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  1. I confirm that the passkeeper web doesn't open again.... When I click on the PassKeeper web version, the 3-byte file is loaded when the file is opening, I see the word in OK.
  2. Thanks the password site works again.
  3. Passwords disappeared when updating v6.1.3.400. I thought to restore them by clicking on v6.1.2.3600, but the result was not followed, and I returned to v6.1.3.400.
  4. In my folder 6 log file send everything? 20211122.log 20211116.log
  5. When updating on Release, all saved passwords disappeared When the PassKeeper web version is transition to restore from the backup. It is not possible to access the website webpage at https: https: //www.uu.me/password may be temporarily unavailable or constantly moved to a new address ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE .How can I return all saved passwords