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I have it too, i'm in France. 

It seems to be built-in inside quick access and links to taobao e-commerce platform.

I updated to latest beta this morning, don't know if it's related, anyway please either remove it or add an option to hide it for people not interested (assuming it is not a hack).

This is the code embedded in the page, it comes just after the <nav> tag in my case.

<a id="single-floater" href="" style="left: 1413px; top: 726px; display: inline;"></a>
<!-- 下面是见不得人的元素同志们 -->


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it was not there when I left about 2:00 PM, but now I have it too...:devil:

@devs : hopefuly this is a mistake and you will fix it soon, if not when will you stop to add unwanted things without any option to disable them ? everytime you do so you lose a lot of users....


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I closed Maxthon and deleted the folder C:\Users\my-username-account\AppData\Roaming. Then I logged into my Maxthon passport cloud account and all my preferences and plugins were restored.

unless you block it in host files, I'm afraid it will come back


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It's just an ad of some new chinese shop/ mall (probably online)

On there is even pop- up with this ad (see screenshot).

So far I didn't notice this thing on my side (so I guess I'm lucky-one)

EDIT:Ok, it's some kind of new Maxthon sponsorship/ partnership.

I've got PM about this (sorry for crappy Google translate ).



Ha myself, ladies and children's shoes, Maxthon browser will work together on the 24thday of cat hair for you 1111 yuan red envelopes of cash, general audience, no thresholdthat can now take a look at there own often gray ash often desired products it ^^
You want me here too! I do not point! Xiao Bian here to wish you in advance Oh Happytwo-eleven


Bez tytułu.jpg

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I think this ad is for chinese users only and hopefuly devs will fix this very soon (but I'm afraid we have to wait until monday)

I agree, can't see the benefit for anyone outside of China. I certainly have no intentions of doing any shopping for womens clothing.

I also think the Chinese are less likely to complain about this type of ad, they seem more tolerant of these type of antics. It would be interesting to see if it's mentioned at all in the Chinese forum.


Edit: Anyone have a link to the Chinese forum? I've tried with no luck.

NM, found it Boy, has that place changed.

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