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  1. No problem for helping, though i didn't expect someone would tweak my addon into a new addon so I'm glad I got to help, given I've been incredibly inactive for ages thus far.
  2. OPR is Opera after presto was dumped (if muscle memory serves, after 12.31 or around it), but Opera is Opera before it. QupZilla was designed for FOSS OSs, but it's also available for Linux. I was the one who put QupZilla in the original version off which Magdalene is basing the new ones: it balances it out, because of how sites interpret the UA. You can also use QtWeb/3.8.5.
  3. Magdalene replied at 2014-5-12 12:35 The strings posted above were originally posted by me on another thread and then reposted by Magg. T ... those are truncated, above the truncated header. besides that, using OPR along with Chrome is unnecessary given that OPR stands for the opera releases following its switch to blink/webkit. Using Opera instead of OPR is a better idea , but keep Chrome in there, because without it, dropbox doesn't work, nor does netflix. As for Maxthon, you don't need the whole version number in there. It takes up space, for the same effect. However, keeping
  4. Imanerd replied at 2015-3-27 19:39 resolved. changing status it had nothing to do with your issue. It was system proxy config.....
  5. then not the same error. Mine simply says unable to connect.... mine is logged-in, well locally anyway. I just can't connect to the server which makes it loop continuously in re-trying to connect over and over, which slows down my browsing, ugh.
  6. 30249689 replied at 2015-3-27 16:58 I have that issue for five days too... Any reply? Answers?? perhaps there are several servers handling accounts, so as to not stress a single server with every account - and the specific server we both are being designated, is down... thoughts? Larry has no issue, either...
  7. tony. replied at 2015-3-27 16:56 maybe try it as most folk do with a not screwed version of windows or whatever - i have no idea what ... internet works, and maxthon is working. Windows works, and it worked an hour ago. passport fails to connect... and even if it were windows itself, resetting winsock and tcpip should've fixed it, alone, especially with clearing the dns resolution cache...
  8. I've tried resetting the tcpip stack and winsock catalogue, even deleting crl cache and arp data, yet it still refuses to connect....
  9. Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Windows NT 6.4; SV3; I; Win64; IA64, en) AppleWebKit/9537.53+ Chrome/43.0.2331.0 OPR/12.31 Konqueror/4.14.4
  10. modified it a bit. (sadly, the new youtube broke my way of making the video bigger, and so while the black box gets bigger, the video image itself gets cut off/out)##div.primary-col (margin:3px 0 0 125px !important; text-align:left !important; width:100% !important;} ##p.yt-lockup2-description {text-align:center !important;} ###search-results {margin11px 0 0 100px !important;} ##.action-panel-loading ##.yt-uix-expander ###watch7-user-header ##.watch-view-count ###ct {margin:0px 0 0 261px !important; width:100% !important;} ## {color: #B80000 !important;} ## {border-radius:
  11. some more:##.fbNubFlyoutBodyContent {height:493px !important;} ##li._42fz {height:29px !important;} ###globalContainer {width:79% !important; height:95% !important;} ##.fbNubFlyoutBodyContent {height:227px !important;} ##div._5ciw.rhcFooter ##div#pagelet_ego_pane
  12. GRC1 replied at 2015-1-23 11:20 Magicfill never worked right for me from day one . I assume magicfill and favorites are 2 differen ... they would have to both be bad, then. they are not the same database. if it never worked correctly from day one, then I have no clue, it's probably an issue with the installation on your computer though, not a maxthon bug. That or it got corrupted as soon as you started using it. you had said by installing v4 it gave you an error for not being v4 db. Prior to that, according to you, it simply did not prompt to save. That's different. Before the upg
  13. GRC1 replied at 2015-1-23 10:45 Hi, Neither folder exists. When I go back to Ver. 3 my magicfill info is there. Not there in ver. ... because as far as I know, the magicfill db uses a different format for the data, between the 2. I've tried to mix them together, in the past, but luckily I've kept backups, plus I use portable Maxthon so it doesn't affect Maxthon4 when and if I were to reinstall since the last HDD reformat. Unless it were synced AFTER deleting the %appdata% subdirectory of Maxthon3, the data is gone. You could however try deleting syncstorage.dat in %appdata% s
  14. 7twenty replied at 2014-12-20 19:05 Seems the option to disable the popup messages, as shown in the link above, has been removed. And c ... you can just make the %appdata%\Temp\ADPopup\ADPopup.cfg read-only but blank inside.
