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  2. New version of maxthon ??

    i agree with that in many ways - and my new browser of choice leaves a few things that i miss BUT - the core is up to data and is updated as soon as a new one is issued not months later - that must be better for security some addons - especially adblockers are better and fully up to date and there is choice i have worked out the UI on Vivaldi so changes are possible to what i want so have changed but will continue to look here for 6 and see what that brings to the table
  3. New version of maxthon ??

    despite all I read, maxthon is still working fine for me, it fits all my needs, there's no reason to change at this point. let's see what mx 6 will bring !
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  5. Click the small arrow next to the Translator button on the extensions bar, Click "settings".
  6. I'm having no luck finding the option to disable the popup button for translate after I select a line of non-English text on a website. Can anyone tell me where I can disable that, if it is possible? Thanks.
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  8. Hi CRB, Download link: Install Version: Portable Version:
  9. step 1 - save the keys if you want. step 2 - Delete the keys step 3 - run maxthon. if it breaks, restore them. step 4 - profit. But i'm 100% certain they're not related.
  10. Hi BugSir006, (Writing this via Microsoft Edge.) Thanks for your patience. Maxthon has just frozen whilst loading a web page. I have searched the path that you gave "C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\MaxthonCrashData\" but there is no "crash.dmp" file. In that location there is a directory named "1565514034" which is empty, and a file named "CRASH_INFO" which is timestamped 12/09/2019 11:59 and is 2kb in size. It appears that a crash dump is not being created. I have only AdBlock and RoboForm installed, I shall remove the RoboForm and try again. How do I get the beta v5.3.8.1500 file? Regards, CRB
  11. Save as Image

    Thank you all, I will try on my portable device All the best
  12. Facebook Fron China?

    Hi IceHouse, I recommend you to switch the language in the bottom.
  13. Hi Maxthon Team, It's my first time that display me this facebook on another language, when I use VPN, not happening me before.
  14. Save as Image

    I reiterate the above
  15. Save as Image

  16. Save as Image

    context menu, save as image
  17. Save as Image

    why do you have to uninstall - just install the latest version as a portable install to test the feature you want - it will then run independently of the installed version
  18. Save as Image

    Thanks, in the past I was corresponding with Maxthon's expert and this feature wasn't kept, it was missing. Could you please check, if you have the latest version, if this function 'Save web page as image' exists I don't want again to uninstall my existing version and to find that this feature is not available in the latest one and please let me know the latest version. Thank you for your support shlomo
  19. Save as Image

    I think all versions have maintained that characteristic. At least, the latest stable version and beta, include it
  20. Save as Image

    Hello, I have version I will appreciate to know if there is a later version that keeps the option to save web pages as Image. Save as Image or File Thanks Shlomo
  21. Hi Toros, Currently, Maxthon 5 cannot delete the separate page cookies. You can only open the browser menu (Alt+F)>Clear data to clear all cookies. I recommend you to open the private mode to browse the page which you want to delete cookies.
  22. Hi CRB, The file is empty, too. It doesn't have the file "crash.dmp". Have you installed any extensions? I recommend you to disable the extensions and install the latest beta v5.3.8.1500.
  23. Hello dear friends; I am using Maxthon 5 latest release. Maxthon just want to delete cookies from a site. Other site cookies will remain. In the old version, it was erased by pressing somewhere on the right side of the address bar. I couldn't find it at Maxthon 5. Is there a cross to the left of the addresses on the history page? Thanks to friends who will help
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  25. Hi, I'll try again. Regards, CRB
  26. New version of maxthon ??

    And with Syncing the theater starts, just like Opera: Everything twice and three times
  27. New version of maxthon ??

    Vivaldi now has an Android version.
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