Turn off the translation function

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i dont see  it - i use user files from before it was added - not sure why that matters

i think its something to do with the file in guest/translate/optionconfig.ini

theres a value in there slipper - mine is slipper=0 - if i change that to 1 i get the translate button - its not 100% when i change it - needs to be opened and closed a couple of times to stick

i dont use a passport so that also might be part of it but i have got it to show without a passport 

Tony     -  Vivaldi 4 on Windows 10 64Bit
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19 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

There is a bug in the translation extension, it will be fixed in the future version. You can uncheck "automatically translate websites" first.



This is a more serious problem. Translation extension is TURNED OFF in my browser but still works?

How is this possible? So turning extension off doesn't mean it's stop working? This is a possibly HUGE SECURITY FLAW

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