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  1. Hello. It is not clear why there are now two search bars at the top. It would be possible to make a system selection in the search bar, and not include a separate panel to change the search engine. Hovering the mouse over a tab has no effect, the tab does not become active. Or does this require additional configuration?
  2. leeuniverse, When I log into my account and the browser reads the settings, doesn't it see which ones are disabled and not in use? Why does he launch them all at once?
  3. I spent over 10 minutes on my first clean launch of the browser. As in previous versions, after logging into your account, the browser launches everything! plugins. Even those that are usually disabled. This takes a lot of time and system resources. In this case, each plugin opens its own page. I tried to stop them from loading by selecting Close All from the menu on the right - but that acted like a "restart" on them and they reopened. It ended up that after another attempt to close all unnecessary tabs, the browser crashed. Further ... Big empty field on the start page. How to disable Notes? Do not hide from the panel, namely disable? It is very good that now you can change the number of tiles on the main page. But around them, especially on top, there is a lot of empty space. It is better to change the search engine in the main search bar, then the search from the start page could be disabled (now you can turn it off!). Win 7-64. Mx portable x32 (because it eats less memory)
  4. This has been going on for several months... In general, there are many complaints about the home page.
  5. Since MyIE2... Windows 7 x32


  6. If the core of the MX5 is made of chromium, why can not I connect plug-ins compatible with Chrome? Many good plugins and extensions do not have normal support in the Maxthon, it's very sad.
  7. Не расширение. Для MxNitro. Если кому нужно изменить Поиск по умолчанию (в адресной строке) с гугла на свой вариант, то в файле mxnitro.dll нужно заменить строку http://www.google.com/cse?cx=partner-pub-2698861478625135:5848753648&ie=UTF-8&q= на вашу. Лично меня там гугл не устраивает и я заменил его на яндекс.
  8. Хай! 1. Версия Уж не знаю с какой версии пошло, а может всегда было - нет возможности удалить лишние поисковые сервисы. Если их количество становится выше опредёленного (может после 10), то список просто перестаёт отображаться в настройках. А без него нет возможности удалить лишние. http://i.gyazo.com/dea35dfa4863da5bcb78a8b75aa04a56.png 2. С MxNitro нет возможности залогиниться на этом сайте http://trade.su/ - после ввода то тот выпадает с ошибкой. Даже багрепорт оканчивается ошибкой.