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  1. Try this: var myRuntime = window.external.mxGetRuntime(); var mxTabs = myRuntime.create('mx.browser.tabs'); var currentTab = mxTabs.getCurrentTab(); currentTab.close();
  2. The SDK is wrong, it should be noWindowControl = 0, or you can simply comment out/delete the specific line and rebuild, remember restarting maxthon to take effect.
  3. 大笨狗


    SnowLeopard replied at 2014-6-28 06:12 Thanks, I had to go refresh my memory on the Chinese forum. I remembered downloading Glass.mxskin ... You are welcome. To save your time, you can add following 2 lines to skin.csshtml, body { background: transparent; } .tabbar, .favbar, .statusbar, .sidebar { background: #ffffff88; }
  4. 大笨狗


    You've already download the transluent skin that I made in the Chinese forum. Maybe you can check the skin.css to see how to achieve that.
  5. 大笨狗


    SnowLeopard replied at 2014-6-27 17:22 Dr. W.Wang, You mention in the referenced post that you just modified the background image for th ... No, setting z-index won't make toolbar/statusbar float on page content, Maxthon's page content is always on top, no matter what other element's z-index property is, unless the toolbars are embeded in a menu or a popup. Then they can be shown(float/overlay) on top of the page content by using the show-popup() function.
  6. Add this line to skin.css: .nav-buttons .item .icon { opacity: 1; }
  7. It's just an idea, but feasible. What a shame that the Maxthon SDK documented skin-flags.htm still don't work, else we can save the color or background that user selected. Preview: 6134 Download an example skin: (Note: The skin file is removed because this thread is locked by system. If you want to download the file, ask the admins to unlock this thread.) Update: The above skin is a summative work of my recent tutorials and skin modifications, for those who just want testing the background changing feature can download the following skin: Preview: 6146 Download: (Note: The skin file is removed because this thread is locked by system. If you want to download the file, ask the admins to unlock this thread.)
  8. Marsealdelo replied at 2014-1-15 04:29 please teach me how to move the download speed & uploadspeed bar from status bar into navbar Add following line to navbar/index.htm line 35 6008
  9. subgoku replied at 2014-1-10 07:45 Hey its perfect BUT where to download it? Its .gif not .mxskin 5909
  10. Unfortunately, that can't be done. The tableft:active and tabright:acitve style won't apply. So, only mouse hover events are triggered.
  11. subgoku replied at 2014-1-8 03:03 not working This should work:.tab-container-inner { overflow-x: hidden; width: 100%%; } .tab-container .free-spacer { display: none; } .tab-container .tab { width: max-intrinsic !important; max-width: 555 !important; }