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  1. I forgot to tell I disabled all extension and it didn't help. But I just tried on that PC and now it works again. Case closed
  2. It works fine on other PC (same network) also but on that one it stopped working. It did open, I went to some settings and then it showed this error and it wouldn't load any more. Cleaning cache and flushing DNS did not help, while at the same time it did work over Firefox.
  3. Version6.1.1.1200(64-bit)0301 Netflix not opening. It works normal in Firefox. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
  4. Opening picture link in a new tab zooms to 150% For example, open it in a new tab it will be zoomed to 150%. If I reset zoom to 100% it remembers for all other tabs for the duration of the session. New start of Maxthon, again it defaults to 150% https://i.redd.it/rh12xguhtvd61.png
  5. It is same on 6.1.1500. I just upgrade one instance which was V6.1.0.2200 and now gmail asks for credential everytime and reports on every start Maxthon didn't shutdown properly on each start. I open Maxthon, open gmail and I have to enter credentials and then in loads gmail. I close Maxthon (with gmail tab opened) and I try to open Maxthon again. Message is there, gmail requires credentials. Each time. I can try clean install.
  6. So with new bugs are introduced. Youtube, gmail etc require each start credentials to be entered again. Also it crashes more often than last few versions.
  7. Bookmarks folders show differently if from menu or from bookmark bar. If too many bookmarks in folder, on bookmark bar they are shown in columns, the same folder opened from bookmark menu (icon) are scrollable. They should show in columns also.
  8. Hi, Yes I had the same problem, one of PCs had gmail loop only on Maxthon 6. As I tried everything I could think of, I finally gave up and reinstalled Windows. Clean install. Now it works on that PC also. I really don't know why this happened on only one PC.
  9. I can confirm that I have the same issue. Very annoying. It is good thing that it is being investigated.
  10. Vivaldi is good browser but it is still missing an option to open new tab from address bar with just enter (and not some other key combination) which is crucial for me.
  11. I also reported issues with bookmarks. It is very annoying.
  12. Found it. I had to move some folders and links to this new folder and it works now.
  13. Hi, it synced after some time (I would say many hours). Now it shows bookmarks however I can't find how to set favorites folder to show on favorites bar.
  14. But in my case this did not happen. I logged in with Maxthon 6 but nothing synced. Maxthon 5 is still installed on the same computer.
  15. I'm not sure, should Maxthon 6 sync bookmarks from older versions? I ask because im my case it is empty.
  16. Hi, is it possible to get an invite or somehow get to test MX6 version?