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  1. Hi there, could you provide me a screenshot of this issue? There is both dialogs.
  2. Is it possible to replace system file save dialog "Save link as" in right click menu with "+" dialog with previous folders list from download manager?
  3. I'm talking about "Save form" "Fill form" menu items on any text field in MX5, with which you can save and restore any form data on the page, regardless of present of password field.
  4. Is it possible to save/restore form data (not only with passwords), like it was in MX5?
  5. Impossible to log in on www.avito.ru. "Sign-in" button is not working. On dark theme Download Manager is white.
  6. I don't think that video is needed. Here is a screenshot. For example, bottom page is 5 times here.
  7. The "Last session" page almost always has doubled links. Opening a link doesn't clear it checkbox. Opening links with middle mouse button opens it in foreground.
  8. Then copying portable version to another computer settings and plugins are missing. How to do it correctly?