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  1. Try this: var myRuntime = window.external.mxGetRuntime(); var mxTabs = myRuntime.create('mx.browser.tabs'); var currentTab = mxTabs.getCurrentTab(); currentTab.close();
  2. The SDK is wrong, it should be noWindowControl = 0, or you can simply comment out/delete the specific line and rebuild, remember restarting maxthon to take effect.
  3. 大笨狗


    SnowLeopard replied at 2014-6-28 06:12 Thanks, I had to go refresh my memory on the Chinese forum. I remembered downloading Glass.mxskin ... You are welcome. To save your time, you can add following 2 lines to skin.csshtml, body { background: transparent; } .tabbar, .favbar, .statusbar, .sidebar { background: #ffffff88; }
  4. 大笨狗


    You've already download the transluent skin that I made in the Chinese forum. Maybe you can check the skin.css to see how to achieve that.
  5. 大笨狗


    SnowLeopard replied at 2014-6-27 17:22 Dr. W.Wang, You mention in the referenced post that you just modified the background image for th ... No, setting z-index won't make toolbar/statusbar float on page content, Maxthon's page content is always on top, no matter what other element's z-index property is, unless the toolbars are embeded in a menu or a popup. Then they can be shown(float/overlay) on top of the page content by using the show-popup() function.
  6. Add this line to skin.css: .nav-buttons .item .icon { opacity: 1; }
  7. It's just an idea, but feasible. What a shame that the Maxthon SDK documented skin-flags.htm still don't work, else we can save the color or background that user selected. Preview: 6134 Download an example skin: (Note: The skin file is removed because this thread is locked by system. If you want to download the file, ask the admins to unlock this thread.) Update: The above skin is a summative work of my recent tutorials and skin modifications, for those who just want testing the background changing feature can download the following skin: Preview: 6146 Download: (Note: The skin file
  8. Marsealdelo replied at 2014-1-15 04:29 please teach me how to move the download speed & uploadspeed bar from status bar into navbar Add following line to navbar/index.htm line 35 6008
  9. subgoku replied at 2014-1-10 07:45 Hey its perfect BUT where to download it? Its .gif not .mxskin 5909
  10. Unfortunately, that can't be done. The tableft:active and tabright:acitve style won't apply. So, only mouse hover events are triggered.
  11. subgoku replied at 2014-1-8 03:03 not working This should work:.tab-container-inner { overflow-x: hidden; width: 100%%; } .tab-container .free-spacer { display: none; } .tab-container .tab { width: max-intrinsic !important; max-width: 555 !important; }