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  1. Hi, thx for the info, but it is a bit vague. What does it mean for the time being? Currently, Chrome also supports V2, but it will cut the support in 2024. Will Maxthon continue to support V2 in 2024 and later?
  2. Hi, any news regarding Manifest V2? This is still a very important issue. If Maxthon stops supporting Manifest V2 it might lose many users, including myself (and I've been using it for 10 years at least). Ublock Origin which depends on Manifest V2 (Not 3) is a must-have.
  3. Because they locked the thread for some reason - there is another part of forum where they post new versions I was also wondering what's happening since their built-in feature inside Maxthon to update to beta versions does not mean it will update to the latest or newest beta - but only some beta which they deem worthy so it is useless. I had to check every day that thread.
  4. Hi BugSir009, When you have a checkbox option named "Update the beta version" it implies an update to the latest beta, not major beta which is not the latest. Those who want the beta version and use this option, want the latest beta, nothing else. You should either remove the option or make it the latest beta. If it's not the latest, we need to manually check forum threads (which also do get changed as we can see) to get the latest beta which makes the built-in option useless.
  5. Yeah, I found it later myself, but why two places with basically the same info? Until V7.1.6.2000 all versions were posted in this thread
  6. The two latest betas were not published here. I was also wondering what was going on. Also built-in feature to update to the beta version automatically is sh*t as it does not update to the latest beta, only those betas that developers deem worthy so this option is also not reliable.
  7. Why are the last two beta versions not published here?
  8. In the last few beta iterations, Maxthon crashes when around 250 tabs are opened manually.
  9. 1, The issue regarding the development team deciding which BETA version should show via the auto-update feature is still there. ALL beta versions should be included if "update to beta version" is checked. You either include all betas or do not offer that option. 2. When opened tabs that did not fit the window are hidden and exceed 2 digits (so 100 or more are hidden) the displayed number is not properly visible nor it shows via pop-up. 3. When editing a link deep in the nested folder (actually anywhere in the bookmarks), after editing, the bookmark window closes and you need to navigate to it back to edit another link. It is very annoying when editing multiple links. 4. When opening a new tab or a new window through the drop menu QA is opened and there is no way to open the selected home page.
  10. Developers of ad blockers complain that Manifest V3 will decrease the efficacy of the ad blockers. One of the most popular ad blockers uBlock Origin is one of them. Some browsers based on Chromium will continue to support Manifest V2. Not to mention Firefox which is not Chromium-based and does not have such problems.
  11. A week later and still no answer regarding Manifest V3...
  12. What is Maxton's stance on new Manifest V3 which will break ad blockers?
  13. Well, I think that this feature inside Maxthon is useless and should be removed. If I have "check for beta versions" checked and Maxthon says I'm up to date, then I should be up to date. I was very excited that no longer I will need to check the daily release page and that Maxthon will download automatically the latest official/beta versions. Boy was I wrong. Knowing that message "Maxthon browser is up to date" might not be true is very disappointing and misleading.
  14. Today again the same problem with auto-update. Update beta versions checked and it says "Maxthon browser is up to date". But it isn't, right? The latest beta is .2600 which I have to download manually 😉
  15. So the update feature does not offer you the latest official or beta (if the checkbox is checked) but only those that someone decides are worthy of auto-update? Today I have a situation: I started Maxthon on V6.2.0.2300 and notified me there is a newer version. It installed and restarted to V6.2.0.2400 instead of V6.2.0.2500. If this is intended behavior I must assure you that this is not what users expect of this feature. We expect to be notified of every new beta version and if multiple new versions are available to go straight to the latest. This applies to official versions also. Update to every latest version. For now, I'll stick to checking daily because the auto-update feature in this variant is unreliable and incomplete.
  16. Auto update of Maxthon does not work as intended. Latest 6.2.0.x versions take some time to load for the first time.
  17. However it is useless if not redirected from web shop with actual transaction ID This is part of PBZ bank which is part of Sanpaolo Group. I have every reason to believe it is the same with any other bank. Credit card info is saved somewhere in Maxthon and not manageable at all.
  18. The video would not explain this better than the picture. Maxthon detects when there is a payment form and offers to fill in credit card info. I had one card info, but now I have only second card info and now a way to manage it or choose between two cards.
  19. Another request, when I edit a bookmark in some subfolder (using the bookmarks bar), do not close that folder afterward - it is pain in the ass to edit multiple bookmarks.
  20. What's with payments info and autocomplete. I have one card mentioned here, which has overwritten my different one (which I actually use more). Manage payment methods brings me to About Maxthon tab
  21. Strange graphics corruption in latest version of Maxthon. (but it was the same in few latest beta) Lenovo T460 with 64bit Windows 11. I didn't notice any graphics corruption anywhere else (games included).
  22. I'm having problems with Maxthon that it doesn't show always translate button (all version, including latest 2800). It has some kind of autodiscover feature and only shows on some pages. I think it should bet there always. Also, I have one PC which has bookmark sync issues. I seems as I have separate bookmarks for that PC then the rest. I deleted and cleaned profile folders, reinstalled latest beta (2800) and it synced back same old bookmarks.
  23. 800 and 801 missing from the menu "new incognito mode" and I think some other options