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  2. See in those screenshots: The installer also had similar issues. Words are in opposite order (example to demostrate : "World Hello" instead of "Hello World") in so many places. Oh, and about MX version, it's the official one from the main website: mx5.0.4.3000
  3. Translating complete!
  4. Beta M5.1.0.1700

    maybe related to something new in dev tools
  5. Oh i know. Maxthon is still missing lots, but for some reason i still use it... go figure The post was about just using another browser for magnet links till it gets fixed.
  6. magnet links not working in mx5.1

    There are no broswers without bugs. You can only choose which bugs or missing features you want
  7. Oooooooo! I have solved the mystery. MAN, I feel foolish now. I was done in by the ole --- Hidden Folders bit. I HAD thought since the get go about the possibility of there being hidden folders. But, at that time I was convinced that the option / setting for that had to be available there within the folders via a Right Click. When I didn't see that option via a Right Click, I sort of got away from that possibility. Then I got an idea. I decided to use the powerful, thorough Search utility of Glary Utilities to find what ALL instances of "Maxthon" there were in my C:Drive. Lo & behold --- Whoa! Heyyy! I immediately saw some paths that I had definitely not seen with the naked eye. That immediately confirmed without a doubt that there WERE hidden folders. I quickly Googled how to show hidden folders and saw how the option for changing the Hidden Folders attribute was in the Control Panel and not over inside the folders themselves. So, BAMM! I immediately saw the formerly invisible Application Data folder and was home free after that. Problem solved. Oh and yes, I did have a Windows Vista desktop computer like 4 computers ago, 7Twenty. So that certain path that you mentioned is only for Vista and higher ... now makes sense as to why I had it in my info doc regarding possible paths for the Favorites folder location. Thanks for the insight, guys!
  8. 4.9.4 had guest as well. It just wasn't as evident. If you don't sign in then you're using guest. As to your other question, there are only two places MX saves data depending on the version used: Installer - %appdata%\Maxthon5\users (or %appdata%\Maxthon3\users for MX3/4) Portable - Maxthon install folder \userdata\users Then in that folder their will be: guest [user_account] if you use a passport account. The MCE of Wxp isn't anything different to the normal version. According to Wikipedia it was just the first version to include Windows Media Centre. Nothing else about the OS changed. So your issue is more that you may have multiple MX installs and/or accounts on this PC which you can't seem to determine is the correct one. I'd move all the userdata folders you know of to a safe place. Start MX again and check all the paths above again to see where the new Userdata folder is created. Then you can either copy back that data, or other data to that newly found folder. Or even better just don't use install versions. Extract portable and use that. You'll always know where your data is I'm pretty sure this is only for Windows Vista and higher. Previous versions didn't have a c:\Users folder.
  9. How do I downgrade MX5?

    Check menu > about. If the version shows it's different then the downgrade worked. If you're having an issue with the downloader, then it's possible it's something that was updated on the backend which has been implemented in older releases as well.
  10. Beta M5.1.0.1700

    Yeah, seems a bit odd to mention it but not explain what exactly it is.Especially when it's not evident in the description.
  11. I confirm it. But the problem is deeper because Maxthon closes even when typing the url and leaves open the maxthon.exe process.
  12. I could be wrong, but ... with that "Guest Account Sign-In," aren't you talking in terms of Maxthon 5? I'm using Maxthon Ohhh, or maybe you're referring to that Alternative path that I mentioned there in the Windows XP Installer version category. Actually, that one I probably have NOT used. If my memory serves me correctly ... it MIGHT have been the member 7Twenty here on these forums that suggested that as a possibility when I inquired about this in the past. The first 2 paths though, I HAVE used those on different computers.
  13. Yesterday
  14. This site causes crash on maxthon everytime

    No, don't use "Last Session".
  15. Or just use a browser without the bug.
  16. magnet links not working in mx5.1

    you can right click on the supposed link, inspect element and double click on magnet link on the right and then copy paste in favorite torrent downloader. This is just a workaround until this is fixed.
  17. This site causes crash on maxthon everytime

    same here, it crashes maxthon (latest beta)
  18. Uhm, OK, I believe you, I leave it to someone else to try Edit : Just out of curiosity, do you sign in using "Last Session"?
  19. The guest account folder is created in the ~users folder once you've signed into the browser using guest account sign-in.
  20. Skynote?

    Click your avatar at the top left of your browser. It's now Maxnote, please give it a try.
  21. This site causes crash on maxthon everytime

    I did not have that problem, I was able to recover right away.
  22. I'm using Maxthon Cloud I have previously never had any trouble finding my Favorites folder in Windows XP in various computers on which I have installed Maxthon Cloud ... not even in the portable version. Up to now, these have been the typical locations: Windows XP Installer version: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Maxthon3\Users\guest\Favorite C:\Documents and Settings\xp client\Application Data\Maxthon3\Users\guest\Favorite Alternative: C:\Users\[USER_ACCOUNT]\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3\UserData\Users\guest\Favorite Windows XP Portable install: F:\PortableApps\MaxthonPortable\Data\Users\guest\Favorite Alternative: [installed folder]\UserData\Users\guest\Favorite A couple of days ago I was given an HP Pavilion a1620n desktop with Windows XP Media Center Edition. I had never heard of this "Media Center Edition" before. Well, in this unfamilar Media Center Edition I am having trouble finding the location to install my Favorite folder with my bookmarks. I just can't find anything resembling the typical locations that I've seen before. In my Documents and Settings folder I have --- All Users ... Administrator ... HP_Administrator ... HP_Administrator.(My Computer Name) Neither of those 4 folders remotely have anything like an Application Data folder or anything with a path that will remotely lead to where the typical Favorite folder normally resides. The closest I could find was going into Program Files\Maxthon\_AppData\Maxthon3\Public\Favorite I thought that would have definitely been the ticket, but no. When I replace that Favorite folder with mine, there is no change. The Maxthon Cloud default bookmarks still display. Anyone have any insight into how I can find the real Favorite folder's location in this weird Media Center Edition of Windows XP? It's like before, once I found "Maxthon3" and / or "\Users\guest\" I was home free. But, not this time. Help.
  23. mx not fixed Confirmed. Same here.
  24. Can we get Skynote back? It is very useful in Version 4.9xxxxx but not seen in extension options for MX5. Thanks
  25. With version M5.1.0.1700 we received a Maxthon Now mini switch in settings, could someone please tell me what it is and how to find it.
  26. Not only did it cause a crash, I am no longer able to recover M5, it crashes immediately when I try to run it. I had to reinstall completely.
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