Why doesn't Maxthon tell me that an update is available

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Today I installed Maxthon on another PC, and noticed some subtle UI changes. I thought I had my main machine (running set to auto-check for updates, but I went to the "About..." window, and Maxthon says it checked for updates, and that I have the latest version.

Yet, checking here, I can see there has been a new release, 5.0.3.x.

I've noticed this before, going back to v4. Can someone explain to me why (and in what circumstances) certain updates are hidden like this? It appears that I would have to visit the website and download a new install package to get this update.

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Hi Vedicaudio, thanks for the attention. The update policy for Maxthon now is that we don't use the auto updater every time we have a new release. 

Only when Maxthon team thinks the version approaches perfection and can satisfy most of the users, Maxthon will use the auto updater.

Most of the time, we will publish an announcement for any Maxthon release on the forum, official website, social media (FB &TW). 

So, subscribe our forum release note, or like our Facebook Fan page, you will always be the 1st to know Maxthon trends!




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anyway this have been discussed and before posting a quick look on threads would be helpfull

this is a common way not to suggest beta releases; some softs got an option to check updates and betas

so every morning i have better things to do than to rush on my computer to check for MX updates

don't hurry be happy


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