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  1. I've just noticed I'm getting search results (still/again) from the address bar in google.com.hk despite not having .com.hk set up as a search engine at all. It must be baked into the browser at a deeper level. Please do fix this as soon as possible.
  2. Yeah, the search engines functionality has gone massively wrong. Deleted ones keep reappearing; some don't delete at all; duplicates; it won't retain the default; etc. In the end I've managed a forced workaround by changing the values of the default engine record (google.com.hk) rather than setting a new record to default, and by just pressing delete on everything in random orders, and by editing values to remove duplicates, until they've almost all gone. One remains that I can't delete.
  3. I've restarted Maxthon and it's still occurring: Ctrl + Arrow switches tabs even when in a form field. I don't think it ever existed through a manually configurable set of global shortcuts in previous versions of Maxthon, but a specific separate browser setting. Can it not be this again, and inactive when a field is focused?
  4. Of course, find attached. bandicam 2021-01-11 12-34-54-800.mp4
  5. I've deleted the Tab versions, restarted Maxthon, and set up the arrow versions ... and it's still behaving the same. Switches tab even when a form field like this one is focused, when it should skip over words, as was Maxthon 2 - 5 behaviour.
  6. Aha! I had to restart in order to get it to work without still being effective in a focused form field. Thanks, BugSir! EDIT: Oh, no, I spoke too soon. ☚ī¸ It is again changing tabs, rather than jumping over words, when on a focused form field.
  7. It's now happening in on my laptop. I don't think it was doing so in 400 or 500.
  8. 🤔 Maybe it's somehow related to the crashing issue I'm still experiencing...
  9. Great to have this back ... in theory. I can't actually get it to work though. Am I overlooking a new option somewhere in the settings? Additionally, I too am still getting cookies wiped and the browser crashing on close/open. But I assume that's known as ongoing.
  10. In Maxthon 6, holding down the Shift key whilst submitting a form POSTs to a new tab in a new browser window. The expected, and previous (M5), behaviour is simply to open a new tab in the same window. Please see attached videos. bandicam 2021-01-07 20-55-47-366.mp4 bandicam_2021-01-07_20-56-35-130.mp4
  11. Oh! Thanks. Without it appearing my default, nor an option in that panel on hover, I had missed it entirely. Lovely. 🙂
  12. Is there any estimate on when the Resource Sniffer functionality will return, or a recommended browser extension if it's not going to? The ability to easily download embedded video files in particular is very useful and keeps me returning to M5.
  13. You could send it to BugSir006 by private message.
  14. I have sent files to you by private message.
  15. Since installing, every time I start Maxthon I get the "did not shut down correctly" and Restore button prompt, to reopen all my previous tabs. Additionally, it wipes all cookies every time I close/open the browser. I had initially installed over the top of the previous version, but have now completely uninstalled and installed fresh - and it's still happening.
  16. It's an incredibly useful function. Navigate to mx://options/ and open the Advanced tab. Under the Navigation heading you should tick the Enable URL alias checkbox, then click to Manage URL aliases. You can then set up shortcut keys and alias keywords to go straight to specific URLs of your choosing.
  17. Agreed! The F-key shortcuts are the real key feature for me, which I've never been able to properly, reliably recreate in any other browser.
  18. Not that there seems to be any doubt, but just for the record HTTP AUTH is also dead (401) for me in on Win 10 x64.