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  1. This ISP URL fails to open in Mx and earlier versions: https://www.plus.net Error is: Unsupported protocol The client and server don't support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite. But it opens normally using Opera. What is going wrong here?
  2. This is my experience with changing from Mx5 portable to Mx6 portable. I made the move in June 21 and everything today works smoothly, which was not the case last year. I still have Mx5 installed as I still use it sometimes when I need to boot into XP and I can refer to its History should I need to. I had to manually update my mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts using my actual Mx5 settings as my guide. Addons/extensions were done separately as were all the other stuff in Settings. I forget how I moved Passkeeper across but I used the built in export/import to get my Favorites installed. The import did work 100% but it took ages. I did the whole change bit by bit over several weeks while using Mx5 in the meantime. The devs could definitely have made it a lot easier for us and my impression was that the whole process was amateurish with no published roadmap for upgrading leaving us to all make different mistakes along the way. This is not the first time that Mx version upgrades have been challenging but for me at least the devs seem more open to make improvements and fix bugs more quickly than before. But I love it now and all is forgiven (almost). So stick with it Ktulu it can be done and you will be happy. I too am a longtime user, still have my last working copy of MyIE2 using the Turbo Qute skin from 2003. BTW Mx Android works well for me including Passkeeper
  3. A further discovery is that build 1800 is the last version where url alias use and webpage preload of search while typing still works together. Later versions require one or the other feature to be used only. DEVS there are now two retrograde bugs introduced here. Will these be added to the confirmed bugs page ever ? Or even better a fix for them as they both used to work before the more current builds of MCB.
  4. Yes Oliver your theory is good. I have now tried v1800 and this is a 'fixed' version too. I did not say that I had tried all builds since 1200 just that the later ones that I had tried were buggy again. So can we have a fix please ???
  5. This problem was certainly fixed. So thanks for that . But it has now reappeared. All the versions I have tried after v4.4.5.1200 no longer suppress this annoying router login request continually. So I am stuck with using v4.4.5.1200. A lasting fix would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. I have two routers, both Netgear, that misbehave in the way described with continual login popups : DG834GT DGND3700 Hope you are getting near a fix.
  7. BugSir007 replied at 2014-12-29 23:02 Hello, Sorry for the inconvenience. I have talked to our development team about this issue and it ha ... Thanks for the update. I will try and be patient. I realized that it was a bug some time ago as other browsers I use just behave normally.
  8. magg replied at 2014-12-27 06:40 Hi there. Try to disable Adhunter. I know this issue from my own experience-I also have Netgear rout ... Thanks for that. It now works normally with adhunter off. The next annoying thing with displaying this router and also my Netgear DG834G is that every time I change a page in the router to look at something else another login and authentication window pops up. I do not need to sign in again as I have already done that so I use the escape key to clear it. Fiddling with other adhunter settings does not prevent this happening. Any one else ???
  9. I find that when using MCB I am unable to log into my router using Ultra mode. I enter and then get a sign in window but after entering the correct data and clicking login nothing ever happens. I have a quick access button too and this is continually searching. If I switch to IE mode then login happens normally. When I use MCB I am able to login normally in Ultra mode. I use portable versions only and the router is a Netgear DGND 3700.
  10. Online History has been downgraded. It only keeps the last 5 days now. It used to keep all the past history in the Maxthon 3 days.