  15. Magdalene replied at 2014-5-12 12:35 The strings posted above were originally posted by me on another thread and then reposted by Magg. T ... using OPR in the UA, by the way, breaks dropbox functionality and makes for impossible Netflix streaming unless you change it to Chrome/Version# in that one. Also given the release of Windows 10, which had been NT 6.4 as Win9 and then NT 10.0 as Windows 10 preview, you might wanna add that to the "unstable" version.
  16. GRC1 replied at 2015-1-22 11:35 Bad Idea. The install ended saying that my favorites database is destroyed and also all my passwor ... because it got corrupted. Also Maxthon3's magicfill works finely, as does Maxthon4. There should be no difference as to working vs not working, between the two, except that Maxthon4 still gets bugfix and feature updates. The only way Maxthon3's magicfill would be bonked would be because of a bug in the version release, which can very easily happen, just as much, with Maxthon4. is there a magicfill dat file backup in %appdata%\Maxthon3\Users\email@e
  17. fOrTune® replied at 2015-1-21 12:26 I don't know, we need to ask devs about it. Hope yes, but when? if it is based on safari like it had been based on chromium, before. However, pretty sure safari is closed-source, now come to think of it. If it IS truly based upon it, the safari extensions would, in theory, undoubtedly function with maxthon for mac.
  18. fOrTune® replied at 2015-1-14 10:47 Today's version Maxthon for Mac builded on Safari and don't support extentions. If you need exten ... wouldn't it support safari extensions, then? They have their own addon store, if I remember!
  19. When I set the history location in the dlConfig.ini file in %appdata%\Maxthon3\Public\Downloader\*, as an environmental variable such as %userprofile%\Desktop, and I've also tried making a new environmental variable as %Desktop% which does work in other applications, Maxthon simply sets the location as an absolute path, because the only way to get it to save in the first place at all, is to add the drive letter, which is what breaks it. I want it so when I take the portable Maxthon to places on a usb, I don't need to change the path to make it download to the desktop of ANY login on AN
  20. infoholico replied at 2014-10-20 08:05 Magg, of course I have done that, but I have no Proxy configured in IE, I don't use that infamous br ... why set it up via IE proxy? You do realize you can set it up directly inside Maxthon, right? why not just use tor...
  21. DARKSTORM replied at 2014-10-25 17:54 Had a problem like this alike but not only in one site but every site, I click a link, another link ... clkmon is just a clicker tracker. it can, yes, be a dns issue, but it could also, in many cases be an ARP poisoning/spoofing attack. Why not clear the arp cache, too? As for addons, if they are adding clkmon, it should probably be an issue they would wanna look into, at least a suggestion, because it's shady practice and bordering on, if not precisely, a violation.
  22. These make youtube look adequately, for me. Some of it is amassed from other guides, both on the old and new forum, then plus my own, added.##div.sort-by ##div.sort-by *ad-* */*ad*.js @@|*/www-upload* ##div.primary-col (margin:3px 0 0 125px !important; text-align:left !important; width:100% !important;} ##p.yt-lockup2-description {text-align:center !important;} ###search-results {margin11px 0 0 100px !important;} ##p#ded ##div#ct {margin:0px 0 0 261px !important; width:100% !important;} ###ct {margin:0px 0 0 261px !important; width:100% !important;} ## {color: #B80000 !im
  23. SnowLeopard replied at 2014-8-23 04:57 Thanks for the explanations. It's lgood to find you back on the boards. Now to answer your quest ... Honestly, I'm not sure, there. Anyway, I'm only on here for a few days until I go back to the university tomorrow, and start classes on the 27th. Then I'll be absent again, sorry.
  24. SnowLeopard replied at 2014-8-22 11:00 Thanks for the explanation. I ddi discover one counterpoint today though. I ran a Peacekeeper te ... Not sure, what's your order? The odd thing has been that it's more than picky at times, it will work depending on the specific name put before or after. Usually QupZilla and QtWeb work after. Maxthon has to be after, but do you have something before Chrome? What's your total UA? It's not just about the order, but also additions of other things into it. i.e., using OPR for Opera which is, as stated, unnecessary since Opera now uses chromium bui