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  1. 11010 replied at 2014-10-24 10:45 Version number is unnecessary. Maxthon works good on Linux and has a lot of features, but ! i think ... Exactly. I think since a while that i should perhaps switch to Linux at some point for several reasons. While i would without doubt install Maxthon for Windows, i really would have to fight to install the Linux version. It misses all that nice customization features of the Windows one. Would be way better if the feature set would be equal. On the other side, i understand of course that "recreating" Maxthon with the help of Chromium is much more time saving as if you try to port a Windows only product towards Linux. But still.... There are tons of Chromium clones around and all look or feel similar. Maxthon Team should be better take a look at the Breach project. While also based on Chromium, this one goes a way different and more unique way.
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    Hopefully a black skin appears soon, since that is the only color my eyes accept Anyway, you are a true skin god
  3. HMTL5 videos work with this latest beta again.. Wonderful