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This is the skin I'm using currently, and it's the final post of my skin modification.

Some icons used in this skin are created by the author (Charles Chen) of a firefox skin named yogurttree. :handshake

Main features:

1. Scrollable tabs, favorites and extensions bar.

2. Window background can be changed.

3. Extensions are displayed at toolbar, no need to show/hide sidebar anymore.

4. Display current page title in address box.

5. Buttons on the status bar are moved to toolbar.

6. Disabled buttons are hidden.

7. Less used buttons are hidden too, but can be shown by move mouse over the chevron button.

8. Dropdown menus are automatically poped up when you move mouse over the buttons.

9. Expandable address box.




Skin removed since this thread is locked.


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wheres loopings - its been posted 14 minutes as i type this and he has not said thanks - or its bueatiful - come onnnnnnnnnnnnnn

from me - some nice stuff - will be interested to look at hows its all done

Tony     -  Vivaldi 4 on Windows 10 64Bit
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At the risk of offending anyone, I like this skin a lot. I like the auto hide features, the scroll for tabs, tools and favorites, status bar on top, all making for a very compact UI.

I think whats even more impressive is the amount of time this must have taken to insure everything was working properly.

Thank you very much.

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loooping8 replied at 2014-2-15 06:56 back.gif

Fantastic your Skin absolut #1 !! Just was load your Skin in the China forum down! MMhh.. for some c ...

At this time I hate you, next time... Are you really don't understand anything? I'll have to write to moderator to stop this verbal diarrhea. Son, shut up before it's too late...

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