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surely its time to update the last release - far too many bugs - some must have been solved to make it more reliable

at least if something is released here it will get tested unlike the buggy rubbish we have seen so far

Tony     -  Vivaldi 4 on Windows 10 64Bit
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I do not know what team of developers will have maxthon, I commented a long time ago that I had noticed that their pace of work and to get new versions of development had dropped a lot, I do not know if it coincides with the subject of LVT and others.

The truth is that other teams of navigators that do not have a large market share either, seem to put more desire to the matter, such as opera and vivaldi

In the capture it is seen that in a single month, they have released 5 versions of development and the previous 6 versions. Vivaldi almost as much of the same.



And knowing that it has a core "blink" very old, on stable version and that in this version 3.8.x that is about to leave, it already comes out with another, although quite modern, does not reach the flicker branch of 70.x

I hope they put more accelerator :)

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1 hour ago, AaronX said:

A new beta today - - and it's back to being incapable of reading not only previous versions', but its own cookies and cache. Rubbish. What has Maxthon become?

5 hours ago, Kilmatar said:

So how long will we wait for update?

It's more than 2 weeks waiting for just a few easy fixes for annoying problems like lost letters in addressbar

they certainly know how to upset people - installed - used for a few minutes and back to earlier version

asyou say - rubbish

Tony     -  Vivaldi 4 on Windows 10 64Bit
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