniffer bug.

    update: rapid video host was fixed for a while, but now the random string name is back for only this client/host
  15. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    Ok, I tried to rename my %appdata%/maxthon5 folder and then start the portable version No favorites imported, but the problem remains: icons in maxnote show up only in popup mode I give up for now: I'll keep checking this on next versions Thanks for helping, 7twenty
  16. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    rename the %appdata%\maxthon5 folder to something else eg. mx5 Portable shouldn't find any existing profiles and will start completely clean. Well that is odd? The userdata shouldn't affect that, as the data for the skin files isn't anything that's sync'd. There's definitely something odd going on with your install.
  17. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    No, because the portable version has the same behavior Is it possible to launch the portable version without automatically importing existing favorites?
  18. Switching to the IE kernel solves the problem
  19. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    You're right! There's a button there! Now I see three panes I'm not using a custom skin. If I open maxnote in popup version, the icons are present Portable version works the same. Feel free to ask if I can do more troubleshooting Thanks
  20. Since I'm using a different computer I'm not certain what I used before, but I posted on October 19, 2016 that I was using v4.4.6.1. That's my best guess.
  21. Last week
  22. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    Are you using a skin of some sort? The only reason the icons won't show is if there's a problem and they can't be found. And i'm thinking that it could be related to that. It's definitely not doing what it's supposed to. Test using a portable version. If that shows correctly, then copy the page.dat file from the portable version into your original install. Or copy over your userdata into the portable version. And just out of curiosity, click as shown below. It should return it to the standard 3 pane view.
  23. To what version? Can you link to some videos that don't work for you so others can check.
  24. Hello from a 7-year fan

    For sure! How about you?
  25. Select a different folder from the chevron next to From Mx4
  26. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    Cannot confirm If I use the main maxnote window, its even worse: same layout, but without the icons (I clicked on the 'man with the hat' icon, instead of hitting ctrl+g)
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