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  1. MX5 Beta Release

    That's a very good news !!!
  2. MX5 Android beta release V

    Hello BugSir006, My mobile is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 with Android 5.0.2.
  3. MX5 Android beta release V

    My language is French and Mx5 v5.0.4.3018 is in English.
  4. Ok, so it is outdated (Tuesday, December 1, 2015) : https://googlechromereleases.blogspot.fr/2015/12/stable-channel-update.html
  5. In this case, I would like to know what is the real version of the rendering engine of Mx5, if some developers read this forum?
  6. Default browser for Portable version

    I fully agree with what is said above!
  7. Brand New Quick Access
  8. In French: MX5, le navigateur de nouvelle génération
  9. Favorites Sync Failed

    Thank you, Synchro works also at home.;)
  10. Favorites Sync Failed

    Hello BugSir006, I retry today and synchro work fine, I'll try it on my home PC after work.;)
  11. Favorites Sync Failed

    Hello BugSir006, I try to sync and I have sync error all time.
  12. Sync of my favorite stops working. It work from fav.maxthon.com to my PC, but when I change one, sync from my PC to fav.maxthon.com fails. I tried with Maxthon and with a new installation without old data. I also tried using a VPN access from several countries without succès. The last archived version on http://fav.maxthon.com/api/fav/manager dated 2016.09.21.
  13. Are you one of our Crowdin member?

    Ldfa also on Crowdin as French Proofreader of all Maxthon's Project.
  14. Or try insteed of http://localhost
  15. print preview

    Please, don't correct this problem by replacing the ' by \' in translated language. Correct instead the program code.