Bad scrolling performance vs Chrome

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On the URL below I get very bad performance just scrolling down the list. If I toggle to Retro mode it's soo much better.. In Chrome it also scrolls smoothly..

Anyone know why? I don't even toggle between Ultra and Retro anymore.. I'm always on Ultra but was surprised that Retro was so much faster on this website

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Tried this on a fairly new Windows install (5 weeks) using Mx on my laptop. My old desktop computer has the same performance issue and it's on the latest

The User Agent did not improve performance on my laptop and I have yet to test it on my desktop...

You can clearly see the difference between Chrome and Mx Ultra when scrolling.. One is smooth and the other one just lags..

... again it's not even Chrome... Switch back to Maxthon Retro mode and it's super smooth.. So I'm not sure what's going on here.

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Thanks for the capture... It's hard to see but I believe ya :)

Only thing I can say is that with my tests I scroll a bit more aggressively. I start by just scrolling down not using page down but actual scrolling. And what really catches it is doing a "up, down, up, down, up" movement in 2 seconds. Basically a repetetive movement of scrolling half a screen up and down. You notice that the page can't keep up. If I switch to Retro, it keeps up with my movement perfectly. I'll do a capture when I get home.

Is this possibly a settings issue? Should I delete my preference and try again? Even though this laptop has a fresh Windows install, I sync my Maxthon setting. So it could still get something that might be set wrong from the old Desktop computer?

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