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  1.  MX5 PC official Release

    Sorry I delete files.
  2.  MX5 PC official Release

    I just downloaded the installable version again and MD5 is now the right one, finally. And it's now working normally.
  3.  MX5 PC official Release

    Files mx_core.dll and mx_core.pak from install version are damaged : 6bb12ec7e766e8e0144c42f85160e3a4 *mx_core.dll 95d8735a1de3fc9440c77313831769ff *mx_core.pak Portable version : 7ab837325a02978abd394d7d752e915d *mx_core.dll d46f30df321d4713d779055a3fcfd3ca *mx_core.pak
  4.  MX5 PC official Release

    I try uninstall and clean install on another path without success. If I copy only old mx_core files or mx_core of portable version, it's work. MD5 of my downloaded install version is b9f460a56b62d4ef658c872bc3530a0e. Strange?
  5.  MX5 PC official Release

    Same here.
  6. On the other hand and to be the devil's advocate, it is the first roadmap since Maxthon classic in 2003.
  7. Hi, i'm a new french Maxthon user!

    You are welcome LeBaron.
  8. Apparently Maxthon is not involved, try yourself: http://xlab.tencent.com/special/spectre/spectre_check.html
  9. @7twenty Indeed, I can't reproduce the problem by adding a new link containing a login/password of the htaccess type. The problem is encountered only with htaccess links already present in Favorites. By editing the link in question, the problem seems to be fixed.
  10. I have the same problem. To reproduce it, add this URL to the Favorites: http://phpmyadmin.free.fr/ When you click on the Favorites that contain this URL, a login/password is requested.
  11. Thanks a lot for the support and updates.
  12. MX5 Cloud Storage Service Change Announcement

    French translation : http://www.maxthon-fr.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10888-votre-espace-de-stockage-de-5-go-dans-le-cloud-de-maxthon/
  13. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Sharing on the French Maxthon Support Forum : http://www.maxthon-fr.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10864-skins-personnalisables-pour-mx5/
  14. Favorites Sync Failed

    Thank you, Synchro works also at home.;)