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  1. Oh, that's odd. Their system has changed and I'm getting the same behaviour in Chrome and Edge. It's a bug at their end. Both currency fields should indeed be changeable, as illustrated in your video, but the amount field ('1') should also be editable so the user can convert between specific amounts. It's a bug, but it's not Maxthon's fault!
  2. Not much to show in a video. Here's how it renders. The field with '1' in is not focusable.
  3. Running the latest beta,, I've started noticing a couple of odd occasions where I can't, or it is not easy to, focus/activate a form input field. The most obvious of this is on XE's currency converter, where the whole form is out of line and I cannot focus the amount field in order to change it from the default 1. https://xe.com/ucc/ I've had something similar, although it's not occurring right now, strangely, on https://weather.com/, where the search field in the centre of the top bar was similarly not responding to my clicking on it and trying to give it focus
  4. I'm logged into multiple Twitter accounts, and upon switching from one to the other get caught in a horrible error loop of forced log-outs that don't work! I've had to open an incognito window to bypass the existing cookies.
  5. I will send you a private message.
  6. After installing this version I'm suddenly getting "Page Unresponsive" errors on a pretty simple AMP/HTML page I'm developing. I'm also unable to access my online banking and had to boot Edge. M6 reports an ERR_CONNECTION_RESET. Perhaps something has changed in SSL handling?
  7. The Search engines settings in M6 remain awful (v6.1.1.1100). The 'Delete' option on each record seems to randomly delete other engines, whilst Modify and Default options don't seem to have any effect at all. I was trying to set my local Google (not .com.hk!) as the sole and default engine, but have ended up with this duplicate, neither of which will delete. The whole thing is unusable and very frustrating!
  8. As people have been discussing downloading, I'd really welcome being able to simply open a downloading file (i.e. M6 quietly saving it to %Temp% then deleting it) rather than being forced to explicitly save it somewhere.
  9. Hi BugSir, Your video shows what SHOULDN'T happen. If you are typing in a text field like Google's search bar, then Ctrl + Arrow should at that point, whilst the form field is active and has focus, skip over each word. It should NOT switch between tabs. Switching between tabs should happen at all other times, when there is no active text input field being used.
  10. BugSir, this is the same issue I previously highlighted, re setting Ctrl + Arrow to switch between tabs. I believe I sent some videos of the problem in another thread.
  11. I've just noticed I'm getting search results (still/again) from the address bar in google.com.hk despite not having .com.hk set up as a search engine at all. It must be baked into the browser at a deeper level. Please do fix this as soon as possible.
  12. Yeah, the search engines functionality has gone massively wrong. Deleted ones keep reappearing; some don't delete at all; duplicates; it won't retain the default; etc. In the end I've managed a forced workaround by changing the values of the default engine record (google.com.hk) rather than setting a new record to default, and by just pressing delete on everything in random orders, and by editing values to remove duplicates, until they've almost all gone. One remains that I can't delete.
  13. Oh! Thanks. Without it appearing my default, nor an option in that panel on hover, I had missed it entirely. Lovely. 🙂
  14. Is there any estimate on when the Resource Sniffer functionality will return, or a recommended browser extension if it's not going to? The ability to easily download embedded video files in particular is very useful and keeps me returning to M5.