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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sal8DH-2cR6IiE9lj8Jxq3mKi9uKTUFw/view?usp=sharing
  2. Hi all! Today in Mx portable I wanted to move the cache folder. And I got a very unpleasant result when Maxthon deleted all my archive files that are nearby in this folder. I had all the necessary copies and I restored them. Then I repeated the experiment and recorded a video. As a result, I made a new folder for the cache inside and the browser calmed down on this. What is the basis for deleting files that are not directly related to the cache?
  3. I confirm. There was also a warning aBout the Unsupported Browser on Drive.google.com.
  4. Developers and everyone who has such a problem. And now to you. I also turned off Vulkan in the settings now, but if the file is in place, I still get these empty pages. Just delete the file and see the result.
  5. Something is wrong with your Vulkan support. If you remove the vulkan-1.dll library, then you get the same effect as when you turn off hardware acceleration and maxton starts normally without a white screen. But it is worth returning this file to the folder (with acceleration enabled) and Maxthon again shows a white screen at the start. This is true for both versions, 32 and 64bit. I don't see sites yet that would have problems without this file.
  6. This problem is present on all latest versions of 6x... I can't say exactly when it appeared, I've been using version 6 since January of this year. But I know for sure that there is no such bug on the 5th. (Here now even checked on 5.2 and 5.3). I check almost all updates for portable Mx x64 on Win 7 x64. When the time comes, I'll check out other combinations. I cannot provide access via AnyDesk yet.
  7. Hi. I already showed some time ago. Now, after disabling hardware acceleration, there are no empty pages after launch. But you can watch again https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Reike5vpImXbRovTjZZGyRB5sLnAPtOI/view?usp=sharing
  8. I have now disabled hardware acceleration in the MX settings. And this problem is gone. But this is a bad solution and only confirms the presence of a problem in the browser. I don't use vbox. It's disabled in the settings. I delete its files from the browser folder, but each time the vbox appears there again. In the IndexedDB and webui folders. Why???
  9. Я всегда блокировал этот блок в блокировщике рекламы, т.к. он мне мешал. Если его снова добавят без возможности скрытия, то это станет для меня проблемой, потому что теперь на стартовой странице заблокировать не получается. Ещё бы строку поиска удалить оттуда! I have always blocked this block in my ad blocker. he bothered me. If it is added again without the possibility of hiding, then this will become a problem for me, because now it is impossible to block on the start page. Still would be to remove the search bar from there!
  10. Where are you from? Turn vpn on.
  11. Точно так же перенаправляет Opera и Vivaldi.
  12. It seems that the passkeeper no longer bothers with his appearance in unnecessary places. Thank you.
  13. Since MyIE2... Windows 7 x32


  14. If the core of the MX5 is made of chromium, why can not I connect plug-ins compatible with Chrome? Many good plugins and extensions do not have normal support in the Maxthon, it's very sad.