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  1. Thank you so much, I also found a not-good-enough solution is that pin the maxnote page on tab.
  2. And so, how to open maxnote in Maxthon 6?
  3. So, is there a method that transfer all Maxnote contents to bookmarks? Thanks. I just want to have one united folder, I am confused :(
  4. I used Maxthon 5 for a very long time, I keep everything in favorite called Maxnote (I am not sure what it exactly is). Now I start to use Maxthon 6, the favorite content seems to be different from what I have in Maxthon 5. Some are same, but most not. It is called Bookmark? Is there is relationship between them? I just want keep my bookmark in one version.
  5. system win10 64 bit browser version can not open amazon help website in speed mode https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/contact-us blank content