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  1. Jeff wrote on the telegram, that the beta version may be released at end of February.
  2. CSS Exfil Protection is a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that protects data against CSS Exfil attacks. What is this CSS vulnerability again? The CSS Exfil vulnerability detailed in this lengthy post is a method attackers can use to steal data from web pages using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). CSS - one of the building blocks of the modern web - is used by developers to control the look-and-feel of a website and is present on nearly every modern page on the internet. By crafting targeted CSS selectors and injecting them into a web page, an attacker can trick the page into sending pieces of data to a remote server (e.g. usernames, passwords, and sensitive data such as date of birth, social security numbers, and credit card numbers). The vulnerability test can be checked on this page: Would it be possible to adapt this plugin for Maxthon?
  3. You must add manually. Left-click on the ADB icon and select "Custom filters." Then select Filter lists / Add filter subscription / Add your own filters
  4. Galileusz


    You must unpack the 141320204084.mxaddon extention, make changes in def. json file and re-pack again. You can do this using the tool MxPacker available in this forum.
  5. Just edit MXBrowser.dll in a hex editor and change the reference.
  6. Wersja instalacyjna sama powiadamia o nowej wersji, ale w wersji stabilnej, nie beta. Jeśli ktoś używa Portable to dostępność nowej wersji można sprawdzić tutaj:
  7. Polski jest przetłumaczony w 97% więc niedługo powinien być dostępny.
  8. Od wersji skórki nie działają, bo zmieniły się pliki 0.dat, 1.dat itp na UIHuge.da, UIMain.dat itp. Można próbować zamienić nazwy plików ale nie ma pewności że będzie wszystko działać poprawnie.
  9. Czy ty czytasz co ja piszę? Podałem Ci linka do nowej wersji, abyś wypróbował.
  10. Mógłbyś używać interpunkcji !!! Po drugie czy próbowałeś nowej wersji Beta? Czy czyściłeś cookies, cache, temp? I pisz w taki sposób aby cię można było zrozumieć
  11. Jaką wersję Mx5 używasz? Jeśli instalowaną, to wypróbuj Portable i zobacz czy dzieje się to samo. Wyczyść również cookies i cache przeglądarki. P.S. Jest udostępniona nowa wersja Beta:
  12. Czerwona kropka pojawia się wtedy, gdy nie powiedzie się logowanie do konta i jest brak synchronizacji.
  13. No, described as 3000 are for version. To newer versions Mx there no skins.
  14. I packed these that I have on disk:!ZwojQRJC!AAAAAAAAAAClwYyTj5n48AAAAAAAAAAApcGMk4-Z-PA
  15. WildwestGoh wrote why not packed " I only include it as zip because I need to modify the contents of the scripts from time to time if I ever feels like adding new features or fixing bugs for upcoming MX version upgrade, so I left it in a folder so updating makes easy"
  16. Problem also occurs in other browsers and programs. Microsoft is promoting Edge and their own programs, so a specially hinders the use of third-party software. In the web is a lot of critical comment on this.
  17. @BugSir006 Heh, in that case you should also remove your answer above for @Tony, because the center skins for MX4 and MX5 does not exist.
  18. Do not give out your e-mail address to Maxthon account on the forum !!!
  19. @Magdalene Something wrong with this new UA. As shown on page Or rather, it's probably Maxthon wine.
  20. I found a temporary solution that should fix these problems. As long as Microsoft will not fix it. Apart from that, there are more interesting articles about Winows 10 Here, a similar description Note that this also hides Microsoft Edge in the Open With dialog boxes for the corresponding file types, but still shown in the Default Programs (Classic) listing. And that's a better way. This can be done using group policies and program Dism. In this way, you can force a permanent setting of default programs.
  21. Have you tried this method? It works for me well. Set your default programs For Edge you have to deselect
  22. Why did you add the screenshot which can not to see: "You do not have permission to view this page" I do not have a dropbox account.
  23. Right click on File - Properties - beside "open with" click Change and select a file maxthon.exe
  24. Just double click for this file. Maxthon install it.