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  1. No, that doesn't appear at all. 😟
  2. No worries. It's appreciated!
  3. Tried that, but no luck. It didn't have a record at all at first: after adding it explicitly, the first 'query' step then returns values, but nothing's working to allow me access, or even add an option to access.
  4. If only! Alas, I get no such link/option.
  5. Another lovely build, thank you! I'm trying to load https://www.itvarchive.com/ but am presented with a SSL certificate error. I would like there to be an "Okay, I understand, proceed anyway" option, please.
  6. I tried this. Unlike in previous Maxthon versions, it then acts globally, even when a text input field has focus. Previous Maxthons!
  7. I would still like to see 3 things: 1. Ctrl + Arrow to switch between tabs, whilst continuing to jump between words when a form field has focus. 2. Prompt to open rather than force save when accessing a file for download. 3. Shit + Enter on a form to open in a new tab in the same window.
  8. Great! I'm already on 2401 I see. Just had one crash - but maybe that was 2401 installing. I'll watch for any more with interest.
  9. I'm getting a lot of crashes today, following update to v2400 last night. These were rare in previous builds, but I've just had about 3 within 10 minutes.
  10. Ah, I see. It does look like Maxthon isn't creating those files then. Hopefully BugSir/the developers can advise further.
  11. In "C:\Users\lenovo\AppData\Local\CrashDumps", replace 'lenovo' with your Windows username. For example C:\Users\Xahi4475\AppData\Local\CrashDumps
  12. Thank you! Can we also return to the option of just opening/running a downloaded file (i.e. saving to %Temp%), rather than actually saving it?
  13. Thanks, good to know. Hopefully in 2400 then.
  14. I could have sworn that Ctrl+Arrow was working in 2200 to switch between tabs, but it doesn't appear to be in 2300. Or am I misremembering?!
  15. Thanks, but this isn't what I'm looking for. I can open links in a new tab very easily: it's specifically submitting a form.
  16. I'm still experiencing that very frustrating thing that Shift+Enter submits a form in a whole new window, rather than just a new tab in the same window. 😟
  17. I've had a few sudden, random crashes in the last couple of days; and a couple of occasions when I've closed the browser completely normally, but on launching it again it's reported that it didn't shut down properly and I've had to press the restore button. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to it at all. Sometimes I have quite a number of tabs open, sometimes just a few; sometimes I've been in the middle of using Maxthon, sometimes I've been in another program. Anyone else experiencing these odd crashes?
  18. Do you mean you cannot find how to open it?
  19. The latest release is beta 2200, and I'm using it as my full-time every day browser with almost no problems. URL aliases are now available, but have been renamed. Open the Settings page and Advanced tab (mx://settings/advance), and see the "Direct URL" section. Expand the 'Set up push to talk' and 'Set website alias' options to actually set your shortcuts.
  20. Thanks. Yes, I'm aware of the search bar, but I'm primarily using the function when trying to look something up within the content management system of my own website, rather than running a wider search through Google etc, so it gets a bit trickier!
  21. I've tried having that checked, but it doesn't seem to make any difference anywhere. Enter still opens in the same tab (as expected/desired) and Shift+Enter still opens in a whole new window.
  22. Oh, I can't get Ctrl+[arrow] to work on my desktop now either. Did I imagine it was working? Ctrl+Tab is fine, but it's the arrows I'm used to and prefer! Hopefully that'll be settable with other shortcuts in the next build.
  23. Thanks, BugSir! This is really helpful to know. Is there a shortcut key setting somewhere? I'd like to reinstate Alt+Z as reopening closed tabs. I've also found that whilst Ctrl+[arrow] works to switch between tabs on my desktop computer, it isn't working on my laptop. I can't see any difference in the settings between the two installs though. Any help?! 🤔
  24. Ah, splendid, thank you! Try a search form where there's only one field? Amazon, for example. I've tested on various websites and pressing shift+enter rather than just enter opens in a whole new window every time. I currently have 'Open bookmark in new tab' and 'Open link in new tab' checked, as in your screenshot above, but have also tried with 'Open link in new tab' unchecked, with the same results.