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  1. Just noticed that the link text is different from the link address (.com / .cn). Copied the text and used that instead and it worked immediately. Odd.
  2. x64 installer link is currently broken: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET.
  3. I'm trying, but for some reason it never does it when Bandicam is running!
  4. I spoke too soon. Crashing again when any window is closed that results in just one window remaining open.
  5. So far it seems fine after a complete reinstall. Fingers crossed it stays that way.
  6. I'm experiencing constant crashes with 1800 and 1801. Having opened either a new regular window or an incognito window, when closed and returning to the single, main browser, it crashes. Of course when I launch M6 again it then has Maxthon Now with the reopen crashed closed tabs ... which opens in a new window. So I open that, then close the Maxthon Now window, and it crashes again! I had installed over the top of 1700; will now uninstall and try it fresh...
  7. No, not frequently, sorry. Something similar with a couple of download tasks not being able to be removed - but again, I can't work out any pattern to reproduce it on demand. I suspect it's an issue with running quite a number of tasks at the same time.
  8. I'm seeing very strange duplication of jobs listed in Download Manager. They're only downloading once each, but two here are showing twice. I note the bottom two have stopped progressing, with their duplicates at the top showing the download progress instead.
  9. As people have been discussing downloading, I'd really welcome being able to simply open a downloading file (i.e. M6 quietly saving it to %Temp% then deleting it) rather than being forced to explicitly save it somewhere.
  10. Hi BugSir, Your video shows what SHOULDN'T happen. If you are typing in a text field like Google's search bar, then Ctrl + Arrow should at that point, whilst the form field is active and has focus, skip over each word. It should NOT switch between tabs. Switching between tabs should happen at all other times, when there is no active text input field being used.
  11. BugSir, this is the same issue I previously highlighted, re setting Ctrl + Arrow to switch between tabs. I believe I sent some videos of the problem in another thread.
  12. I've just noticed I'm getting search results (still/again) from the address bar in google.com.hk despite not having .com.hk set up as a search engine at all. It must be baked into the browser at a deeper level. Please do fix this as soon as possible.
  13. Yeah, the search engines functionality has gone massively wrong. Deleted ones keep reappearing; some don't delete at all; duplicates; it won't retain the default; etc. In the end I've managed a forced workaround by changing the values of the default engine record (google.com.hk) rather than setting a new record to default, and by just pressing delete on everything in random orders, and by editing values to remove duplicates, until they've almost all gone. One remains that I can't delete.
  14. Oh! Thanks. Without it appearing my default, nor an option in that panel on hover, I had missed it entirely. Lovely. ?
  15. Is there any estimate on when the Resource Sniffer functionality will return, or a recommended browser extension if it's not going to? The ability to easily download embedded video files in particular is very useful and keeps me returning to M5.