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  1. Hello. Wish - in the address bar https:// change the color to green http:// change color to yellow and red accordingly
  2. You can add a space between the name of the bookmark and the specified number (shown in brackets as numbers) in the Favorites sidebar. Shown in red in the picture. P.S. I think that would be right.
  3. Installed new Maxthon (no extensions) doesn't show favorites sidebar content. Same. In Maxthon everything is fine.
  4. It costs Maxthon everything is fine. Installed new Maxthon (no extensions) doesn't show favorites sidebar content. Watch the video. P.S. also in Maxthon the content of the favorites sidebar is not displayed. 1919818418_Rec0001.mp4
  5. On a laptop Acer Aspire 8942G-434G50Mi (FHD) i5 430M (2.26)/4096/500/ATi HD5850 Maxthon ( does not display Favorites sidebar content. Although in Maxthon everything is fine. On the second MSI laptop, all versions work fine. How to fix?
  6. In Maxthon broke the width of the Favorites sidebar In Maxthon Mx_6.2.0.1000 is the norm In Maxthon it is very wide, cannot be compressed, takes up a lot of space. How to fix?
  7. BugSir006, in Maxthon everything is OK.
  8. Windows 10 x64 21H2, thanks, I'll wait for the next beta.
  9. Broke interface in Maxthon Interface Maxthon
  10. Launched Mx6 2000, opened the sidebar tabs, closed the browser.Launched Maxthon again, no sidebar tabs, opened sidebar tabs again, closed browser. And so again. How to solve it?P.S. Watch the video. 1393823044_Rec2022-03-20132137.mp4
  11. True Launch Bar - An improved replacement for the standard quick launch bar.
  12. Launched Mx6 1900, installed Sidebar, closed the browser. Launched Maxthon again, but there is no Sidebar, installed the sidebar again, closed the browser. And so again. How to solve it? In full screen mode, when watching YouTube, the sidebar does not disappear. Watch the video. 1769176286_Rec2022-03-14140138.mp4