A priority to get early access on WinPC

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Hi guys,

Thanks for your continuous support all the time.

You guys have always been so warm-hearted that have made contribution to the suggestion and progress of our browser all the time. 


We are going to offer you the early access of our latest upcoming version for gratitude.

It would come out for you especially long before the release of beta and official version.

You will have the priority to take part in making suggestion on our product in every updating circle.


We would build a new FTP which tester can access all versions in process of development.

This plan is intended for Maxthon on WinPC .

Since the testing range is becoming wider, we would like to make the testing recruitment here.


I hope you guys would love and enjoy this chance.

If you guys are interested, feel free to register here.

Looking forward to receiving your feedbacks.

Thanks for your support.

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Hi, guys!
We are not very observant. Just look up. July, 2.
This is old publication. Maxthon began talking about the MX 4.9 this autumn only.
So this is not about MX 4.9. If this program still works, you can try. And maybe you can get new browser.
But maybe not...

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