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  1. Thanks. And no, not a clean install but overwriting each time. 🙂
  2. Custom keyboard shortcuts (i.e. restoring Alt+Z to reopen closed tab) have been wiped when installing 1200 and 1100. Quite annoying!
  3. Yes, Google Search has since yesterday been supplying users with a legacy, fall-back interface. 😟
  4. Snap Screen and Snap Page both seem broken. Neither the shortcuts nor selecting either option from the toolbar button do anything at all.
  5. No, that doesn't appear at all. 😟
  6. Tried that, but no luck. It didn't have a record at all at first: after adding it explicitly, the first 'query' step then returns values, but nothing's working to allow me access, or even add an option to access.
  7. If only! Alas, I get no such link/option.
  8. Another lovely build, thank you! I'm trying to load https://www.itvarchive.com/ but am presented with a SSL certificate error. I would like there to be an "Okay, I understand, proceed anyway" option, please.
  9. I tried this. Unlike in previous Maxthon versions, it then acts globally, even when a text input field has focus. Previous Maxthons!
  10. I would still like to see 3 things: 1. Ctrl + Arrow to switch between tabs, whilst continuing to jump between words when a form field has focus. 2. Prompt to open rather than force save when accessing a file for download. 3. Shit + Enter on a form to open in a new tab in the same window.
  11. Great! I'm already on 2401 I see. Just had one crash - but maybe that was 2401 installing. I'll watch for any more with interest.
  12. I'm getting a lot of crashes today, following update to v2400 last night. These were rare in previous builds, but I've just had about 3 within 10 minutes.
  13. Ah, I see. It does look like Maxthon isn't creating those files then. Hopefully BugSir/the developers can advise further.