v5.2.4.2000 really official ?

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2 minutes ago, caligula73 said:

here, too, have forgotten? - this is the first impression of the browser.


they have a test team they tell us - who that team is seems to me a well kept secret - early builds were once posted here for users to look at and find such mistakes - not that the devs took much notice of anything that was picked up as the release usually was as the internal built

add to that that sorting details out like the above in the language files also does not happen - then we have what we have 

theres a sayng - translate it as you will

expect nothing and you wont be disappointed

that sums Maxthon up at many levels



Tony     -  Vivaldi 4 on Windows 10 64Bit
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5 hours ago, Tony said:

early builds were once posted here for users to look at and find such mistakes

Ok, and you regularly checked the installer with every language to check for anomalies such as this? Even the testers probably don't check this. Also crowdin displays the current number of characters in the string. If the string was changed to something with more, then it's the fault of the translator and proofreader who approved it. The string in question is supposed to be 9ch long (including a 4ch acronym), yet someone has decided to replace that with something 20ch+.

I check the about dialog on occasion to check the version i'm running, but rarely look to see if the beta tag is there or not.

I understand where you're coming from, but as we've seen in the past, even when things are noticed, they aren't always acted upon. Hell, i've got 2 threads pinned on the front page related to UI issues and typo's/grammar problems, yet much of what is in there takes ages to be looked at, or is still in the "too hard" basket.

I've said it before - don't look at pre-release stuff as anything more than a bonus - the timeframe from announcement to public release should make that pretty obvious. Thinking that you have any sway into the outcome of a pre-release I think is delusional.

One thing that Maxthon still can't get right is it's impression that it's a top class, polished browser. Crowdin seems to be updated on a whim so there's always some questionable translations, updates come and go as they please, actual issues that require a staff reply are ignored, some UI elements look like a 5th grader put them together, etc.

If they could just fix everything listed in the above-mentioned threads it would be a good starting point... at least they'll give the impression there's some cohesiveness and polish.

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