[BUG] mx5.2.3.1000 is not installed, this window hangs

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Same with installer version.

Win7 x64.

I can close it down while "stuck" at 5% and then it changes to ask if I want to cancel the install - so this is not a "hard stuck" case, it just waits for something, but is still actually responsive.
From what I can see, the process which calls the installer stays open and even when the installer is canceled, it remains hanging there. I would assume MX waits for the closing of all the existing MX processes and this process does not, therefore it wait for that one to die out.

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2 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

Don't forget clear data before reinstall

Do not rebuke people, just fix the installation file. Cleared - the same effect

15 hours ago, kawczyna said:
<div id="inner-editor"></div>
I "killed" all Maxthon processes in the system. I started the installation file as a regular user and as an administrator. Unfortunately, no changes 5% and still stand.





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