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  1. have you checked if these images are still existing on the sites
  2. there is a process to ask for certificatation, there are Tools but you cannot change date or self validate your certificate (or for testing locally). Certificates cannot be edited; they are signed and the signature becomes invalid if you changes the slightest bit in them, there is not a single bit that you can flip without breaking the signature. If you want to "modify" a certificate, then you actually need to obtain a new certificate. Certificates are obtained from a Certification Authority if an error message appears that means site owner or admin missed to renew; certificate has been made to validate your site as secure, though there are different certificates. make a search on the web to learn more
  3. i wonder if the google's rules within chrome store will affect Maxthon features or addons developing. that said i will not use bitcoin related addins, i wish we could have an innovative UI if not a renderering engine. now whe had to choose between blink or blink and chrome store or chrome store ( gecko and Mozilla :-- ) Voodoo child
  4. you are talking about MX bug; however you provide links to Microsoft answers where MX is not mentioned. SFC and dism are tools for WIn OS; part of repairing tool set for Windows. i didn't experience any trouble with MX, another browser or on a different computer; i'm running win X pro 1903 on my two personal laptops always with portable MX. So lots of troubles came along with 1803 updates, reason why i jumped to 1903
  5. the weakness lies in the way this is done; for some, this is simply what they are used to. voodoo child
  6. VPN is not an extension, make a search to the wiki to learn more. You had to choose between free providers or paid services, my AV has an option for VPN service, but you can find anything you want. be careful voodoo child
  7. on the left you mean the sidebar? open the menu item and then view you can try the
  8. there are many ways to introduce changes Here you are clearly telling the world that they are few maxthon users and moderators so we make a change Nowadays each word has to be considered : is it a bad or a good sign ? how to provide a positive message of Mx ?
  9. one day a guy was complaining here, that even when magicfill wasn't enabled you could have last entered usernames proposal. when you change a portable version last names are not available that the point. now if nothing appears that's probably because of this guy complaint to be confirmed
  10. something like Ublock origin let you know that you are redirected block and tell you; you can choose to skip kaspersky AV has some interesting features, blocking suspicious sites and darkening search results wich are boring advertisement sometimes scripts can led you to third part ad parteners webpages or just hidden content of a website Traps are not only used by scammers
  11. since win 10 and remenber win 8; if you set a default browser other tan IE you can't use windows store.
  12. as i said before i got 3 portables version running on win 10 pro never had this issue If you try to set as default browser; a portable version never appears in the setting listing the action of clicking when ask for default has no action in win 10; it has to be done in settings
  13. weird enough are you sure there is not a don't ask me again option? i'm using portable versions and never had this kind of trouble in fact portable version never can be a default browser
  14. Let people achieve a more accomplished browser; MX5 is still in early dev. If you want skin before a good stuff can be released; that your point of view. If someone is working on skins i'm happy for those who call for, though i don't bother.
  15. Are you sure to have set ABP not to show acceptable ads in the settings
  16. Jumping through threads you will find out that Maxthon is not a clone, is based on a kind of chrome core; but not compatible with chrome store. the extensions are few and poor if that particular is not that probably because it is not possible to fit this browser API had to be confirm by supervisor
  17. hi as far i never use the side bar there is still the shortcut ctrl+J